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13 Domain Name Search Tools for Your Business – Domain Finder

Finding a clever domain name is one of the most tough things for startup/business owners in the planning phase. A domain name that is brief, simple to say, memorable, and SEO-friendly. Given the expansion of an online website, it may be difficult to find the registered domain you are seeking. There are more than 330 million registered domains, so any short dictionary phrases you might think of are likely gone. Thanks to the following domain finder tools mentioned in the article below, you can find several relevant domain name options for your business.

13 Domain Name Search Tools for Your Business – Domain Finder

The majority of domain finder programs allow you to purchase it immediately from the search result, but if you prefer to purchase it separately, you may check out these platforms to purchase a domain name at a low price. And if you intend to host your website using shared hosting, you can choose SiteGround or Bluehost, both of which provide a FREE domain.

1. Domain Wheel

Not sure about your perfect domain name? Not to worry!

Domain Wheel has your back with its excellent domain recommendation tool. The nicest aspect of Domain Wheel is that it provides you with creative and intriguing domains that feel hand-selected. You also receive ‘Sounds Like’ and ‘Rhymes With’ sections containing terms that are comparable to the initial keyword. Do not overlook the Random Suggestions area, as it contains keyword-related suggestions.

2. Name Smith

domain name

You can predict the level of originality in their recommendation based on their domain name.

Well! Name Smith’s suggestions for catchy domain names will not disappoint. Simply enter a few keywords pertaining to your website, and you will receive a list of domains containing the identical terms, as well as cleverly blended domains, rhyming domains, and a plethora of other intriguing variations. Additionally, you can filter domain names using the search modifier on the left.

3. Domainr

Using the Domainr API, you can integrate brainstorming directly into your products. Domainr is the best option for a quick and painless domain search. In addition, the API is very configurable and may be used as a drop-in replacement or to enhance a current domain search. Domainr continually updates its database to provide real-time availability information for potential domain names.

In comparison to other domain search services, the search suggestions are generic but quick.

4. Looka

Looka’s AI-powered company name generator is a useful tool that generates a list of potential business names based on keywords and industries. You will be able to filter all viable business names by length and check domain and social availability promptly.

Moreover, if you are unclear about which keywords to use, you can choose from a list of abstract concepts.

5. Domains Bot

Using Domains Bot, transform your ideas into names. A domain name search engine allows you to refine your search based on TLD, languages, prefixes, and suffixes, as well as the option to display only available domains or domains for sale.

If you own a hosting firm, you may be interested in their API for domain name search integration.

6. Lean Domain Search

A service by Automatic that generates thousands of potential domain names based on keywords. You may arrange the results by frequency, length, or alphabetical order.

7. Domainling

domain finder

Domainling is an easy-to-use search tool that informs you if a specific domain is already in use and provides alternatives with prefixes, typos, and synonyms.

8. Instant Domain Search

Another superbly responsive search engine that displays results as you type. It provides a list of popular extensions and useful recommendations. If your desired domain is already registered, the search result provides a WHOIS option for checking the domain’s owner and other facts.

9. Shopify

Shopify;domain finder

A company name generator from Shopify will rapidly search for available domains and allow you to reserve them on Shopify.

10. NameBouncedomain finder

NameBounce is a name generator for new businesses. On the homepage, you can enter one to three separate keywords. NameBounce then creates company name suggestions based on available domain names.

The ability to search country-code TLDs, such as.co.uk,.com.au, and.in, is a cool addition. When the search results show, you can utilize the filters on the left to restrict your results. To add a domain to your favorites list, simply click the star next to its name.

11. Panabee

domain finder

Panabee is one of the most popular tools for suggesting alternative brand names, checking app name availability, and generating social media user names.

12. Name Grep

domain finder

As its name suggests, name grep is ideally suited for geeks to search utilizing regular expressions and sets.

13. Wordoid

domain finder

Wordoid is a good resource for locating “brandable” domain names. All of the provided names are fictitious words. You can search in several languages and produce fresh results using the filters on the left.


I hope the above online domain finder tools assist you in selecting a domain name for your company. Upon finalizing the domain name, if you decide to use WordPress, investigate these premium hosting options.

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