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10 Best Countdown Apps For Android and iOS (2022)

Don’t forget to count the number of days you’ve been alone. How many days before your birthday, specifically? If there is an upcoming test, how many days are left till it occurs? Remembering everything that’s happening around you, no matter how important, is an impossibility for the human brain. It is the goal of app developers to simplify human existence. Countdown apps remind you and your loved ones of upcoming events that are important.

Countdowns are a convenient way to keep track of how much time is left before a task or project must be abandoned. Instead of wasting time on social media, you may put that time to better use. Lessening outside distractions and increasing attention allows you to put out greater effort, ensuring that your task is completed within the allotted time frame. Productivity and responsibility are both boosted by the use of countdown tools. When do you, for instance, make your monthly credit card payment? Can you tell me how many days it will be until your next paycheck? After your child was born, how long did you wait before you started showing?

List of 10 Best Countdown Apps For Android & iOS

You may get a wide variety of timers in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Using your phone, you may set alarms for things like forthcoming tests, meetings, and other important dates. But choosing countdown apps that meets your needs the most can be a hard task. Here’s a list of best countdown apps for your convenience.

1. Countdown Widget

Countdown Widget

The option to customise the program’s backdrop colour stands out among its other capabilities. You may personalise your countdown by giving it a title and ending it on a specific date.

The countdown timer lets you set a goal and a deadline in addition to showing the number of seconds, minutes, hours, and days left until that goal is reached. Having the timer prominently displayed on your home screen is a surefire way to get more done.

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2. Countdown + Widget Calendar

Countdown + Widget Calendar

This app’s user interface is both beautiful and intuitive. Existing features will meet your needs, so there’s no need to upgrade. All of your life’s milestones can be recorded and viewed at a glance on your mobile device.

Superior in quality, it can be relied upon. The subscription version also lets you take and add photographs taken with your own camera or uploaded from your mobile device.

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3. Exam Countdown

Exam Countdown

It’s a must-have if you’ve got a deadline to meet or a test coming up. Anyone studying for a competitive exam will benefit from this software. It is practical because a quick reminder may be tucked behind each test.

It has 30 different colours and 400 icons to make your to-do lists more visually appealing and accessible. If you decide to pay for the full version, you’ll be able to study without interruptions from ads, use 400 different coloured icons, sync your progress in the cloud, and view your results in real time.

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4. Countdown Star

Countdown Star

For keeping track of important dates and deadlines, Countdown StarThis is a solid choice. A widget and a calendar that sorts events by date automatically are just two examples of how iOS functionality surpasses Android (and shows counter preview). In addition, there are no flaws in the functionality of this app.

You can use an image from your gallery, or choose one from the available options within the program. This software is not particularly user-friendly, but after you figure out how to use it, it will serve you well if you need a countdown timer.

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5. Dreamdays Countdown Free

Dreamdays Countdown Free

You may use Dreamdays Countdown Free to count up to or down from any date. You can count the days you’ve been alive or the time left till your next birthday or other special occasion. This app is great for making social media posts because of its attractive background and general aesthetic quality.

It offers fully customizable visual assistance that can be used on a regular basis. You can sort the events you want to go to by their types (anniversary, birthday, holiday, school, life, trip), as well as create a new category.

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6. Countdown by Time and Date

Countdown by Time and Date

Getting started with this app is easy and quick. Teachers, this is the software for you. Each segment’s duration has been timed. You should be able to see how much time is left till the next class using a simple daily date update. As an added bonus, the premium version allows you to add photos to each event.

The software provides multiple options for selecting the correct time zone. Use an alias and call the countdown whatever you like. It does exactly what a countdown app should and more. With an unlimited number of timers and a variety of themes.

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7. Big Days

Big Days

This program is very user-friendly, and it automatically puts things in order. Backgrounds for each event can be selected from a gallery of stock photos or made unique by uploading your own.

On the page where the event is created, you can click the photo to make changes to the preview image and the full-screen image. It also lets you change the look of the app by changing the fonts and colours without limiting the number of events you can store.

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8. Days Matter

Days Matter

It’s unique in a way that it’s the only Android countdown app to use the 4×2 widget’s standard list view. This helps with remembering dates and times that are important. It’s simple and efficient to utilise this software.

The most current update to this software allows for easy scheduling and reminders by repeating events weekly, monthly, or annually. It’s also a pleasure to use this app and looks great as well. This app deserves five stars due to its no-nonsense interface, simple setting choices, and clean foundation.

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9. Ready Set Vacation!

Ready Set Vacation!

Festivals are a great way to mark the passage of time. If you’re willing to spend a few extra dollars, you won’t be let down by the premium version of this app. It’s worth it to upgrade because of all the customizable background images and the option to upload your own. This app is useful for trips away from home because it tells you how hot or cold it is there.

It includes useful tools to improve your vacation, like a checklist, trip searching, and cost comparisons. Easy to understand and implement. It tells you when your trip actually starts, so you can start getting ready.

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10. TheDayBefore


This program keeps track of the days that have passed and the days that are still to come. Events like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and other milestone celebrations are all supported by this app. With a widget, you can see the timer in real time right on your homepage.

There are a lot of options to play with in TheDayBefore, including a status bar with symbols that show the current time and date. The icons can be modified to feature your own photos or other content. Additionally, the widget comes in three distinct sizes to accommodate a wide range of display sizes. It also has motion stickers and D-day reminders.

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These were some of the top countdown apps for Android and iOS. Let us know in the comment section below which one meets your requirements the most.

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