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6 Best SMS Bomber Apps and Websites in 2023

Those who take pleasure in pranking their family, friends, and coworkers will benefit from reading this manual. This article lists the best SMS bomber apps and websites. Using these tools, you may easily send prank texts to hundreds or perhaps thousands of people.

Remember that the apps and websites on this list, collectively referred to as “SMS bombers,” can be used for both harmless pranks and nefarious reasons, so proceed with caution. Only pranking is acceptable so long as you and your intended victim are aware of it, whereas hurting someone’s feelings is immoral and against the law.

These sites are meant for jokes and harmless fun with friends. SMS bomber apps are computer programs or apps designed to send several text messages to a single recipient at once.

List of Best SMS Bomber Apps and Websites in 2023

Anxiety might set in when a person suddenly starts getting hundreds or even thousands of text messages. This is why many people use these applications to play jokes on others. Here is a compilation of the best SMS bomber apps now available online and on mobile devices.

1. SMS Blast

SMS Blast is a popular choice among SMS Bomber software. Enjoy immensely as you observe your friends’ faces as you pull pranks on them using the SMS Bomber app. The app’s three SMS bombing modes—SMS Blast, Text Blast, and SMS Mine—are its crowning glory.

The first option allows you to send as many personalised SMS to a specified number as you like.

By using the Text Blast function, users can simultaneously broadcast several messages over Facebook, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps. At last, SMS blast enables you to send an unlimited amount of “Hello” texts to a given phone number.

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2. Crazy SMS

Look no further than Crazy SMS if you want a simple and straightforward SMS bomber tool that you can use for some harmless entertainment. The program’s graphical user interface is minimalist and easy to navigate. It’s possible to repeatedly contact a single phone number with the same message.

The best part is that you get to choose how often the SMS is sent and then simply press ‘Submit’. The remaining is taken care of by the program. Another great advantage of this program is that you can halt the hoax SMS at any time.

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3. BOMBit UP

One more well-known SMS Bomber software for Android phones is BOMBit UP. To those who enjoy playing practical jokes on their friends by inundating them with SMS texts, here is yet another excellent software. Once again, the UI of this program is really easy to understand and use.

Adding a contact and their desired message count is as easy as entering their phone number. The software’s ability to allow users to create their own SMS is its strongest feature. Email and WhatsApp can both be used with this program.

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4. TXT Blast

Moving on, one of the most well-known SMS Bomber programs, TXT Blast, is up next. Therefore, this is a great choice if you want a simple SMS bomber to use for pranks with your pals.

The app’s ease of use is on par with the others on the list. To send a group text, enter the recipient’s phone number and the desired quantity. After inputting your own message, select Send SMS to send it.

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5. The Bomber

In terms of SMS bomber websites, The Bomber is one of the most easy and user-friendly options available. Go to the webpage, type in the phone number, then enter the desired count(s). Then, press the Bomb! button. All further steps will be taken care of by the site automatically. Given its widespread acceptance, you can put it to good use as well.

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6. My Tools Town

In terms of SMS bomber sites, My Tools Town is among the best options out there. You don’t have to save it to your phone because it’s a website. One of the earliest online services to offer SMS bomb planning, My Tools Town SMS Bomber has gained a lot of popularity. That way, you may scare your friends at the right time and watch them react.

The site’s design is not complicated at all and conducive to user interaction. To start sending prank SMS messages to your friend’s phone number, select the desired quantity after choosing OPEN SMS BOMBER.

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These were some of the most popular SMS bomber apps to prank your closed ones. Let us know in the comment section below if you have any other suggestion in mind.

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