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10 Best Rotating Proxy for Web Scraping, SEO, and More…

Modern tools, such as rotating proxy servers, have made web scraping simpler and quicker.

Web scraping and data extraction from various online resources may be required for a wide variety of applications. For web scraping to work, you’ll need proxy servers that work with your application. By acting as a go-between for your computer and the wider web, these servers can help you conceal your true location and mask your IP address. You can then send queries to the website of your choice without worrying about your anonymity being compromised.

Nonetheless, why?

Web scraping is a challenging task without the use of proxy servers. This is because many sites employ security measures that make it difficult to extract huge volumes of data. Furthermore, if you go above the limit, they may restrict you as a step to prevent scrapers and crawlers from accessing their site and stealing their content.

Data collection by online scraping is not unlawful, however it is important to exercise caution. This article aims to introduce you to rotating proxies and the best service providers that offer them as a web scraping strategy. So, let’s go ahead and investigate more.

What are Rotating and Residential Proxy?

Proxy servers can be either shared or dedicated, or they can be rotated among multiple users. Proxy servers that automatically change IP addresses meet all of your IP access needs. Your IP addresses are constantly changing to prevent getting blacklisted as your service provider assigns new IP addresses at regular intervals.

But a dedicated proxy has a static IP and is more expensive because of it. When a user consistently visits the same websites from the same IP address, they might be identified as a single user. Semi-dedicated proxies are cheaper than dedicated proxies, but they are less secure and can be used by multiple users at once.

There are two main types of proxies, both of which are distinguished by where they are physically located. Residential proxies are hard to spot when they’re scraping webpages as they look like real people. Datacenter proxies, however, can be used to scrape some websites, leading to their being blacklisted. Web scraping is a clear use case for both residential and rotational proxies.

Benefits of rotating and residential proxies for web scraping?

Some of the many benefits of using these proxies are as follows.

To exceed request limits:

Web scraping can be carried out undetected by employing rotating or residential proxies to go beyond the request restrictions set by websites for each IP address in a given time period. Do not stop rotating the proxies until all of the data has been mined.

Go beyond geo-restriction:

You should bypass the geo-restriction that prevents you from accessing some websites. Even if you are located in a zone where accessing a particular website is restricted, you can nevertheless scrape its data by making use of proxies located in a region where access is permitted.

Avoid IP blocking:

By hiding behind one of these trustworthy proxies, you can avoid having your IP address blocked by websites that use such censorship.

Boosting your web traffic:

By temporarily changing your IP address, you may see how your site ranks in different regions and according to different Google algorithms. In addition, they help build backlinks, which improves SEO by increasing your site’s authority and traffic.

10 Best Rotating Proxy for Web Scraping, SEO, and More…

The most effective residential and rotating proxies for web scraping will now be discussed.

1. Bright Data

If you’re looking for a reliable home proxy service, go no further than Bright Data, who boasts one of the largest and fastest real-peer IP networks in the world. They offer infinite IP address rotation and 100% patented and compliance service in addition to their massive IP address pool of over 72 million.

Because their residential proxies are actual devices, they can’t be tracked if used properly. Bright Data offers residential IP addresses from numerous global regions, Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs), and carriers. Rapid scalability, an unlimited number of simultaneous requests, and integration with their Proxy Manager for defining custom rules for best results.

Collect data in a responsible manner and use it to your advantage in the long run. To further enhance speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, an infinite number of concurrent requests can be issued.

Web data extraction, eCommerce data, brand protection, stock market data extraction, and more are all possible with the help of Bright Data. Bright Data Proxy Manager, 99.99% availability, unlimited concurrent sessions, full regulatory compliance, and patent protection are all standard features of their services.

They have a variety of pricing options, including pay-as-you-go, annual, and monthly plans starting at $15 per gigabyte or $300 per month. Other than that, they accept payments made through PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Alipay, American Express, and Visa.

2. IPRoyal

Gain access to top-notch proxy services with features like programmable rotation, persistent sessions, API access, unlimited bandwidth, and parallel threads. With IPRoyal’s residential proxy network, you can surf the web anonymously behind a different IP address every time.

Advantage from growing global IP tools and 99.9% uptime with your choice of rotating or persistent proxies. There is no way for anyone else to use the proxy besides yourself. It allows users to choose from multiple data centers across the world, allowing for easy integration and ultra-fast speeds.

Scrape websites and collect data from search engine results pages (SERPs) without interference. Infinitely secure browsing ensures that none of your sensitive information is compromised. SOCKS5 and HTTPS are now supported, allowing for more discreet and hassle-free data mining.

IPRoyal offers complete proxy solutions, including trademark protection, market research, an extra layer of security, and more. It sends proxies to stores that are geographically close to you, allowing you to avoid latency issues and increasing your odds of success.

IPRoyal’s 4G mobile proxies can help you with anything from search engine optimization and site scraping to managing your social media accounts. Having reliable IP addresses from a reliable mobile network decreases the likelihood of getting blacklisted.

The best data centers can be found in the United States, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, China, and Australia. Pay just $0.80/GB for 100% real proxies.

3. Oxylabs

YouTube video

Oxylabs provides an unlimited number of simultaneous connections, allowing you to extend your web scraping operations to any size. You may avoid CAPTCHAs and IP bans while maintaining full session control with their regularly refreshed pool of residential proxies, which boasts a success rate of over 99.2 percent.

You may easily alter session duration and IP address for each request. They have 195 locations in their high-quality network of residential proxies, and they can target by geolocation at the local, state, and national levels. They provide a free way to access otherwise region-locked material from specific locations.

More than 100 million residential proxies are available on Oxylabs. You can access home IP addresses from any location and so avoid geographical restrictions. In addition, they only use high-quality proxies that come from trustworthy sources. For added peace of mind throughout site scraping activities, you also have rock-solid reliability.

Oxylabs provides a public API and a dashboard for managing IP addresses, making it simple to include residential proxies with other services. In addition, there is developer-friendly documentation and an option to extend sessions for an extra 30 minutes.

You can control and monitor your data and proxies from the dashboard in Oxylabs, ensuring that you will never run out of traffic and be unable to continue web scraping. You may check out subscription details, make new users, add IP addresses to a whitelist, and manage existing ones.

To illustrate their core values—ethics, quality, security, fairness, and social responsibility—they provide full transparency on the sources of their residential proxies. In addition, they have cyber insurance and protection against technological mistakes and omissions through Lloyd’s. Residential proxies can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis for as little as $15 per GB.

4. Smartproxy

Smartproxy’s premium residential proxies and city/country targeting make it possible to gain access to valuable public data from anywhere in the world. You can create an endless number of threads and connections in your chosen app or script, making it ideal for both academic and business data collection.

Superior grade residential proxies are available from Smartproxy and are ideal for use in any kind of data mining. You can connect to a data source an infinite number of times because each IP address in their pool is exclusive to a single computer or mobile device. For real devices in more than 195 countries, they offer more than 40 million proxies. The speed of their proxy network is double that of the typical SEO proxy.

You can easily check your ranking, do some quick online browsing, and size up the competition by connecting to Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. If you want to avoid being hidden or blocked by a target website for sending a large number of requests, using Smartproxy’s network to expand your operations is the way to go.

Smartproxy’s residential IPs are so fast (about 3.1 seconds) that they can be used for anti-ad fraud without being detected as malicious. Proxies can also be used to learn about sales, prices, and inventory.

Follow real-time fare information with unlimited connections to planes, trains, and travel websites and 99.99% network uptime. After signing up with Smartproxy and choosing a package, you will have access to over 40 million IPs. Price per month starts at $75 and there’s a 3-day money-back guarantee.

5. NetNut

Take full advantage of the Internet and perform limitless data extraction with the help of NetNut’s lightning-fast network for home proxies. They offer stable ISP connectivity and network availability at all hours of the day and night in addition to more than 20 million residential IP addresses worldwide and more than a million static IP addresses.

Thanks to their permanently assigned IP addresses at home, users can engage in lengthy online sessions without interruption. They also have a user-independent, one-hop ISP network. Multiple applications can take advantage of the features offered by proxy servers, such as search engine optimization, ad verification, social networking, brand protection, price comparison, and so on.

It works well with any browser and automatically switches between different proxies for each session. In addition, you can benefit from increased success rates and faster targeting thanks to the fact that their proxies come from fully optimised, dedicated private pools.

Use a straightforward API to access a dashboard that displays your usage data in real time. Because of its innovative design and emphasis on speed, NetNut can establish direct connections to residential proxies. End-user systems are never used as a conduit for traffic, so this design eliminates that potential bottleneck.

They choose to avoid communicating with any outside computers by only using their own internal network. Since all of NetNut’s servers are located either at ISP connectivity points that they own and operate or on major internet routes, the service they provide is unparalleled. By installing their Chrome add-on, you can bypass the need for integrating proxies and gain access to the internet in any country of your choosing.

6. Limeproxies

Limeproxies allows you to quickly and easily acquire anonymous proxies from all over the world so you can gather accurate data without worrying about being blocked based on your IP address. Their advantages include 40 million residential proxies, city-level targeting, and the absence of CAPTCHAs.

Apply a stringent filter to Limeproxies’ IP addresses. To filter IPs by ASN, location, or country to meet your organization’s needs, just append additional arguments to the provided username. In order to increase your success rates, it is recommended that you obtain rotating mobile IP addresses or rotating residential proxies.

In order to facilitate trouble-free web scraping and prevent IP bans and captchas, only proxies from trustworthy sources are used. Limeproxies offers private, static IP addresses that are not shared with anyone else; these IP addresses are also anonymous because they have no headers enabled.

To use, simply add up to 25 IP addresses and verify their authenticity; in addition, they offer 300+ subnets from locations across the world, including 30+ countries and 8+ in the United States. With its fully automated, user-friendly control interface, Limeproxies makes managing high-performance, multi-threaded software a breeze.

IP addresses can be changed on demand or as needed to take advantage of different proxies. These proxies are not only useful for web scraping, but also brand protection, market research, email encryption, product intelligence, and SEO tracking. They have a starting price of $5/GB.

7. Zyte

web scraping

Zyte, formerly known as Crawlera, is an intelligent proxy rotation solution. It can manage tens of thousands of secure proxies over a dependable network, guaranteeing that you receive online data promptly and without issue.

Zyte enables you to begin data extraction without juggling proxies, and its Smart Proxy Manager selects the finest potential proxies for healthy web crawling. For Zyte to optimize success rates, handling retries, fingerprinting logic, and applying rotation is a piece of cake.

Zyte’s industry-leading rotating proxies are based on their innovative anti-ban algorithms, which are loaded with heuristics and request throttling to ensure high success rates. Smart Proxy Manager is also scalable to accommodate varying project specifications and billions of data requests per month.

Zyte offers more freedom to innovators in bringing their ideas to life by aiding in production. And by connecting the API in reverse, you can streamline your processes and cut down on wasted time.

If you’re having trouble scaling up your data scraping operations, the Go Enterprise premium package’s individualized proxy management solutions may be the answer. Their solutions are flexible and may be adjusted to meet your unique needs in terms of concurrency and request volume.

Automatic proxy rotation, retries, and optimization; non-obvious ban inspection; geolocation; visualisations and reporting; knowledgebase and documentation; 24/7 support; cookie management; headless browser support; browser profile configuration; etc. are all standard features across all of their plans. Zyte has monthly plans starting at $29/month.

8. Proxyland

web scraping

Proxyland is an alternate method of site scraping and data routing that makes use of anonymous IP addresses from private homes. Find out how it performs by trying it out for FREE with 10GB of storage space. More than a hundred different countries’ residents can be used as proxies for any legitimate purpose.

You may start using Proxyland in minutes by signing up for a free account, configuring and naming your proxy IP, choosing the regions from which you want to operate, and determining the number of IPs you need. The next step is to receive a proxy package with your own username and password for access to the residential proxies.

Also, some 150 companies rely on Proxyland’s residential proxies for their data scraping activities. Additionally, it has excellent integration with other social media automation platforms and information resources. Proxyland is a cheap option, starting at $29 for 10GB or $0.29 every 100MB.

9. Webshareweb scraping


Start web scraping instantly by establishing a pool of rotating proxies in Webshare. In addition to SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies, they also offer anonymous proxies that rotate very quickly. You can set the proxy rotation interval anywhere from every five minutes to once a month.

You can connect to proxies either by using their proxy addresses or by connecting to the backbone proxy endpoint. When you utilise Webshare, you can browse any website anonymously because it optimises premium proxies for sharing.

More than that, it guarantees the secrecy of all proxy activities by providing a private proxy service that does not engage in the sharing, tracking, or recording of such information with any other parties. They offer proxies from over 20 different nations, including the US, UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and more.

Webshare uses the fastest proxy servers available, with a 100 Gbps network and 99.9% availability. It also provides more than 50k proxies. Each bundle comes with 50+ features, including a sophisticated, user-friendly management interface where you may download your rotating proxy list. In addition, you can save time and money by combining it with the RESTful proxy APIs provided by Webshare.

For as little as $3.38 a month, you can get 5 proxies, 500-3,000 threads, and unlimited bandwidth on Webshare. In addition to the fantastic services, they offer a free proxy server with ten proxies once registered and free bandwidth per month.

10. BotProxy

web scraping

Join BotProxy’s lightning-fast network, which provides access to over 3000 unique IP addresses and geographical locations every month. They allow high-speed multithreaded connectors and only impose a fee for usage.

Gain access to any and all proxy servers from a central location, eliminating the need to maintain several proxy lists. Furthermore, you can utilise their session features to alternate IP addresses with each request, and their default behavior is to alternate your outgoing proxy once every minute.

BotProxy offers tens of thousands of fresh, open, rotating proxies from high-speed data centers that support both IPv4 and IPv6. Furthermore, any program or script may be added in about five minutes. You can start using their proxy service by entering their proxy address in your application’s proxy server settings; from there, all of your requests will be automatically redirected to their persistent proxy, which is hosted in many locations.

The rotating proxies used by BotProxy allow for lightning-fast connections to servers in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Their servers boast an availability of greater than 99% and can support numerous users at once. They also provide full-speed multithread connections and charge only for used bandwidth, with no caps on throughput, parallel connections, or the number of connected devices.

They keep an eye on the proxies to make sure the service never goes down, and they properly handle the proxy rotation so that each site always has fresh ones available. BotProxy, a company based in the European Union, never employs botnets to provide its rotating proxies. Instead, they pay for website visitors by renting server space from trustworthy hosting companies. You can rest assured that you are employing a genuine service provider.

The lowest price point in the US is $10/mo for 55 IPs/day and 10GB of bandwidth. If you go over your limit, $1/GB will be charged and given another week to try out BotProxy.


Online scraping produces enormous volumes of data, which is essential for every enterprise. You can use these proxies, both residential and rotating, for SEO, data collection, price monitoring, and lead generation.

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