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8 Best Helium Miners to Earn HNT

The fact that Helium Mining through helium miners may be started and left to run without any intervention is its greatest strength. On top of that, it fuels a decentralised, high-quality wireless network.

It is anticipated that crypto mining will be challenging and costly. Think of the havoc that could be caused if strong GPUs or ASIC miners released their excess heat onto the surrounding area. This is how common mining equipment looks like. And don’t even get me started on mining stocks and shares.

Enter the Helium blockchain, a free and decentralised wireless network that connects billions of IoT devices at little cost. Nonetheless, a lot is in the work, such as a Helium 5G network in which you pay for the data you actually consume as opposed to a fixed monthly charge.

Price-wise, it will be much more attractive, and eventually, the goal is to do away with the need for traditional ISPs altogether. Nonetheless, our main purpose for coming is to mine helium, which requires… a helium miner. You need to buy and set up wifi hardware on your premises to participate in mining for cryptocurrency. These WiFi gadgets only need 5W of power, but traditional miners consume hundreds of watts.

However, they create problems for regular WiFi access points. These routers utilise Helium LongFi technology to provide a signal that travels twice as far as conventional WiFi networks. As a result, a city only needs a few hundred of these gadgets to be fully protected. This is made possible via low-power radio networks, or LoRaWan for short.

Helium Mining (TL;DR)

Helium mining requires nothing more than the purchase and setup of a hotspot device for the non-technical miner. There are a tonne of how-to tutorials on YouTube, and setting it up won’t take long at all.

This is the only exception; the rest is the result of natural processes. These hotspot owners will receive Helium Tokens in exchange for Coverage. The only drawback is low earnings potential, especially if your location is the only Helium hotspot in the vicinity. A miner performs many tasks, the vast majority of which are unachievable without a distributed group of highly-connected computers.

Much like Google Maps, here each covered hotspot is depicted as a hexahedron of green. You can use this to verify the population of local miners. All previous transactions and rewards made to miners on the Helium network can also be investigated. Additional details are provided below; however, if you are uncomfortable with this, you may wish to skip the next two paragraphs.

Process of Helium Mining

Contribute to Helium Network (also known as The People’s Network) and receive rewards by setting up a WiFi router-like device. Your gadget issues Proof-of-Coverage (PoC) challenges to neighbouring routers, increases data flow and network reach, completes PoC tasks issued by other devices, and keeps tabs on the PoC activities of other hotspots.

Below are five mining-related ways to earn Helium tokens (HNT):

The number indicates how much of a share of the HNT mining incentives you stand to gain by taking part in the activity. Your options for interacting with the hotspot device and its surrounding environment are these such tasks.

In addition, one receives mining incentives if elected to the Consensus Group, which verifies transactions (data transfer). In some cases, this group may amass as much as 6% of all mining profits. Investors in the Helium network and Helium, Inc. receive the remaining 33% of mining rewards. Helium mining, like other mining methods, is not without its risks.

Another similarity between helium mining and traditional mining is that both include halving events. In the Helium blockchain, these events are recorded every two years. This is also done in order to determine the worth of the native token.

Helium Mining; Possible Risks

There is no guarantee that mining will pay off. Being the lone miner in a remote area presents unique difficulties. This rules you out as a potential witness or participant in the Proof of Concept process. This means that the only way to earn incentives is to send and receive data. Being the Challenger is the only other way to consistently earn HNT. These entities make it so that beaconers and challengees must deal with Proof-of-Concept tests. The Beaconer then completes the PoC task in the presence of a nearby Witness.

However, keep in mind that nothing but automatic and random chance goes into the creation of rewards. No additional effort is required after turning on your device.

Top 8 Best Helium Miners

Now that you know enough, let’s have a look at the right Helium miners.

As a result, they let some corporations to engage in the practise. So, before you buy a Helium miner, check to see if the company makes it on the website’s approved list of Helium miners producers.

1. Mimiq FinestraMiner

In order to maximise coverage, the Mimiq FinestraMiner comes with a non-adhesive mount that may be placed on a wall or ceiling. Helium or FinestraMiner are the programs responsible for managing the dashboard.


2. SenseCAP M1-US915

Miles of range and automated over-the-air updates are touted in the product description. The SenseCAP M1 also has a cooling fan and heat sink to ensure reliable operation.


3. Browan Merryiot Hotspot

The Browan Merryiot features an internal antenna, however a longer range can be achieved by attaching an external antenna. But what really sets it apart is the eMMC storage, which suggests a beacon can be found in record time.


4. Milesight LoRaWAN Hotspot

The high antenna gains in this case can provide a huge Proof-of-Coverage range, which in turn can generate significant HNT profits. Lastly, Milesight has two models—UG65 and UG67—that can be used in either indoor or outdoor settings.


5. Bobcat Miner 300

The helium community chose Bobcat Miner as the greatest hotspot in 2021 due to its lightning-fast eMMC storage. The high antenna gain also allows for a larger service area, which in turn increases the profitability of mining.


6. MNTD Blackspot by RAKwireless

MNTD Blackspot appears to have been inspired by RAK Hotspot, according to the website. All of these features are specific to the RAK variety.


7. Nebra ROCK Pi Miner

The Nebra ROCK Pi can be built using either the free basic plan or the expensive premium upgrade plan (paid). Even though automatic updates are a part of the standard subscription, the more expensive premium plan allows for remote device administration.



Optional high gain antenna and LCD screen make this the most expensive model out there. At the time of publication, this COTX-X3 mining hub could be purchased instantly, with no waiting period.



So, helium mining is the easiest, most convenient mining method imaginable. And these were some of the helium miners compiled for you. The best aspects are its zero-noise operation, low initial cost ($500), and compatibility with the most widely used wireless network in the world. Yet, the advantages are comparable and cannot be compared to Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining.

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