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10 Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps in 2024

It is wise to use a crypto portfolio tracker to centralise your holdings. So, let’s find the ones that streamline the process of investing in cryptocurrencies.

It’s not easy to keep tabs on your gains and losses while trading among the thousands of different cryptocurrencies available. Mismanagement of cryptocurrency assets is common because people frequently fail to consider important details. This is especially true for cautious investors who have spread their assets throughout.

Top 10 Portfolio Trackers for Cryptocurrencies

To help you out, we have gathered a set of helpful tracking programs. These programs keep tabs on hundreds of coins across dozens of exchangers. They save time and effort by delivering accurate results that would have to be calculated manually. Investment tracking software is helpful. Except after trying a few and finding the one that works best for you, you won’t notice a difference. So let’s jump right in, shall we?

1. CoinTracker

In our article about cryptocurrency tax software, we also highlighted CoinTracker. It makes even more sense to use portfolio tracking, which is currently at hand, to enhance compatibility. You can confidently monitor all of your holdings with CoinTracker because it supports over 300 exchanges and over 10,000 coins. Both API key import and CSV upload of transactions are supported, albeit their availability varies by marketplace.

It displays market value in real-time, optimises cost basis accounting, and facilitates tax loss harvesting. Daily updates to your portfolio are provided in addition to date- and cryptocurrency-specific performance charts. Finally, you can get five free wallets to get started with, with paid upgrades available after that.

2. CoinStats

CoinStats is a premium cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that gives personalised cryptocurrency news, analytics, and the option to manage your portfolio on desktop and mobile. Many different types of wallets and exchange accounts can make use of the API keys. Once set up, CoinStats gives you quick access to a wealth of information that will improve your ability to make informed financial decisions.

You get charts showing the development of individual assets and the portfolio as a whole. The success and failure of businesses can also be seen using heatmaps. Most profitable and loss-causing currencies, top exchanges, total fees, withdrawals, and other metrics are all revealed in the analytics sections. There is no free plan available at this time. However, you can try it risk-free for three days to see if it meets your requirements.

3. The Crypto App

The Crypto App is an excellent cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and news aggregator. It is available exclusively on mobile devices. Leading cryptocurrency exchanges and native blockchain wallets can be integrated with the help of this program. Its widgets, which keep you informed without having to open the app every time, are, however, widely praised by its users.

An ad-supported, lite version of the Crypto App is available. You can add as many wallets and exchangers as you like to the pro version for a one-time cost. More widgets, an ad-free experience, and real-time data from over 200 bitcoin exchanges are all part of the membership edition.

4. Delta

As opposed to what we’ve discussed so far, Delta Investment Tracker is a program that lets you keep tabs on your whole investment portfolio, including digital currencies. There are some limitations on the free version, such as only being able to access two exchange platforms, but these are gone with the paid version. For bitcoin wallets, the same rules will apply.

The news section is also connected, and it will pull up stories that are relevant to the investments you have made. Free users can view the entire transaction log, coin split, and coin origin. The costs and benefits of both good and bad investing choices are laid out graphically in the premium edition. To sum up, this is the best option for those who want to invest in stocks, crypto, ETFs, bonds, etc. as part of a diversified portfolio.

5. CoinGecko

When it comes to keeping track of cryptocurrency holdings, CoinGecko is among the finest options for casual investors. This program does not make use of automated processes, thus you will have to enter each transaction by hand. Furthermore, many portfolios can be created to compare overall financial performance.

A lack of API entry points may be a deal breaker for some, but it ensures that your money is secure. And you can simulate as many purchases as you like to help shape your strategy. CoinGecko’s freemium model is what makes up for the lack of a plethora of advanced features.

6. CoinMartetCap

CoinMarketCap’s crypto portfolio tracker is analogous to CoinGecko in that it necessitates manual entry of transactions. It’s also suitable for a certain number of transactions and doesn’t cost anything. You can create multiple portfolios and prioritise how you perceive the alterations to each. While similar to other free portfolio tracking platforms, this one is missing several deluxe options.

7. Altrady

If you’re looking for a premium Crypto Portfolio Tracker, look no further than altrady. Altrady allows you to create a secure vault in which to save your API keys. This cryptographic program also has settings for authenticating individual devices and setting up two-factor authentication. Furthermore, you can document your work with screenshots from charts in an effort to avoid making the same mistakes twice. Altrady also tracks the market and displays important headlines in real time. And finally, Altrady appears to be suitable for seasoned traders but does not provide free subscriptions.

8. Kubera

Kubera is an all-encompassing portfolio manager that can keep tabs on stocks, cryptocurrencies, real estate, vehicles, and even websites. The import of crypto APIs is possible. If an exchange is missing from the list, however, manual entries can be made. Each portfolio asset’s % allocation is displayed graphically using pie charts. Kubera’s $1 for 14 days trial is an unusual but reasonable way to discourage freeloaders. This is the perfect cryptocurrency portfolio manager for the bare-bones user.

9. Coinigy

All of Coinigy’s premium features are available for free during the 30-day trial period, which includes the free forever plan. Using either an API or a wallet address, you can import your transaction history.

Asset allocation, line and bar charts, and the best and worst performers are all accessible via separate tabs on the dashboard. You may also create your own panels to show news related to a certain issue, currency rates from various exchanges, and much more by clicking on the Boards tab. In general, this trading-focused platform has a free tier and handy features that might make it an excellent bargain.

10. CoinTracking

The bitcoin portfolio tracking tool CoinTracking is both powerful and comprehensive. The sheer volume of information presented may be overwhelming at first, but those who stick with it will eventually have access to a treasure trove of useful information.

Whether you like to use an API, a CSV file, or enter transactions manually, it’s a breeze to import transactions. If you like, you can also immediately enter the wallet address, and your information will be synchronised in a matter of seconds.

And the reporting and analytics are state-of-the-art as well. CoinTracking shows data like your daily bitcoin balance, the number of deals you’ve made on each exchange this month, and more. A beautiful vertical bar charting the dates of each crypto action is displayed on the timeline.

Only the dashboard is seen here. With CoinTracking, you can access a dedicated reporting page that details your daily balance, daily gains/losses, fees, and more. In addition, a crypto tax report may be generated in a matter of minutes, and in-depth tax support is available from qualified accountants. In addition, the first two hundred transactions are always free. You should give this bitcoin portfolio tracker a try because it is among the best ones available.


A minority of investors still rely on time-tested spreadsheets to keep track of their holdings. And at least at first, that’s fine. However, as you get older and more independent, you may find these gadgets beneficial. By learning about crypto staking and the best crypto staking sites, you can put your perfect investments to work.

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