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6 Best Apps to Hide Text Messages on Android (2024)

Due to the convenience of messaging apps and the proliferation of smartphones, most people now prefer texting instead of calls. Apple’s iMessages texting program, which is the company’s default, features extensive privacy protections. However, Android phones do not support this level of privacy. So, Android users who value their privacy can utilise top-notch apps to cloak their text messages, also known as apps to hide text messages.

List of Best Apps to Hide Text Messages (2024)

You’ll find reviews of the best Android applications to hide text messages right here. Disguising the program itself is one method by which these apps let you keep your text and similar messages secret. All of the below-mentioned apps have been tested and are guaranteed to operate. You’re allowed to use whichever app you like for free.

1. Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro

Without a doubt, Go SMS Pro is one of the most widely used programs for encrypting text messages on Android devices. This program gives your messages a breath of fresh air with a wide variety of customization choices. The user interface has also been improved to make it easier to use.

The software excels even when doing its most fundamental function, which is hiding messages. If you’re worried about prying eyes, you can immediately implement measures like a PIN lock. Additionally, fresh messages from a contact are presented independently from their archived interactions when they are added to this app. Hence, make sure to add this software to your collection; you won’t regret it.

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2. Calculator Lock

Calculator Lock

One of the most reliable methods of keeping messages secret on a mobile device is by using the calculator, the original app for hiding anything. The user interface seems like a calculator, but it’s actually a program that can hide other programs. Many people whose parents are often checking their phones use this tool to keep their apps and other data hidden from them.

The calculator code “123+=” unlocks the secret feature of the program. After putting in the passcode, you’ll be taken to the next app main screen where you can password protect and conceal your contacts. If you do this, the app will display all of your contact details instead of the contact’s profile. Lastly, app’s clunky design makes it perfect for keeping secrets under wraps, as no one is likely to notice anything amiss.

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3. Privacy Messenger

Privacy Messenger 

Reporter for safety and security If you’re unhappy with the stock messaging software on your Android phone—which is very common—Privacy Messenger is a fantastic privacy app to try out. Just make this program your default message client and you’ll be set.

Once you do this, all of your messages, both sent and received, will be archived in this app’s fantastic messaging system. Additionally, the standard messaging app is nothing compared to this. In addition, users can set up a separate inbox for confidential correspondence with whomever they want. As an added bonus, you can block SMS from a certain person by checking the privacy option. Lastly, this software also features backup and SMS blocking capabilities.

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4. Message Lock

Message Lock 

In addition to being a top app for hiding texts on Android phones, Message Lock is a great choice for anyone looking for a secure messaging solution. The flexibility of this program is its best feature. Using Message Lock, you can quickly hide your messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, Gmail, WhatsApp, and other Messaging Apps. The app’s layout also makes it easy to access and lock the apps behind which you’ve hidden messages.

This app is a complete privacy solution for your smartphone because it serves as a solid app lock in addition to being handy for chat apps. Strong PIN / Pattern Lock, App Suspension Lock, Intruder Selfie On/Off, Security Question Modification, and more are all part of this helpful app’s comprehensive security suite. In order to provide maximum safety for your mobile device, use this app.

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5. Vault- Hide Pics, App Lock

Vault- Hide Pics, App Lock

Vault is an established message-hiding app. To keep your data safe, it has a number of innovative safeguards. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp can all be locked using this software to keep prying eyes out.

It encrypts your programs to keep prying eyes out and has a slew of other useful features including a private browser, cloud backup, file sharing, and password recovery. The best part about this software is that it conceals itself from the user’s view by hiding the app icon and providing a number of vaults and fake vaults for deceit.

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6. TextU- Private SMS Messenger

TextU- Private SMS Messenger

TextU is a great replacement for your current messaging app. This SMS and text messenger is incredibly safe, and it is available for quick download without cost. The software stands apart from the crowd in part because of its emphasis on user privacy.

Your messages are encrypted and you cannot take screenshots of them. It’s great for people who need to use multiple SIM cards because it supports dual SIMs and has its own set of emoji. The Privacy checkbox in this program ensures the secrecy of your communications.

If you’re looking to replace your regular text messages with something more convenient, TextU is a great option. Lastly, it is a free and secure texting app that keeps your SMS and text messages safe from prying eyes.

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These were some of the top rated secret messaging apps to hide text messages. Let us know in the comment section below which one is your favourite.

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