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8 Best Free Calendar Apps for Windows PC (2023)

Paper calendars are helpful, but it’s now impossible to carry one around with you everywhere. But it’s up to everyone to get their schedules in order and stick to them. As a result, some free best calendar apps should be used. Numerous similar programs are freely downloadable from the web. However, none of them are very useful.

Furthermore, with so many options for calendar programs, picking the best one is almost impossible. Therefore, after testing numerous calendar programs across various platforms, we have developed a list of the top software options for Windows users.

8 Best Calendar Apps and Software For Windows 11/10

From multi-platform suites to platform-specific utilities, we’ve got you covered when it comes to scheduling. The free, open-source best calendar apps listed below are also very high quality.

1. Efficient Calendar (Paid)

The calendar app syncs flawlessly with most office suites, making it a great option for professional users. The major use of Efficient Calendar is to set yearly and one-time reminders. It also has practical business uses, such as serving as a reminder for important dates and appointments.

One of the nicest aspects of using calendar software is the simplicity with which important events may be updated as a result of schedule changes. You can also link your Gmail and Efficient Calendar accounts for streamlined communication and instant alerts.


2. Google Calendar (Free)

If you need a neat and tidy calendar application on your own computer, Google Calendar might be your best choice. The main benefit is that it syncs with all of your Google apps and reminds you of upcoming events in real time. In addition, you can get the same notifications and reminders on a wide variety of gadgets.

The software’s accessibility at no cost makes it a top contender among calendar programs. A number of the cutting-edge features, however, will be unavailable in this app but might be present in its alternatives.


3. Mail and Calendar (Free)

This one is widely used as a digital calendar. However, you’ll need to either install Office 365 or buy Microsoft Office to use the program. Using this program, users can set up alert notifications and reminders for a wide variety of important occasions.

The integration of email and calendar is exciting since it has the potential to boost productivity. It’s one of the best choices because the interface is so straightforward and easy to use.


4. Morgen Time (Free | Paid)

A second underdog calendar app that’s compatible with Windows is called Morgen Time. This calendar program has a sleek design and plenty of useful functions. The software can be tailored to one’s needs with the help of a wide variety of accessible themes and widgets.

You will also obtain different calendar integrations for handling public holidays in various nations. The advanced functions of the Morgen Time Calendar are expertly handled by the program.


5. Lightning Calendar (Free)

As a Windows 10 user, you may want to check out Lightning Calendar. Furthermore, the program integrates with Thunderbird email, allowing users to check due dates and reply to messages without leaving their calendar. Lightning Calendar’s features include, among others, a daily to-do list, event invitations, the ability to manage multiple calendars, etc.

The open-source nature of the software development process for the calendar makes it possible for users to contribute their own ideas and designs. Even though the program is provided at no cost, users are encouraged to make a monetary contribution to the program’s creators as a token of their appreciation for their efforts.


6. Event Calendar (Free)

This event calendar is an app that you may use as a data manager to keep yourself on track. Your inbox, to-do list, notes, and calendar can all be accessed from inside the same streamlined interface that is of Event Calendar. In addition to sharing scheduled events and tasks with coworkers, the Event Calendar also serves as a central hub for managing your calendar.

More so, this tool lets you verify many holidays and events across multiple calendars without having to switch between them. The program is lightweight and easy to use, with a clean, straightforward user interface.


7. My Calendar (Free)

You can keep track of your appointments and other important dates with My Calendar. My Calendar is one of the few calendar apps that features a built-in appointment planner that lets you specify time and location information. Information from external calendars can also be imported into My Calendar.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to plan events without losing focus. Furthermore, it lets you assign a delay duration estimate to events that can affect future plans.


8. Chronos Calendar+ (Paid)

It’s a basic reminder and calendar app. The bright colours and generally pleasant design of the app’s UI are likely to appeal to many users. You can customise your events in Chronos Calendar+ by adding reminders, notes, locations, etc. In addition, more than 30 languages can be used with Chronos Calendar+. More than 70 countries’ holiday schedules are included.



These were some of the top most best calender apps list complied specifically for you. Let us know in the comment section below which one is your favourite.


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