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8 Best Download Managers for Mac OS X (2023)

Due to the proliferation of available data on the web and the resulting increase in competitiveness, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. There must be something in order to enjoy movies, music, and graphically demanding video games. It’s not always a stroke of luck to get a fantastic speed or connection when downloading such things. For this purpose, best download managers comes in handy. A download manager is a software that speeds up the process of downloading data from the internet to a computer’s hard drive.

Some download managers are made to download multiple files at once to speed up the process. Some, however, allow you to pick up where your download left off if it was interrupted. You, the user, should only get your downloads from reputable places.

Best Download Managers for Mac OS X

We users know all too well that the built-in download manager in Safari and other browsers is a clumsy and ineffective tool. No matter what we try, we will not be able to fix connection or speed up our downloads if it suddenly decreases. Therefore, familiarity with the best Mac download managers is essential.

1. FOLX Download Manager

FOLX Download Manager; best download managers

Without a doubt, Folx Go is my favourite one. Folx is a native Mac OS download manager that is available for free (with in-app purchases). It has flexible settings, easy download management, and other useful features. Folx further provides a unique technique for managing and archiving downloaded content.

When compared to other Mac download managers, Folx for mac stands head and shoulders above the competition thanks to features like automated media capture and accelerated download speeds. As an added bonus, the paid edition allows you to download any file format (including torrents), manage downloads using tags, pause and resume downloads, and much more.

Therefore, Folx for mac is undeniably the best download manager for macs, as it has every conceivable function. For those who use Macs, this is the Internet Download Manager for them.

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2. iGetter for Mac

iGetter for Mac; best download managers

Download management and speed are two of iGetter’s many strong suits. It’s possible that iGetter’s segmented downloading technique will significantly quicken your downloads. While you won’t find it in Apple’s app store, you can download the.dmg file directly from the developer’s site.

This is actually the best Mac download manager available. Even though it has all the features that a download manager should, it ranks second since folx controls the market.

It’s completely free and needs no silly licences or registrations to use. There are three parts total; the first two show how the download works and provide further context, while the third shows how your download speed is increased in real time. Downloads can be stopped and started whenever you like.

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3. Leech


If you own a Mac, you should check out Leech, an effective download manager made specifically for you. You can use this tool instead of your browser’s built-in download manager.

The program has a user-friendly interface, supports batch processing and drag-and-drop operations, and comes with a thorough manual. Like the others in the series, its principal purpose is to set login credentials for the necessary servers. A number of useful add-ons for browsers, such as a download queue, pause and resume capabilities, and so on, are not supported.

This is easy to use and doesn’t call for any special equipment. It may not appeal to power users, but it performs admirably for the average user.

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4. Maxel

Maxel for mac

Clever downloaders are also referred to by this name. Developers think maxel is intelligent, but it lacks any distinguishing features compared to the others on this list; yet, it performs respectably well in terms of CPU efficiency.

Maxel can also continue interrupted downloads, extract links, and save huge files for later access. Moreover, this also speeds up downloads. Typical Mac features such as keyboard shortcuts and Quick Look are all present and accounted for in Maxel. Thus, its functioning is easy, both on your CPU and generally.

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5. Jdownloader for Mac

Jdownloader for Mac

JDownloader is a free and open-source download manager written in Java. As a result, its development may lag behind the others on this list. This is not a drawback, however, because JDownloader is a free program that has been optimised for users for hosting and file-sharing websites like Rapidshare and Megaupload.

Copying and pasting encrypted URLs from external sites is simple for everyone, subscriber or not. Aside from that, it’s just your run-of-the-mill download manager, but it does a better job than the one built into your browser.

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6. Progressive Downloader

Progressive Downloader

For the Macintosh, Progressive Downloader offers a number of helpful extras. Downloads can be resumed from where they left off thanks to the download manager’s multithreaded downloading and browser integration.

A search bar is one of the available extras that will help you locate identical files across servers. The faster download speeds are the only real drawback to using this software. The program has a serious flaw in that it can’t split downloads into more than three threads. It’s fantastic if you don’t care about those kinds of details as it’s not much big of an issue.

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7. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager

The “free download manager” (abbreviated as “FDM”) is the top-rated free software for Macs. If Folx GO+ wasn’t compatible with iTunes, it might have topped this list.

Still, FDM is a favourite of many, including me. Faster than ever before download speeds are now possible with FDM because of its native support for the BitTorrent protocol. Both audio and video files can be previewed before download, and the format can be changed if desired.

If you can download from numerous sources at once, your download speed will rise dramatically. You won’t be let down if you try this out with your Mac.

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8. Fat Pipe Downloader

Fat Pipe Downloader

As a result of its ease of use, the Fat Pipe Downloader came in at #5. In spite of this, you shouldn’t discount the app’s value.

The Fat Pipe downloader can remember host passwords, process HTTP and HTTPS URLs, and automatically determine the amount of segments needed for a download, all of which are useful for getting around the download limits imposed by most servers.

This download manager can speed up your downloads without overwhelming you with settings.

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From Editor’s Office

Hopefully, you had fun perusing the list. Because of their singular purpose, all download managers tend to look the same. A few, though, are overly simplistic and feature-free.

They all have the basics covered for a good download manager, but the superior UI and extra features of folx make it the clear winner. The finest download manager for M1 and M2 on Mac can be found here. Share your thoughts in the section below.

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