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10 Best Evite Alternatives To Send Online Invitations

Evite is an online platform used for sending and receiving invitations. Invitations for any kind of party can be sent with this service. In 1998, the public was made aware of the free Evite service, which is still active today. Since the service is available at no cost to users, its popularity has skyrocketed. Thanks to Evite, we can now send mass invitations to our friends and family without having to spend time contacting each person individually. In this article, we will go through some of the best evite alternatives ever.

However, suppose you discovered that Evite is no longer available. Then what will you do if you want to use Evite to send out digital invitations? Evite-like platforms could be useful in this case. The best alternatives to Evite, which may be used to send online invitations, are compiled in this article.

List of 10 Best Evite Alternatives to Send Invitations

Here is a collection of the best places to send free electronic invitations to friends and family. Check out these online resources and start using them at no cost right away.

1. PunchBowl


When looking for an alternative to Evite, consider Punchbowl. In 2006, it was released to the public and immediately overtook Evite in popularity. Popularity soared after it was highlighted in PC World and given a service award by the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MTX).

The website is easy to navigate and understand. There is a free tier that allows you to send invitations to up to 100 people per event. Furthermore, one can send up to ten people digital greeting cards each month. It has remarkable capabilities, such as the ability to view guests’ answers and information in real time.

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2. AnyVite


To invite friends and family to special events, visit the AnyVite website. Using this website, you can send out an SMS to inform everyone you want to. Your event can be planned and tickets can be sold with the help of invites.

Guests of your friends can be invited to your event through this platform. That implies your friends can invite their friends. You can do this by enabling the option for the one friend whose friends you want to invite.

The number of invitees is likewise capturable by the host. So, to prevent your friends from inviting their friends, you can turn this feature off.

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3. Paperless Post

Paperless Post

Similar to Evite, Paperless Post is a great online invitation service. It provides a wide variety of lovely layouts for making digital invitation cards.

You can also change the time and place of your presentation whenever you like. Invitations to friends, family, and coworkers can be sent via the Paperless Post service.

Every invitation card may be catalogued and accounted for. However, the premium plan lets you invite more than 15,000 individuals at once.

There is a website as well as an app for Apple products for paperless post. The website’s free plan allows you to contact up to two thousand people via email. Flyer allows you to promote your events on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. We also offer electronic invitations via SMS and email.

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4. Purpletrail


In contrast to competing services, Purpletrail makes it easy to make invitations for any event by providing a wide variety of beautiful templates to choose from.

I highly recommend Purpletrail as the best online invitation service available. Using the app will not be disrupted by commercials, as they are not included in it. In addition, you may easily personalise the invitation card down to the smallest detail.

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5. Shindigg


Trisha Logan’s this website is called Shindigg. She oversees both the product and creative development departments as a director. It’s a great alternative to Evite and one of the best of its kind. Before adding text, graphics, animations, and videos to your event page, you must first create it. The event can be built and controlled in any way the planner sees fit.

Fill out the website’s event page with pertinent details and invite attendees via Facebook and email. Moreover, you can monetize this platform by selling tickets to events.

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6. Greenvelope


The “Traditional” template was chosen for the invitations. Customers may find a beautiful, adaptable design that makes it easy to send invitations to everyone, straight from their computer.

Regardless of the event, there is a suitable invitation card design. Music, the current location through Google Maps, animation, photographs, and much more may all be incorporated into invitation cards. Full access to the card’s functionality requires payment of the associated production and delivery costs. When it comes to sending invitations online, Greenvelope is among the most sophisticated options.

Take a look at the company’s website to compare package costs. It’s simple to keep tabs on, and you can invite the whole family with just one click.

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7. Minted

Minted best evite alternatives

This website was produced by Marian Naficy in April of 2007. If you fall into the group of invitating someone, you may find this website, which specialises in wedding invitations, to be a useful resource.

They can pick from a variety of set designs for different occasions. You can finish your homework in roughly 10 minutes if you use this website.

Any website’s freelance designers are available to work with you on your design or serve as a source of inspiration. Greeting cards, diaries, and other paper goods are only some of the items for sale on this website.

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8. Smilebox

Smilebox best evite alternatives

When it comes to making slideshows, invitations, greeting cards, and collages, Smilebox is one of the best tools available. Perion Network Ltd. owns all rights to it. The website lets you put your own stamp on things after you’ve chosen a template. Images, animations, and sound can all be included on the card.

Then, you can use social media to send out or publish invitation cards. There are fewer customization options in the free version. Personalizing the card, on the other hand, could make it more engaging. With Smilebox, sending out invitations is a breeze.

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9. Canva Invitations

Canva Invitations best evite alternatives

Because of this epidemic, people are increasingly celebrating milestone anniversaries with their loved ones online rather than in person.

Additionally, if you’d rather create your own custom invitations from start, Canva’s templates are a fantastic option. It’s many customizable invitation templates are great for people who aren’t designers or who are working under a tight deadline.

Lastly, the invites in Canva may be designed in three basic shapes: landscape (horizontal), portrait (vertical), and square (rectangular).

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10. Sendomatic

Sendomatic best evite alternatives

This is the last option on the list of best evite alternatives, but its is surely not the least. You can make your own unique pattern from scratch or select from many beautiful pre-made options. Additionally, you can send out invitations to as many as ten people at once using their free service. Moreover, you can either pay per person for a single event, or sign up for a yearly membership with unlimited access, if you want to invite more people.

It is possible to send and keep tabs on RSVPs, and several templates can be selected for use with different events. Lastly, if you’d like to sell tickets for your event, you can do it using Sendomatic without interrupting the user experience with intrusive advertisements on invitation cards.

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Closing Phrases

The best evite alternatives have been discussed in detail. Please don’t tell me you didn’t know that websites like Evite exist to facilitate the electronic distribution of invitations. Despite Evite’s continued popularity, the aforementioned resources are where you should look if you’re after more unique options and layouts for your invitations.

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