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12 Secure File Sharing Services to Send Data Privately

The Internet’s widespread availability and use is helpful, but it also exposes users to new dangers. You’ve probably heard of weird stories about companies and people losing a lot of money because of security lapses on the Internet. Hackers are constantly searching for new security holes. This is where the option of secure file sharing comes in handy.

There is always a security risk when transferring large amounts of data digitally, which is a must for modern enterprises. Many businesses, however, fail to see the implications of the Internet’s vulnerability until it is too late.

By the middle of 2019, data breaches have exposed more than 4 billion records. As a result, regulations like the PCI Data Security Standard and HIPAA give businesses a structure within which to store, handle, and protect their sensitive data.

What’s the point of using a safe method of file transfer?

Now pretend that your client is located hundreds of miles away and urgently need access to your findings. For the time being, digitising is your best bet. But is it worth the potential loss in delivering such a huge or crucial file via regular mail? Exactly what steps will you take to safeguard this secret data? One method of achieving this is via making use of online file-sharing platforms. Its benefits include:

File size is not the issue

Images, videos, music, documents, spreadsheets, etc., are just some of the many types of data and files that can be found in an organization. These files may be quite large, making email delivery a tedious prospect. The size of a file is rarely an issue with today’s file-sharing platforms. Messages of several gigabytes in size can be sent with ease. Their free and premium versions are available, with the free versions perhaps having size limits and the premium versions not.

Protective covering

More and more cybercrimes mean protecting sensitive information is more crucial than ever. Therefore, file sharing services that can help you guard your intellectual property, trade secrets, marketing plans, incredibly sensitive information, financial information, etc. By encrypting your files in transit and using sophisticated password protection between parties, they lessen the likelihood of a data breach occurring. They can also improve mobile device security by means of authentication and authorisation.

Track record

Using a file-sharing service also allows you to record the details of each transfer, such as when it occurred, who received it, how big the file was, whether or not it was successfully sent, etc. File-sharing programs facilitate data auditing for teams operating across time zones. All of your team members who use the file-sharing service will have access to the same information as soon as it’s uploaded, creating a unified workspace.

Enhanced transmission

Using a safe file-sharing service makes the process of sending data between computers swift and secure. Images, films, and music files of any size can be easily transferred between users. A lot more time is saved when sending these documents to coworkers or customers. The consequence is a higher output per unit of time and fewer mistakes. Therefore, you will have more time to focus on other duties.

12 Secure File Sharing Services to Send Data Privately

Let’s check out some options for secure file-sharing.

1. Sync

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While there are several excellent options for cloud storage, we think Sync is the most impressive one. In an industry where Google and Apple are gaining their market share, it provides a frictionless, encrypted, and secure cloud-based file sharing solution.

To keep teams protected, organized, and in constant communication, Sync provides a cloud-based platform for file storage and document sharing. It unites workers, teams, and data to improve workplace safety. Because of Sync, teams can make the most of their time together by doing more work together and sharing more resources. This is possible because team members can communicate and collaborate with one another easily regardless of their location or the device they’re using.

Data is replicated across multiple SOC-2 (Service Organizational Control 2) certified data centers, servers use RAID storage and automatic failover, and 99.09% SLA (Service Level Agreements) guarantee that your data is always protected, making the Sync platform one of the most redundant and secure available.

Sync’s built-in compliance with data residency rules in multiple countries ensures it is safe to use anywhere your business does business. These jurisdictions include the United States, the European Union/United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Canada.


  • End-to-end encryption ensures that all parties may work together and communicate safely while keeping out prying eyes.
  • By constantly copying data, real-time backup ensures that data from any device can be recovered at any time.
  • Document viewing, editing, and sharing may be done with minimal effort in almost any desktop or mobile application.

Over two million individuals are currently utilising Sync to safely back up their files and information in state-of-the-art data centers. Without the need for additional hardware or software, Sync provides a more safe and reliable way to save and retrieve data from any device, in any place. You may get this for a price that is hard to beat by other service providers. A free account can be made with 5 GB of space.

2. OnionShare


OnionShare, accessible via the Tor network, is among the best options for anonymous and secure file sharing on the internet. To view the information being shared, Tor Browser users can go to the onion addresses generated by this open-source infrastructure.

Unlike with other cloud storage services like Google Drive or Gmail, OnionShare does not require you to give the company access to your files. Only the intended receiver and you yourself will be able to access the file so long as the anonymous web URL is safely passed back and forth.

3. Lufi

Simply said, Lufi is a service that makes it simple to share large files with others online. Files uploaded to the Lufi instance are encrypted locally before being sent to the server. Therefore, the server administrator can only see the files’ names, sizes, and extensions (video, audio, text, etc.), but not their contents.

This hosting platform allows users to share files without the need to sign up for an account. When you exchange files, however, your IP address is recorded for security and legal reasons.

4. KeyBase

When it comes to texting and file-sharing, KeyBase is often considered to be among the safest options out there. It encrypts your data from beginning to end, making sure it only goes to the person you want to receive it. All of your discussions are encrypted using public-key technology so that not even the server administrator can read them.

The platform is completely safe for households and businesses alike. Plus, you can join forces with online groups via social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, etc. Every major platform is covered, including Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.

5. Datash

Using a web browser and Datash, you can send and receive files or text messages between two devices. There is no need to sign up for an account or enter any credentials to use the interface. All files exchanged using Datash are protected by end-to-end encryption with a 1024-bit public or private key.

Before sending information, Datash encrypts it using the recipient’s public key. Therefore, it ensures the files get where they need to go.

  • To transfer data, please go to datash.co and tell your recipient to do the same.
  • To start sharing, either type some words or choose some files.
  • A recipient ID will be created on the recipient’s device; you will need to input this ID.
  • Click the “send securely” button to begin sending the files.

6. Tresorit

Tresorit is a cutting-edge, open-source service for exchanging digital data. You can safely send even the most private documents. Tresorit gives you more power over your shared files. The following advantages are provided by the trustworthy and safe file-sharing platform that supports transfers of up to 5 GB in size:

  • Total confidentiality
  • The highest standard of confidentiality in the swiss confederation reports on GDPR audit compliance
  • Safeguarding passwords
  • Inactivate connection to EU servers

7. SafeNote

If you need to send some temporary files to someone without their knowing, SafeNote is the way to go. It’s a free service that facilitates secure data sharing by emphasizing user privacy, ease of use, and anonymity. Upload your files, send the download link to anybody you’d like, and then remove them when they’ve been downloaded.

Moreover, you can set a date of expiration for the files, at which point they will be deleted without further intervention from you. Once the file has been downloaded, the link to it is deleted automatically, but you can save the secure link to send it to others.

8. FilePizza

FilePizza is a free and open-source platform for sending and receiving files over the internet using technologies like WebTorrent and WebRTC. It’s easy to implement and doesn’t necessitate transferring data to remote servers. Instead, it makes use of browser-based P2P file sharing.

When it comes to speed, privacy, and safety, FilePizza is unparalleled. P2P technology eliminates the need for central servers, which means that no third party may access your information. Unlike other softwares, this one has no limits on the size of uploaded files. This means that large files can be sent to a single or multiple receivers.

Start the file sharing process by visiting its official website and dragging the desired file to the drop zone. The next screen may display a link that you may send to the recipient so that they can download the file directly from your computer.

9. Instant.io

Instant; File sharing

Instant.io, utilising WebTorrent, is an excellent service for sharing large files online. It’s a torrent client that operates online and eliminates the need for additional software to perform torrent downloads. Open source and free, it works with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. In fact, you can find its source code on the popular code-sharing website GitHub.

Select the files you want to share from your device, or drag & drop them to get started. To use Instant.io, you don’t even have to sign up for an account; it’s that simple. In addition, it allows for the streaming of many media types.

There is no limit on file size, and you can see your torrent’s upload and download speeds and even get ZIP files downloaded. Sharing a torrent is also possible via an information hash or magnet link embedded in the URL.

10. ToffeeShare

File sharing

Compared to other file-sharing options, ToffeeShare keeps a direct link between the sender and the recipient, making it safer and faster. The ability to send files of any size (within the limits of your browser or device) is an appealing feature of this platform. ToffeeShare uses cutting-edge, industry-standard data security measures to protect the privacy and security of your files. Currently, it uses DTLS 1.3 to ensure that only you and the recipient can decipher your transmitted data.

Once the data has been distributed, it is deleted from all online storage locations. Since there isn’t a central server or mediator involved, the system uses P2P communication instead. As a result, nothing bad can happen to any of your information.

11. WeTransfer

File sharing

WeTransfer is one of the most widely used file-sharing platforms because it doesn’t cost anything or necessitate signup. It is well-known all over the world for its ease of use and the speed with which files may be transferred.

You can choose the files you want to transmit and enter the email addresses of both the sender and the receiver. Personalizing a message makes it much simpler for the recipient to understand the information or follow the directions you’ve provided.

12. DocSend

File sharing

When it comes to sending and receiving files, DocSend has you covered. Over 12,000 companies, such as Ericsson, Gusto, BuzzFeed, and countless others, rely on this platform. Use this system to transfer, organize, and keep tabs on your files with ease. You can safeguard your data using a combination of methods, including email verification and passcodes.

Moreover, if you like, you can block its ability to regain ownership of documents. You may use their eSignature tools for business, which let you digitally sign contracts and agreements online.


You can benefit greatly in your professional life, social life, and personal life by using a secure file-sharing service. The information can be easily accessed by anyone with a computer or mobile device that can connect to the internet. As a result, you should start sharing files with your colleagues or customers as soon as possible by selecting a reliable service. Safe email services are a good option for sending and receiving smaller files often.

Have fun with it!

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