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14 Best Sites to Cartoon Yourself Online Free (2023)

In order to choose which cartoon character they most closely resemble, everyone is eager to see their cartoon face. A similar method, in which people create own vintage photographs through an app, is currently trending also known as cartoon yourself online free. We looked around and found the best online cartoon maker tools, where you may make a cartoon with a customised, eye-catching face.

Those uneasy with their initial photo might swap it out for one of these cartoonish expressions. Since it is an unusual idea, many users are impressed by it. You may become an animated character in a flash using one of these websites.

To make cartoons, many people hire freelancers, however you may do it for free on the following websites. Nothing is due at all, by using these free online tools, we may quickly and easily make cartoon versions of ourselves.

Top 14 Online Cartoon Maker Websites in 2023

The websites will handle the rest after you upload your picture. These cartoon features can be made with little to no effort. Create your own cartoon characters and share them on social media afterward! Let’s get started with those sites and start drawing funny expressions.

1. is one the best app for turning photos into cartoons, also called as “Cartoon Selfie.” It is first on the list of cartoon yourself online free due to its unique features. In order to make accurate anime renditions of photos, it employs the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology available. Six other aesthetic options are available in it as well, including the 3D Cartoon Style, Colored Sketch Style, Manga, and more. You can also filter the results by age range and gender identity if you like. provides API solutions that are tailored for businesses, as well as a web app, a desktop app, and a mobile app that allow you to explore their possibilities from any platform. Additionally, is an all-inclusive photo editor that lets you remove picture or video backgrounds, improve photos, restore low-quality images, create passport photos, or make animated videos from still images.

2. Avatar Face Maker

It’s the go-to site for animators all over the world. The software provides a simple and intuitive user interface for superior user participation. Thanks to the application’s powerful features, you may quickly and easily create a cartoon version of your face. Additionally, it also allows you to alter the appearance of your face and other body parts.


This website does more than just cartoon your face; while features like image editing are available as well. The fact that it works with both portrait and landscape photos is the app’s strongest feature. Other than that, you can also use an image from your local storage or Facebook.

4. Snapstouch

You will gain the most from this website if you plan on doing a wide range of things, such as self-portraiture and cartooning. Using this website, you may create pencil sketches, paintings, and other colour effects as well.

Upload the photo and select an action to be taken on it, and you’re done. You may leave the rest to the website, and it will produce excellent results.


Create a cartoon character’s face in a flash with the help of this online tool. This is the best website out there for quickly and easily creating a cartoon character’s face. Just upload the photo without doing any further work, and you’ll be done. The result will be generated quickly once the image has been uploaded.

6. Pick A Face

Features-wise, this website stands out from others on the list. This service won’t ask for your photo to cartoonize it, but you’d have to use their editor to create the final product by your own. Creating your cartoon requires the use of the program’s graphical editor. Lastly, making the faces takes some effort and time.

7. Befunky

This is yet another top-notch service for making a cartoon of oneself. The website’s main selling point is its collection of photo effects that can be applied to any photo you upload. The service allows you to create both a generic cartoon and a unique comic book persona. You can select a template from the various categories and then upload your image.

8. Picjoke


With so many options present on this website, it’s no wonder that this website is so complicated. You can use an image you upload or use one of the website’s stock images to make a cartoon. After two or three tries, you may find it challenging, but that’s okay.

9. Pizap

This is yet another great website with powerful user tools for creating cartoon characters. It’s an advanced form of photo editing software. You can make a collage and adjust the image with the website’s help.

10. Picture To People

Its incredible filters have made it a favourite among those looking to make a free, mind-blowing animation online. The app’s ability to transform photographs into stickers is its most appealing function. This page also features links to a variety of free, web-based design tools and effects.


Quickly and easily, you can give your photo a silly look by using this tool. To give an image a cartoonish look, all you have to do is upload it, select an effect, customise it, and save it. More than two hundred and fifty unique cartoon effects are available in Cartoonizer. A file can be uploaded either locally or from an external URL as well.


You can modify the look of your images using a Japanese web service dedicated to image editing. At no cost to users, offers a wide variety of editing options.

You may use it to give your photos a polished appearance by adjusting a wide range of editing controls. Images up to 50MB in size can be uploaded, and many other file types are accepted as well, such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and BMP.

13. Bitmoji

Emojis are a popular way to show how you feel in online conversations; their inspiration, bitmoji website, is a similar idea using digital images. This opens up the possibility of creating a unique personality and giving them feelings. Bitstrips, a company based in Toronto, Canada, created it.

Well-known social media app Snapchat recently acquired the trademark. One of the most downloaded applications of all time (over 100 million times) on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores is bitmoji; a cartoon version of you.

14. LunaPic

This one comes last at the list of top cartoon yourself online free apps, but its surely not the least. When it comes to making humorous caricatures of oneself online, LunaPic is hard to beat. Many comic and visual effects can be used, making it a fan favourite. By using LunaPic, an online image editor, you can turn your images into animated GIFs. In my opinion, it is among the top animation-making platforms available today.


That was all! Use these fun resources of draw cartoons yourself online free. You can escape into an entirely other universe on every one of these sites, but especially in the animated ones. We’re sure you’ll love them.

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