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8 Best Free Log Viewer Software For Windows

Log files are essential, and they need to be easy to retrieve, even for complex internet networks. Specifically, you need a PC with log viewer software installed. Log files of any size or type can be read with ease by using this program. A number of other options are also at your disposal through a log viewer software, such as search and filtering instruments for identifying or analysing specific PC log components.

Accessibility, user-friendliness, and affordability are all crucial criteria to weigh when settling on a Log Viewer program. However, the average person may struggle to navigate from site to site in search of a workable log viewer.

List of 8 Best Log Viewer Software For Windows

We’ve gathered a list of Log Viewers for Windows, along with their most salient features, to further aid you in your search. The article will help you choose the Log Viewer that is ideal for your needs.

1. Legit Log Viewer (Free)

It is a log reader that supports a wide variety of file types. A legitimate log viewer will let you view log files of any size without causing any problems for other programs. You may do everything from view log files to perform simple searches using this program.

The Legit Log Viewer is able to quickly open even very large log files, and its processing performance is commendable overall. Even if it’s the best option, customers sometimes have trouble with the installation process or other aspects of using the software.


2. Dynamic Log Viewer (Free)

There are many uses of this dynamic log viewer. The user interface of Dynamic Log Viewer is well-designed and flexible. As an example, you can use the program to alter a document’s font, colour, and size.

Another usage for the feature to hide rows is to obfuscate duplicate log entries that share a common pattern. You can also use the highlighter to draw attention to specific passages in your notebook.


3. Universal Viewer (Free | Paid)

One of the best log reader programs for Windows is called Universal Viewer. Incredibly, the software can access a 1GB log file in less than a second. It also has a shortcut key that can be used to quickly access previous log files or the next log file in the series.

The logs can be easily located using the powerful search feature. Nevertheless, log files cannot be edited or modified in Universal Viewer.


4. File Viewer Lite (Free)

If you need powerful software that is optimised for storing only large log files, File Viewer Lite is a suitable option. Opening a file that is above 1GB in size takes the program only a few seconds. Additionally, File Viewer Lite is compatible with a wide variety of modern encoding standards. In addition to viewing files, File Viewer Lite also has some simple editing features like changing the font and background colours. The search function in this program, however, is not very user-friendly.


5. LogViewer (Free)

LogViewer is yet another popular log viewer program. In a matter of seconds, you may open and examine any log file, no matter how big or little. You can use the software’s case-sensitive search feature to look for specific words or phrases in the log file.

Log Viewer’s capacity to transfer logged information between gadgets is also crucial. As was mentioned before, the feature is largely responsible for its success.


6. Glogg (Free)

Glogg is a free and open-source log viewer that can read and search through even the most complicated Windows lock files. The possibility to receive instantaneous updates on all actions is undoubtedly the most fascinating component. Glogg also has a well-organized UI with many practical features.

The log viewer’s search functionality should be evaluated carefully. However, direct file exporting options are still missing.


7. GamutLogViewer (Free)

Our next addition is a lightweight, feature-rich log reader that won’t take up much room on your computer. GamutLogViewer is able to efficiently read files ranging in size from very small to quite large. More than that, the program lets you customise a lock file and then store the revised file to your hard drive.

Filters are available in GamutLogViewer, which is not the case for many other products in this space. In addition to its useful encoding and searching functions, the software is well worth a shot.


8. Bare Tail (Free | Paid)

One other log-viewing program available for Windows users is called Bare Tail. You can customise the log viewer in addition to using all its regular features. The program also allows the viewing of small to medium-sized files and has a search tool as well.

You can choose between a free and a paid edition of Bare Tail though. The free version, however, has all you need to get started.


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