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9 Best Linux Desktop Environments to Use in 2024

The goal of the software that makes up Linux’s desktop environment is to provide the user with a unified experience (UX). In addition to the command line terminal, many Linux users prefer to work with the graphical user interface (GUI). A variety of desktop environments is one of Linux’s most appealing qualities. There are several linux desktop environments available, making it difficult to choose the right one.

9 Best Linux Desktop Environments to Use in 2024

The following is a list of recommended linux desktop environments that work with any type of Linux. Start the ball going, shall we?


A wide variety of Linux distributions are compatible with XFCE. Xfce is the most performance-focused desktop environment, but it lacks the sophistication of other solutions. It’s a lightweight desktop environment with a rich set of features. Numerous distributions of UNIX support the XFCE desktop environment’s installation. The x86, PPC, Sparc, and Alpha architectures, in addition to Ubuntu, NetBSD, Solaris, Cygwin, OpenBSD, and macOS X, have all been observed to build the source code.

The XFCE application is made up of various features that, when put together, offer the full functionality of a modern desktop environment. Different alternatives are available, all individually packed, so you can design an office space that suits your needs.


  • It comes with a desktop manager that helps you customize your computer’s display by changing its wallpaper, adding icons, and more.
  • Quick, easily transportable, and economical with its use of resources.
  • Sorts your system’s apps into useful categories for easy browsing.
  • Features such as mass renaming are integral and necessary for basic file management.
  • Better panel management and a wide variety of panel applets are only two of XFCE’s many notable qualities.
  • It’s easy to save and load settings.

XFCE isn’t just the base set of modules; it also comes with a slew of other software and extras including a terminal emulator, a picture viewer, and a CD/DVD burner.


GNOME, which stands for “GNU Network Object Model Environment,” is an open-source software project with the goal of creating network-agnostic software. Today, more Linux users use GNOME than any other desktop environment.

The GNOME desktop environment has become so widespread that some mistakenly think it to be built into Linux itself. GNOME is also the default desktop environment on distributions like Debian and Fedora.


  • Use the GNOME Shell Extensions to add new features.
  • The Settings menu is straightforward and easy to navigate.
  • Innovative workplaces that may be molded to suit their users’ needs
  • Choose from a variety of designs and themes to create the perfect user interface and user experience.
  • Conduct a complete system search.

It enables system-wide searches to be performed directly from the Gnome desktop. You may run a search not only for installed apps, but also for documents, photos, and even previously removed apps.

3. KDE Plasma

As a Linux desktop environment, KDE Plasma is second only to GNOME in terms of usage. The KDE Plasma desktop has a wide range of applications and features. Dolphin, the system’s default and most potent file system manager, and KGeoTag, a photo geotagging utility, are both included. Oxygen icons are included, and they have a clean design and a realistic look.


  • There are a number of ways in which the desktop can be modified to suit the user’s needs and preferences.
  • A streamlined, intuitive, and user-friendly user interface.
  • Unparalleled fluidity and flexibility in complex querying.
  • Various electronic gadgets are “converging” on one another.
  • Numerous useful programs, such as those for development, education, gaming, graphics, multimedia, and security, come preloaded with KDE Plasma.


The MATE desktop environment is a GNOME 2 plugin. It’s a desktop environment for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems that uses familiar principles to make for a pleasant and productive user experience.


  • Very portable and user-friendly.
  • Complies with all of the guidelines set forth by the GNOME 2 High-DPI Implementation Group.
  • Highly modifiable and independent of a composite manager.

MATE is constantly being updated to support cutting-edge technologies while keeping the familiar desktop environment intact. Because of its low system requirements, Ubuntu MATE may run on a wide variety of systems, including newer workstations, older PCs, and even single-board computers. The MATE desktop environment improves the performance and aesthetics of your computer.


The LXDE desktop environment is another sleek and lightweight option. LXDE is an abbreviation for the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. Due to its low resource requirements, it requires very less memory in comparison to other desktop environments. LXDE is more appropriate for less powerful cloud workstations, such as netbooks or antiquated hardware.


  • It’s more efficient in that it moves quickly and weighs less.
  • Light on the system’s RAM and other resources.
  • Operating systems like Linux, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD, among others, that adhere to the POSIX standard, are supported.

6. Enlightenment

linux desktop environments

The Enlightenment desktop environment is a powerful and lightweight alternative. It may be altered to fit your needs and is easy to put in place. Many different configurations and customizations are available to meet the needs of any user. This desktop environment is made to be as minimal, flexible, and aesthetically pleasant as possible while still pushing the boundaries of current technology.

Init scripts and programs written in the Enlightenment framework can be run automatically during system boot, reload, and shutdown. This makes it easier to install gadget drivers, such as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) readers and system tray plugins.


  • Administrator of composites and files
  • utilizes comparably less memory than competing settings.
  • Quickly adapted to new situations and easily operated.

This Linux desktop environment is a rendering engine that allows you to run programs, customize the user interface, and adjust the computer’s configuration. The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries are the basis of all Enlightenment surroundings (EFL).

7. Deepin

linux desktop environments

Deepin is a Linux distribution with the goal of providing users with a beautiful, easy-to-use, safe, and stable operating system. The original intent of the Deepin Desktop Environment (DEE) was to make use of only the Deepin Linux distribution. It’s been updated to work with more Linux distributions, so now Arch Linux and Manjaro are supported.

Its effectiveness is bolstered by its clean, straightforward user interface. In addition, the fact that it is based on a standard design makes it the most user-friendly system possible. Surprisingly, the user interface is very similar to that of more traditional desktop operating systems like Windows and Mac OS X, albeit with a more refined aesthetic.


  • In terms of aesthetics, the UI is on par with those of Mac OS X.
  • Uses a wide range of distributions.

The Deepin Tool Kit, or DTK, is a crucial part of Deepin. It’s a framework that’s similar to GTK (a cross-platform GUI widget toolkit) that’s used to create apps in the Deepin ecosystem.


linux desktop environments

It is a lightweight desktop environment that performs admirably. LXQT is a modernized version of LXDE that uses minimal resources and is hence well-suited to cloud servers and legacy hardware. Because it can run on such simple hardware, LXQT has no equal.


  • Components that are modular and malleable.
  • Increased efficiency and a more powerful file management.
  • Make as many visual changes as you can to the system.
  • Several Linux distributions, including Lubuntu-Lightweight Linux and a couple others based on Ubuntu, use LXQT as their primary desktop environment.

9. Cinnamon

linux desktop environments

The Linux Mint distribution with the largest user base is Cinnamon. It is compatible with Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu LTS, Artix, and Manjaro Linux, among other popular OSes and Linux distributions. Cinnamon may be molded to fit the needs of its users. Easy customization is possible. Themes, plugins, and modules allow for extensive customization of Cinnamon. Customers are drawn in by the user interface’s warmth and friendliness.


  • Include all the newest features for the standard desktop.
  • Quick, aesthetically pleasing, and reliable interface.
  • Extremely adaptable and simple to personalize.
  • Cinnamon lets you adjust the order of icons on many screens to your liking.
  • Very excellent Themes and Plugins are already installed.
  • Cinnamon is compatible with programs developed for all other desktop environments.

It’s easy to get around Cinnamon because it’s a desktop environment tailored to Windows converts. The desktop looks the same as it did in Gnome 2, as Gnome Shell is the source of its key technology. By its own community and developers, Cinnamon continues to grow and evolve; new and improved versions are published on a regular basis.


There are no universally best Linux desktop environments; rather, it is chosen based on criteria including how much memory it uses, how portable it is, and how useful it is. Because everyone has various requirements, you should select the one that suits you best. For the finest Linux desktop environments of 2022, I hope you found this article helpful.

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