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13 Best Tools to Track New and Trending NFT Projects in 2024

Discoveries abound in the decentralised world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. At the moment, NFT is the most commonly used application.

The current environment of digital ownership is being drastically altered by NFTs. The number of people taking part in NFTs keeps rising. As a result, picking the best non-fungible asset to invest in can be very difficult for investors. The best part of this is that anyone may make or collect NFTs.

The rising interest in NFTs is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. One can overhear everyone talking about NFTs and the metaverse. Nonfinancial market developments are constantly being introduced. As a result, keeping tabs on non-conventional securities that are on-trend is next to impossible.

Having said that, you may be wondering why you should stick to the most popular NFTs. However, if you want to make money in the NFTs market, you need to keep an eye on which NFTs are currently popular. NFTs analytical techniques are used here.

Investigation is highly recommended due to the lack of a clear exit from the NFTs industry. To turn a profit, you need to buy rare things. Who decides how rare a non-fungible token actually is? Let’s back up for a second and take a look at how rare NFTs really are.

What is NFT Rarity, exactly?

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Thousands of new NFTs enter the market every day. Therefore, what factors might be impacting the price of these NFTs? Some NFTs, like the Nyan Cat, can fetch millions of dollars, while others in the same collection can fetch only a few hundred. The rarity of NFTs provides the answers to these questions.

The value of a non-monetary asset can skyrocket if it is extremely scarce. This is why it’s important for potential buyers of NFTs to check for rarity. The value of the NFTs rises in direct proportion to its scarcity.

How the NFTs Calculate Rarity?

NFT Value Estimator

There can be thousands of NFTs in a collection, yet not all of them have the same value or rarity. The CryptoPunks album series is the best example of this. There are ten thousand unique floating tokens (NFTs) in the whole CryptoPunks collection. These tokens fall into one of five distinct ‘Punk’ categories.

There are only nine ‘Alien’ CryptoPunks in existence right now, and their rarity is determined by how many of each type are in circulation. Given their small stock, these NFTs commands a premium price. By contrast, 6,039 “masculine” CryptoPunks may be found. They represent the collection’s “common” objects. This is why they can keep their prices to a minimum.

As a result, it may be argued that the rising cost of these NFTs is the result of rising demand and falling supply. The scarcity of a non-fungible token (NFTs) depends on more than just its market value in circulation.

The overall rarity of an NFT can be determined in a number of ways. This will include numerous measures of rarity, including those based on the rarest trait, statistical evaluations, and even an overall average. The techniques all take into account the NFTs as a whole, rather than focusing on a single aspect of it. Therefore, the rarity of an NFT is quantified with a rarity score.

The rarity score for each NFT can no longer be calculated by humans. Time spent on this might be enormous. As a result, many different types of analytical instruments become available on the market.

So that you don’t have to do the math to determine the rarity score, there are a number of resources available to you. The results you want can be easily attained with only a few mouse clicks.

How to Find the Best NFTs?

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Buying new NFTs can be difficult, so before we get to the best methods for keeping up with the industry, let’s have a look at some guidelines that can help you narrow down your options.

You need to do a lot of work if you want to make money in the NFTs market. You need to find out what inspired the NFTs piece in question. Here are a few of the most crucial things to think about:

  • Characteristics of the NFTs that help us understand its rarity and generation mechanism.
  • Learn if the NFTs developer has a following. If that’s the case, find out where they live and who all their members are.
  • Check the NFT’s current worth.
  • Count the number of NFTs that are now for sale.
  • Find out what devices the NFTs is discoverable on by doing some research.

One of the best places to start learning about NFTs is by perusing the content already out there on social media platforms like Twitter, Discord, and YouTube. Most NFT fans hang out in these sorts of places.

Top 13 Tools to Track New and Trending NFT Projects

Let’s take a look at the top resources for keeping up with the most talked-about NFTs and turning a profit.

1. Oxalus

Discover exciting Upcoming NFT projects, free minting NFTs, and even multi-chain hidden-gem NFTs with the help of Oxalus, a NFT analytics tool.

To ensure that users have access to all of the information they need about a project, they not only provide information about the size of the NFT market, the total supply, and prices, but also conduct in-depth analyses of the community’s health, growth, and engagement.

To further guarantee that you never miss out on future events from your favorite NFT projects, you may use the “Advanced mode” feature of your Oxalus ID to add the mint/release date to your calendar and receive alerts. When it comes to picking and reviewing projects, you can save time by using the ascending and descending filter sorting modes. Using just one Oxalus ID, you can gain access to all of the NFT features, including the tools, gateway, wallet, and tracker.

2. NFT OnChained

If you want to keep tabs on NFT listings that are being offered at discounted rates, NFT OnChained is a fantastic resource for you. This system uses machine learning to calculate an NFT’s fair value as of the date of writing. Projections of the value of a given NFT account for its rarity, characteristics, market data, and other factors.

One of their main features is the “Screener,” and it displays the most inexpensive NFTs from all of the collections that have been monitored. Getting a reasonably priced NFT is helpful if you’re thinking about making a purchase.

In addition to providing you with metrics like “percent listed,” “fear and greed,” and “Twitter followers” for your collection over time, NFT OnChained also gives you rarity scores, portfolio tracking, price history charts, top holder charts, and more. You can find growing or fundamentally sound collections, including those with a wide range of holder sizes, in the “Stats” table.

3. BitDegree


BitDegree helps to expose and analyse NFT collections on a global scale. You can find the various NFT collections and look at the information they include to gain a better grasp. Additionally, you may use a wide variety of indicators to do a more in-depth analysis of any given NFT.

BitDegree lets you easily track the value of your preferred NFTs and build a personalized portfolio. BitDegree monitors 357 unique NFT collections across 3 different protocols. These items can be found in 58 unique NFT marketplaces. The monitoring capabilities of this app will help you choose wisely at the proper times. BitDegree additionally features research into the most popular NFT libraries. In this way, you can learn which NFTs are now popular in the market.

4. Moby


Even though it is not widely adopted, Moby is a very effective NFT tracking tool. It has the most up-to-date NFT data and feeds available instantly. If you’re an NFT investor, Moby can help you keep tabs on your holdings. Investors and decision-makers may benefit from time frames as short as 10 minutes and as long as 24 hours.

As a Moby Pro subscriber, you’ll have access to all of our data visualization and have the tools to conduct deeper dives into your data. Subscribers can access a plethora of extra useful information, including data from previous collections, live feeds, NFT signals, and more.

Moby’s NFT ratings can help you find the finest contracts and make informed investment decisions. NFTs are not traded on stock exchanges. One problem is that not all functions are available without a subscription, and more in-depth tracking calls for a premium package.

5. Crypto.com

NFT collection

You can also keep tabs on the most popular NFT collections in the blockchain world with the help of Crypto.com, another tracking tool. Information on the value and trading volume of any NFT can also be obtained.

You may check a ranking of the top NFT collections, together with details like their total assets, collection worth, floor price, volume, and sales, by visiting the official website. To see if any of the planned projects on Crypto.com are worth investing in, you may check the upcoming NFT collections there as well. People who stop through can look through these NFT archives to gain information like face value, mintage, and expiration dates. You may browse and track NFT collections, as well as all other cryptocurrencies, on this site.

6. Rarity.tools


The rarity of an NFT is the single most important consideration while shopping for one. Million-dollar NFTs are the holy grail of collectors everywhere because of their extreme rarity and market value. That’s why they charge such a fortune for them. In order to keep track of and analyse the NFT space, Rarity.tools is a useful program.

You may use Rarity.tools to arrange all NFTs by collection size, average price, and ETH volume. Each NFT set will have its own page on the website. In addition, you can examine the details of each NFT in a set. Providing a rarity score for every NFT is Rarity.tools’s finest feature. Whether or not the object is valuable is easily determined by its rarity rating. It is a convenient hub that provides a wealth of data and aids in the search for promising NFTs.

7. OpenSea

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OpenSea is the most popular marketplace to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. It is not simply a great place to check out some stunning digital artwork, though. If you want to keep tabs on your digital art investments and learn how to make them more profitable, OpenSea is a helpful NFT tool. OpenSea has built a thriving ecosystem that includes every type of data and NFT vendor. Finding the best new NFTs is now a breeze for everyone because everything is in one convenient place.

You may view the current rankings and activity of all the NFTs on the Stats page of the main menu. Tokens issued on the Polygon, Ethereum, and Klayton blockchains are all fully supported on the platform. NFTs can be sorted in nine different ways based on blockchain type and category, with music, art, and trade cards among the options. With OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, keeping tabs on the NFTs listed on the site is a breeze. The nicest part of NFT is this page, where you can find most of the collections.

8. Icy.tools


The ‘Trending Collections’ section of Icy.tools welcomes users with the day’s most popular NFTs. The rating can be filtered for the last 15 or 30 minutes if your wallet is connected. The NFTs’ floor price, volume, sales, and average price are all displayed on the scoreboard.

The nicest part is the straightforward design of the interface, which makes NFT analysis easy enough for complete novices to try. You may find the wallet addresses of some of the most well-known buyers and sellers on the market by browsing the Discover tab.

With a paid subscription, you may view numerous pages detailing each NFT collection in great detail. Here you can see the NFT’s price and historical data. You can also acquire NFT project breakdowns based on rarity and quality.

9. NFT Drops Calendar

NFT Drops Calendar

In many cases, you won’t benefit from a particular NFT decline since you weren’t aware of it in time. You find out later that it actually has a great value in the marketplace. There is now no longer any risk of you losing out on any upcoming NFT price reductions. The NFT Drops Calendar is an excellent tool for monitoring upcoming releases. Not only will it keep you abreast of any impending NFT drops, but it will also keep you apprised of any and all related giveaways, events, or promotions.

You can also use the platform’s search features, such as a variety of tag options, to locate a certain NFT collection. In addition, you can arrange all NFTs in any order you like based on parameters like minting date, price, volume, and more. There is an option on NFT Drops Calendar to list your own NFTs for sale to other users. In this sense, it provides comprehensive support for NFTs.

10. DappRadar


For a long time, DappRadar has been the site of choice for keeping tabs on NFT sales figures. They also created a portfolio tracker in 2020 so that users could easily keep tabs on their Ethereum wallets at all times. Inputting the user’s Ethereum wallet address or ENS name into the tool is all that’s needed to get information on the tokens, NFTs, and total value held in the wallet.

This is a terrific choice if you need help keeping tabs on your individual portfolio. DappRadar also provides a list of the top NFTs in terms of market cap and popularity throughout multiple time periods. The NFT collection’s volume, traders, and sales can be viewed with ease. DappRadar gives its users a bird’s-eye view of NFT collecting and sales activity in real time. DappRadar also gives you the option to filter out NFTs that don’t follow a certain protocol.

11. Upcoming NFT

Upcoming NFT

You won’t miss any upcoming NFT drops with Upcoming NFT, an extra platform that guarantees it. Here you can find announcements and updates about upcoming NFT projects, sales, and prizes. You can sort the indexed NFT initiatives by their overall popularity, when they were added, and how far along they are in the development process.

If you’re working on an NFT project of your own, you can upload it to the platform as well. Because of this, promoting and selling your digital art will be a breeze. The live feed feature of Upcoming NFT provides investors with real-time data on the NFTs that are currently trending on the blockchain.

The Upcoming NFT will even help you publicize your NFT endeavors. Getting some attention before releasing your project can help you negotiate better terms after it’s released. The platform also provides access to insights and real-time data for all upcoming NFT events.

12. NFT Evening

NFT Evening

Future drops and NFTs are listed on the NFT Evening calendar for your convenience. The NFT Evening website has a lot more to offer than just NFT drops. Content-wise, everything you could want in terms of NFTs is here, and it’s all presented in a fun, easy-to-understand fashion. When it comes to creating, accumulating, trading, and investing in non-fungible tokens, NFT Evening is your one-stop-shop.

You’ll be able to keep track of all the latest NFT initiatives when they hit the market right here. The site also covers topics like crypto art, collectibles, blockchain games, and the metaverse in addition to NFT news and analysis. You can also publicize your next event or NFT project on NFT Evening before it officially debuts. That’s a huge help in getting the ball rolling on your project. Multiple filters, including categories and blockchain, are available for study on the site.

13. Coin Rivet

Coin Rivet

When it comes to functionality, Coin Rivet isn’t limited to NFT alone. The most latest information about NFTs, DeFi, Regulations, and more is at your fingertips. The Coin Rivet event calendars will update whenever there is news of a new cryptocurrency event or NFT minting event.

Because of their very dynamic pricing structures, NFTs are notoriously difficult to manually track in terms of both volume and value. Coin Rivet can help you keep track of and analyse a wide variety of NFTs by listing them all in one place. You may check the price, where it is published, and where you can buy a certain NFT.

After signing up, you may add NFTs to your calendar and receive alerts when they become available. As a result, you can ensure that you always have access to any potentially lucrative future NFTs.

Closing Statement

In order to make an informed decision about whether or not to enter the NFT industry, it is crucial that you remain aware of any NFTs scheduled for the near future. Numerous NFT tracking tools ensure that investors never lose out on the market’s most sought-after NFTs. These tools can help you make better decisions about which NFTs are likely to generate a positive return on investment.

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