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8 Best Free Label Printing Softwares for Windows

In the realm of product branding and marketing, label design and printing software platforms are invaluable. The aesthetic attractiveness of your labels can pique a customer’s interest in your products or send them looking for something else. As a result, labelling products requires careful consideration. We realised, however, that this is a challenging and costly task. You may accomplish this without spending any extra money by using a Label Printing program. In this article, we will go through some of the top free label printing softwares for you.

However, before blindly selecting any programs, it is preferable to undertake usability assessment. Choosing software that is both cheap and quick is a priority. In addition, when looking for label printing software, it’s important to consider the program’s features and capabilities.

Top 8 Label Printing Softwares for Windows

For someone who is already overbooked, this chore may be a bit of a burden. Hence, for your convenience, we have collected a selection of the best label printing softwares, each of which contains industry-leading tools for creating attractive labels.

1. Gimp (Free)

Labels, such as CD sleeves, badges, and business cards, may be designed and printed with ease using Gimp. The ability to customise labels with QR codes, bar codes, images, and more is the best part of using Gimp as a label printer. Data can also be imported from other applications like Excel, mySQL, or Oracle.

The simplicity and efficiency of Gimp’s design make it ideal for uninterrupted work. Lastly, the software is open-source and costs nothing to use.


2. Inkspace (Free)

Inkspace is an amazing choice if you’re looking for a simple to use label creation application. In order to make attractive labels, you can use the program’s free label templates. You may create labels, business cards, CD/DVD stickers, brochures, etc with Inkspace.

To personalise your label, you can use either pre-made templates or import information from spreadsheets like Excel or Access. It then creates downloadable forms in several formats such as PNG, SVC, PDF, and so on.


3. SSuite Label Printer (Free)

Use the SSuite Label Printer utility program to create high-quality labels with ease. Address, envelope, mail merge, and QT writer express are all included in the SSuite. As the software’s UI neatly categorises each adjustment, it may be used without any instructions.

The SSuite contains a wide variety of professionally designed label templates that can be used at no cost. However, you can also create your own label from scratch using any of the available tools.


4. Avery Design and Print (Free)

With this popular label printing software, you can design and print professional-looking labels. You can use Avery Design and Print to make label sheets, name tags, and business cards. The software also comes with a plethora of free, modifiable templates.

As an added bonus, you won’t have to pay anything to use any of the hundreds of photos with the label in its library. Moreover, there is no need to install anything to use the label printing platform because it is accessible online.

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5. Krita (Free)

KritaIt is a program that helps small and medium-sized enterprises make barcode, shipping, and retail labels. Krita’s dozens of built-in label formats make for a highly reliable build quality. Not only that, but Krita can sometimes pull information directly from other programs.

The software only needs a short amount of time to create a high-quality label. This program also supports external barcode printers for direct printing.


6. LibreOffice (Free)

By importing information from an outside database, LibreOffice can help you make labels for your company’s products. Photos, barcodes, QR codes, and serial numbers can all be added to labels with Label Printer. It also has other features that will help you save time and effort while working.

It can also print several labels with the same information. This label printing program must be used in all circumstances.


7. Paper Label Maker (Free)

A fantastic program for creating professional-looking labels and forms for use in business has also been added to our collection. The program has all the features required, and it also has a simple user interface. You may use it to add things like horizontal and vertical bar codes to labels, among other things.

To further customise your label, Paper Label Maker allows you to upload your own images, logos, text, etc. This one-of-a-kind computer program can be used without cost.


8. Open Office (Free)

This is another free tool that may be used to make professional labels on a tighter budget. A collection of pre-plant label templates will be provided to you for individual download. There are options to add images, fonts, text, graphics, etc in OpenOffice as well.

Downloadable file types include ODT, OTT, SXW, and PDF from the label printing program. Instantly print your labels using a printer for even more convenience.


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