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9 Best Shakespeare Translator Tools and Apps (2023)

If you are interested in reading literary works written by Shakespeare as well, then a Shakespearean Translator is an indispensable tool for you. Changing from modern English to Shakespearean English is unnecessary. The reason is that many modern readers struggle with traditional English. In addition, there are some words that simply don’t exist in modern English and hence require a translation.

In the same way that other translation programs simplify the process of translating a foreign language into one’s own tongue, the Shakespearean translator tools will simplify the process of translating Shakespearean works into your language. Just paste the text into the application, and it will instantly render it in modern English, or vice versa.

9 Best Translators for Shakespearean Works

If you’re interested in William Shakespeare’s works, you’ll find a variety of tools below that will help you indulge that passion.

1. Shakespeare Translator

shakespeare translator

If you need a high-quality Android app that can convert regular English text into Shakespearean language, go no further than Shakespeare Translator. Additionally, it provides a unique interface where users can send their messages to be converted into SMS. As an SMS, the translated sentence is delivered back to the user.

Since you’re supposed to pay for it, you should trust it quality as well. But the program does not allow you to directly copy and paste text, which is the biggest drawback to using Shakespeare Translator.

Type: Paid

2. Fun Translation

shakespeare translator

You can use this free program to convert standard American English into Shakespearean English. Fun Translation also employs dialects that differ from traditional Shakespearean dialects. Additionally, you can also get a name from Shakespeare’s time with the help of the Fun Translation Shakespearean name generator.

The translator’s easy-to-navigate layout ensures that even novice users will have no trouble getting their bearings. If you’re looking for a premium iOS software to translate Shakespeare, Fun Translation has you covered there, too.

Type: Free | Paid

3. LingoJam

shakespeare translator

To translate from English to Shakespearean, LingoJam is among the best and most widely used internet resources. This web tool instantly translates any text into Shakespearean English. Additionally, LingoJam not only provides an English to Shakespearean translation but also to Yoda, Morse code, archaic English, emoji, etc.

LingoJam’s most useful function is its ability to copy and paste translated text from the page. Lastly, it also offers a wide range of words to help express the ideas.

Type: Free

4. Babylon Translator

shakespeare translator


Shakespearean English is just one of several languages that may be translated to and from modern English with the help of Babylon Translator. Babylon Translator has a fast translation speed and can translate a large chunk of text with just one click. Additionally, a new offline option that works even without an internet connection has been added to the translation software.

For no cost at all, you can use Babylon Translator in its entirety. While, in-app purchases are necessary to access several features and translations.

Type: Free | Paid

5. Shmoop

shakespeare translator

Beyond simple text translation, the modern English to Shakespearean English translator Shmoop covers various features. To quickly read and write in Shakespearean English, you can utilise it to crack the code of this Shakespearean English. Moreover, Shmoop has a built-in text editor that can help polish your writing as well.

The site also includes supplementary resources including e-learning tools, assistance courses, and sample exams to help you master Shakespearean language. If you want to use Shmoop right now, you don’t need to sign up for anything.

Type: Free

6. SparkNotes

SparkNotes is a new computer tool that provides a translation between contemporary and Shakespearean English. If you’re looking to hone your literary chops, SparkNotes has you covered with a plethora of definitions, quotations, and phrases from the Bard. Furthermore, a whole Shakespeare play is translated into modern English using the SparkNotes reverse translation feature.

Students of standard English will find the translator’s user interface to their liking. SparkNotes is the most well-liked of these because it has so many helpful features.

Type: Free

7. YourDictionary

The following software is a comprehensive dictionary of English translations for Shakespeare’s works. The Shakespearean language and well-known phrases and passages from his works are regularly translated and looked up in YourDictionary. Additionally, when a user inputs a term, the website will show several possible translations. It looks a lot like a standard Thesaurus.

In addition, YourDictionary’s user interface is neat, well-organized, and complete. Lastly,this tool can help you produce flawless translations as well.

Type: Free

8. LitCharts



Another helpful Shakespeare translation tool, LitCharts is designed to help students study Shakespeare on their own. Students whose studies include Shakespearean plays are the site’s primary audience. Additonally, literacy tools like poetry anthologies, electronic reading aids, and how-to manuals are all at your disposal thanks to LitCharts, which is perfect for honing your Shakespearean English skills.

Users are also able to access a library of downloadable resources, including worksheets and novels. But keep in mind that some of the teaching resources on LitCharts need payment, despite the fact that the site itself is free to access.

Type: Free | Paid

9. No Sweat Shakespeare

Various online texts of Shakespeare’s works are included here. It provides a speedy way to convert between Shakespearean and modern English. How about a Shakespeare app for your smartphone? This iTunes app adapts Shakespeare to be used on iPhone and Android. Shakespeare should be accessible to all audiences so that his works might continue to endure.

By breaking down his quotes (to be or not to be, anyone?) and providing full Shakespeare games, statistics, and career information, this app makes Shakespeare’s language more approachable and understandable. In this app, one can easily over some sonnet and penta-meter basics.

Type: Free | Paid


Shakespeare’s language has been mistaken for archaic English or even another language by certain readers. Many English words and phrases can be traced back to Shakespeare’s writings. He standardised the use of words, grammar rules, and spelling in the English language. Shakespeare is the source of many common phrases and expressions that are now in use. Shakespeare can be translated into more modern languages using the resources listed above.

There are times when students and literature enthusiasts wish they could read Shakespeare in his native language. Shakespearean vocabulary may have very different connotations from those we use today, making this a difficult task. The aforementioned translation may prove useful in this situation.

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