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12 Cool Tools to Create Animated Characters for Your Business

No longer do we need to settle for static, simplistic images. GIFs, videos, animated characters, drawings, and cartoons are used by everybody to entice viewers. Animated infographics, graphics, GIFs, movies, and so on are only a few examples of the many available types of animated visuals. By few years, the worldwide market for animated films is expected to exceed $270 billion, per Statista.

In the past, only animated text was used in professional videos to show off designs. On the other hand, animated text generators make it possible for computers and mobile devices to produce text that blinks, animates, and changes color.

Animation tools are essential for digital artists, game designers, and character artists to produce compelling animated media. Famous animation methods that help artists give their work more depth and texture include:

  • Two methods of animation drawing that achieve realistic and natural motion are “position to pose” and “straight ahead.”
  • The characters and objects are stretched and compressed to provide the impression of weight, gravity, pliability, and mass.
  • Emphasize the subtleties of a flawless work of art to grab the user’s attention.
  • Action and kinetic animation can add authenticity and tension to a scene.

These are some of the cornerstones of animation theory. However, careful attention to detail is essential when developing animated characters.

12 Cool Tools to Create Animated Characters for Your Business

This goal can be reached quickly with the use of technology that streamline the process of drawing animated characters. Some of the necessary tools are listed below.

1. Doratoon

When it comes to making high-quality cartoon characters, Doratoon is the industry standard. The right materials can be combined with this free animation application to create a video that is uniquely yours. It’s convenient because it solves multiple problems at once and is easy to use and expertly executed.

Doratoon is an effective cartoon maker because of how quickly and easily it can generate animated characters. Providing the means to expertly animate creatures is a primary goal of these features, with the hope that they would spur on inventiveness. The tool does not necessitate knowledge of the dynamics of keyframing and transitions in order to build characters. Here are a few of Doratoon’s many great features that make it possible to create stunning videos with the help of outstanding cartoon personalities:

  • Aesthetics of Animated Works
  • Keep your animation video’s aesthetic in mind while you direct your characters’ actions and appearance.
  • Seeing the Way Forward
  • Allowing your character to freely roam the frame in a path animation provides a sense of energy to the movie.
  • Artificially Intelligent Voice Acting
  • By using the built-in AI tool, you may make the animated characters in your film speak using text.
  • Decorations and Tuning

Use accessories and music that fit your character’s personality to increase the level of engagement. This top-tier animation program comes equipped with a wide variety of customizable pre-made scenes and props that meet the needs of any industry.

Methods for Making an Animation Without Spending Money

  • One must first go to the Doratoon website and sign up for an account. After signing up, head to the “Workbench” menu and look for the “Editing” tab.
  • Pick the appropriate video animation styles by clicking the “Create a New Video” button.
  • Third, make use of many different settings, templates, words, and characters in the course of the animation. Once the video is in place, it may be exported, given a name and tags, and then saved as an MP4.

2. Animaker

YouTube video

Animaker allows anyone, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals, to make both live-action and animated videos. Its Cartoon Maker is trusted by professionals, is easy to use, and costs nothing. Animations can have their characters come to life in an instant with any number of available themes. There are only a few simple steps involved in using this program to make a cartoon animation, and they are:

  • Find an appropriate animation starter that fits your needs.
  • Changes to the template, such as new backgrounds, animated text, graphics, or characteristics, can be made instantly.
  • Choose the appropriate tunes from Animaker’s library, or add your own.
  • That video is now available for downloading or sharing.

An excellent method to speed up animation and really bring characters to life is to use a custom character builder. In addition to over 200 different voices and clothing options, the program also includes over 200 different facial expressions.

3. Adobe

YouTube video

Banners and cartoons may be given new life using Adobe animate’s interactive animations for the web, TV, and video games. It’s also handy for making infographics, e-learning materials, avatars, and illustrations to share online.

It’s a powerful program for making AR experiences on mobile devices and the web that include animation and visuals. Adobe Fresco’s bloom and blend effects are made possible by the tool’s sketching and drawing features.

Web banners can be created in a frame-by-frame process, allowing designers to reach viewers on TV, mobile devices, and desktop computers. Exporting the animation to formats like WebGL, HTML5 Canvas, SVG, and Flash/Abobe AIR is simple. Visitors can also look through guides, artist profiles, live event broadcasts, etc.

4. Vyond

YouTube video

Animated videos made with Vyond are used for business applications like eLearning, training, sales, HR, and marketing. To produce media quickly, use a repository of materials, premade layouts, and a full suite of collaboration tools.

Having the option to make the tool fit the specific needs of the business and its brands is a huge plus. In addition to protecting sensitive information, it ensures users’ privacy when watching videos online.

Incorporating sounds, a library of pre-made templates, props, etc., a dispersed team can quickly transform static movies into engaging narratives. It’s easy and cheap to make great videos that help your business succeed.

The software can be helpful for low-budget video productions that have boring, repetitive dialogue and text. When using predefined templates, picking appropriate props, and making original characters, it is much simpler to construct videos from scratch.

5. Animatron

YouTube video

When it comes to making explainer videos, HTML5 banners, whiteboard animations, impressive presentations, and HTM5 animations, Animatron is without peer. There are 200 pre-animated sets, 500,000 stock videos, photos, and audio tracks, and a whiteboard animation mode included in the app.

More video demos or catalogs, explainer videos to educate prospects, attention-grabbing banner commercials, and the company’s story can all be sold with the help of this function. For making animated scenes, icons, and themed infographics, the software provides free components like backgrounds, pre-animated characters, and props.

Media such as video, audio, still images, and graphics can be created, edited, imported, and arranged with this program. The user may easily edit videos by splicing them together, adding comments, and overlaying them with other videos, logos, and animated text. Basic shapes, reshaping, replacing every part, recoloring, etc. can also be modified with the tool to fine-tune the animation.

6. Reallusion

YouTube video

By using Reallusion’s CrazyTalk, animators can now make 3D animated heads that communicate. It’s a piece of software used for facial animation, which enables the superimposing of text and sound over still images. The revolutionary auto-motion features can be used to turn videos into animated conversations.

The 3D Head Creation software can help you turn still images into talking cartoon characters. Make your own one-of-a-kind animated photo albums, emails, e-cards, and online greetings. Thanks to advancements in face fitting software, comic book artists no longer need to rely on static images or sketches to create characters’ heads. Also, it allows for multi-layer editing, which is useful for producing anatomically accurate eyes.

It does this by combining images of the head taken from the side and the front in order to establish face contours. In addition, the CrazyTalk 8 Head Creator allows users to give inanimate objects a makeover worthy of their creative potential. There are three different versions of the tool, each with its own price tag: the basic version costs $49, the professional version costs $149, and the pipeline version costs $199.

7. TonnyTool

See the source image

To create and disseminate cartoons, animations, and comics, TonnyTool is used. Pick a scene, insert some characters and dialogue bubbles, and get the frame comic making process rolling with our straightforward web app. This program allows users to easily draw cartoons and comics that can be uploaded to the internet or saved locally. A games marketing segment for promoting pay-to-play websites can be built quickly.

8. Renderforest

YouTube video

Renderforest is a convenient online service for making animated movies using premade templates created by experts in the field. With this flexible cartoon maker, users can make their own cartoons in a web browser by choosing the features they need. There are many different types of templates to choose from, including: kids promo toolkits, line-style explainer video toolkits, instructional video toolkits, character adventures toolkits, explainer videos, healthcare explainer toolkits, ultimate icon animation packs, and whiteboard animation toolkits.

Even those with no background in design will be able to swiftly simplify the video-making process and come up with a compelling story by following the steps below. Pick among the top cartoon templates out there, or draw your own. You can start making a video by editing a premade plot or by using animated characters or scenes.

You can make it your own by changing the colors and fonts to fit your brand’s image and adding a voiceover or music track to reinforce your message. And make their own animated features from scratch.

When the video is complete, it can be shared and exported. The software can be used to animate commercials, clarify perplexing concepts, foster instantaneous audience participation, heighten interest in products through entertaining and educational cartoons, and enhance sales.

9. Colorcinch

See the source image; animated characters

The Cartoonize tool in Colorcinch’s photo editor is widely praised for its speed and precision in modifying and generating new images that are instantly identifiable as works of art. Using it, customers may easily and quickly make cartoons that are free of charge to represent their brands in an appealing way.

It offers a user-friendly, effective, and intuitive interface both offline and online. When it comes to AI-enabled photo editing and effects, the intelligent editing tools produce better results with fewer clicks. Expert vector graphics, a comprehensive library, icons, and other components help elevate the images’ quality. Some of the characteristics are:

  • Designing and arranging layered interfaces
  • Embellish scenes with overlays, bokeh, flares, and rain
  • Quick and easy photo to cartoon conversion tool
  • Frame your memories with unique creations made by hand
  • The use of aesthetic, floral, and geometric patterns
  • Brushes in hand, manual illustration
  • Combining different photo effects with a single click

In addition to resizing, cropping, and changing colors, the comprehensive text and picture editor can also do a wide variety of other edits. Features like doodling and filter customisation make it simple to add cartoonizer effects for a more unique touch to the artwork.

10. Biteable

YouTube video; animated characters

Producing entertaining and informative animated videos is a breeze with Biteable. A wide variety of premade layouts are available in the cartoon animation software.

  • Ideas for effective leadership
  • Commercials featuring sloths that are much too cool
  • Code of conduct on sexual harassment
  • A Guide for travel agents

Toon video production is easy and involves only a few basic steps:

  • Prepare to use Biteable by firing up your laptop.
  • Pick the cartoon character layout that fits your needs best.
  • Please log in, or create an account.
  • You can make your animated cartoon unique by adding music, clips, text, and more.
  • Use as an embed on your site, share on social media, send through email, etc.

To create a beloved cartoon character with minimal effort. Important topics like sensitive situations, controversial or sensitive phrases, and mundane issues are all addressed by the application.

It’s got your favored colors, music, and more, as well as animated templates and movies. Users of Biteable are able to create attention-grabbing animations for increased interaction. It’s important to keep the videos short and sweet so that they’re more approachable to viewers.

11. FlexClip

YouTube video; animated characters

FlexClip is a no-cost application for creating cartoon animation videos utilising pre-made, high-quality templates. It’s easy to alter to your liking or use as a blank slate. Extra features like drag-and-dropping, modifying, uploading animated pictures, adding music, etc., make it easy to make animations.

For example, there’s a flash intro, a sweet introduction, a colorful cartoon introduction, a kids’ birthday cartoon, a YouTube opening for a Vlogger, a scary Halloween invitation, a Halloween countdown video, a journey opener, a cartoon Halloween intro, a Halloween snacks sale, and more!

The cartoon video maker has limited personalization choices and is overly simplistic. Adjust to the aesthetic, use the provided video templates (complete with animated characters), change the script, draw inspiration from the provided visual library full of animation clips and an abundance of cartoon images, etc.

The animation may be made much more endearing and lifelike by having the user input music from a wide variety of songs. It’s easy to modify the animations with slow-motion video, speech bubbles, three-dimensional text, dynamic text, and pre-made animations.

12. Powtoon

YouTube video; animated characters

Create animated videos in no time using Powtoon’s suite of online tools for making cartoons. With this tool, users may easily create animated explainer videos in addition to professionally produced videos from the comfort of their own homes. Whether you need a video for change management, a virtual webinar, or an all-hands meeting, the free animated video maker tool has more than 100 templates to get you started.

You can make the template your own by replacing the sample content with your own images, symbols, colors, music, animation, and characters. Get it on your computer or upload it to YouTube or Facebook.

Designers don’t have to have any background in either design or technology to start using the library of over a hundred pre-made templates, video, and characters. To top it all off, the program offers a wealth of animation-related learning materials.


Businesses can use these animation tools to host events, give presentations, make films, etc. It’s a great resource for making cartoon videos look better. It helps to add compelling additional dimensions to the videos. Artists working in character design, video games, or the digital arts can break the mold by adding motion to otherwise static imagery.

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