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9 Best Auto App Killer Apps for Android (2023)

Your mobile device’s performance may suffer if you often switch between different apps. An auto app killer is the solution for this issue. If your phone’s memory or storage space is low, multitasking will be slow as well. And your phone’s performance may suffer if the app is constantly active in the background, using up battery life or other system resources like RAM. Once again, the best auto app killer for Android are being developed to combat this problem.

List of 9 Best Free Android Auto App Killer Softwares

Newer devices with cutting-edge hardware and upgraded Android versions are incompatible with these programs. In any case, we value support for those still using older versions of Android, such as Android 4.0 and above. For anyone still stuck on an older version of Android, these apps are the best available alternative. The finest battery-saving, phone-speeding, hibernating apps, and more are listed below.

1. Advanced Task Manager

Easy one-tap optimization for optimal phone performance! With this application, you can modify any feature to your liking. As an example, you can choose which shows to cancel. In-depth data on CPU performance is shown on the CPU lagging monitor.

It’s quite useful because it works with so many different Android versions. Unfortunately, background GPS applications consume too much memory and waste your battery, but this app will shut them down for you automatically so that your phone can function more quickly.

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2. Task Killer

With Task Killer, you can free up storage space and boost your phone’s performance with just one tap. Also, it’s a major reason why applications fail to work. If you’re concerned about how much space your apps are using up on your phone, Task Killer can scan the system and report back the name of the app hogging the most RAM.

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3. Greenify

When it comes to latency or performance issues, this software has everything you need. Greenify utilises state-of-the-art technologies to make your mobile device fluid and speedy. All unused or problematic apps are closed and the device is put into hibernation mode.

I personally like Greenify because of their hibernation software. It is a reliable app because it does not require users to provide any personal information. Greenify is the best option if you want to find a battery-saving app.

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4. Simple System Monitor

If you’re interested in tracking your phone’s usage history, this app is for you. More recent Android releases have removed the option to view CPU usage data. But this app, however, allows you to see everything related to the use of your phone or its storage space.

The fact that this app requires a rooted device to run is a major drawback. Nonetheless, I really enjoy the floating mode, which presents a data-monitoring system in a little window that floats over other programs.

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5. SystemPanel 2

The program is considered cutting edge due to the fact that it provides visual data about your phone. The flow of information into and out of each application is graphically represented. With System panel 2, you can keep tabs on every process your computer is now running. The app’s UI is polished and professional. In any case, root is required for several alternative picks as well. By extension, the appearance of technical sophistication is conveyed by the use of this program.

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6. Taskmanager

Taskmanager is the solution for you if you need a tool that can close all open programs without bogging you down with pop-ups. This program has no advertisements and is easy to navigate. It’s powerful and useful all over the world because it supports different languages. Make your device more user-friendly by placing shortcuts on the home screen and using a single button to exit applications with ease.

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7. Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

How important is battery life to you? Because this app meet all your needs and lengthens the time between charges for the battery. Kaspersky is a well-known name in the computer security industry. Android smartphones and tablets can utilise it without any cost.

Kaspersky’s biggest feature is that it keeps tabs on all of your apps and gives you precise data on how much power they’re consuming. You’ll be alerted if any of your programs are using too much power, so you may shut them down or adjust their settings. As far as battery optimization software goes, it ranks among the top.

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8. KillApps: Close all apps running

If you’re having problems with overheating on your phone as a result of multitasking, then you need to download this excellent software immediately. Use your phone’s app-killing features to increase its processing performance. Remove unnecessary data from RAM and optimise storage space. You’ll have a better time playing games because of the boost in speed.

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9. Hibernation Manager

The CPU, memory, and settings of a hibernated application are all accessible from this program. It also controls the Phone’s sleep cycle, resulting in a responsive mobile gadget.

By suspending all background app activity, hibernation significantly reduces battery consumption and wakes up inactive programs when they are needed. To put the CPU into hibernation mode, you must be logged in as the root user.

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