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12 Reliable Email Hosting Services for Small to Big Business

When it comes to acquiring and keeping customers, email is indispensable to small and big businesses. Likes, comments, tweets, and shares may be multiplying rapidly on social media, but they still can’t compare to the importance of emails. This article will list down some of the best email hosting services for your convenience.

Statistics show that email marketing is still the most popular customer acquisition strategy for 81% of small and major businesses. According to the data, emailing people is still the best way to make an immediate and significant impact.

Managing thousands of emails sent and received every day by businesses is a complex process. In addition, the domain name of your company appears in your business communications, adding credibility. That’s why it makes perfect sense for businesses to hire a competent email hosting service.

If a customer receives an email from you bearing your company’s name, they may be interested in learning more about the products and services you offer and may conduct an online search.

Why you should opt for Business Email Hosting instead of Freebies like Gmail?

Offering services for free can give the impression that a company lacks professionalism. As a result, customers may lose faith in your business. It has been suggested, among other things, that you and your business are not fully devoted to one other. There’s a substantial danger of cybercriminals targeting your firm. The last thing your company needs is that!

Using free email services like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! for business is not recommended; instead, invest in a reliable hosting provider. Investing in a business email hosting for a small fee could shield your firm from such negative things and assist to establish your organization as legitimate and trustworthy. Protecting the interests of your customers will benefit both your business and them.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of utilising business email.

Builds Confidence

You can’t expect clients to take your business seriously if you hide who you really are. Nowadays, anyone can open a free email account, so if you’re a business trying to establish credibility, you need to do something to set yourself apart.

Sending out official company emails helps clients trust in your firm’s legitimacy, which is crucial for expanding your business. The use of separate email addresses for invoicing, sales, jobs, and support can help a small business appear larger and more diverse than it actually is.

Produces a Strong Professional Impression

You must’ve heard that the first impression is the last impression!

Actually, this is how the business world really works. You rely largely on electronic mail for your interactions with the client. In order to move your business forward, you need to make a connection with the prospect or customer as soon as they receive the email. Having a business email gives you an edge over the competition by projecting an image of professionalism to your target customers.

Safeguards Sensitive Company Data

When it comes to spam, viruses, and targeted advertising, free email hosting services are a soft target. They don’t have the safety features that are essential for protecting user data and privacy. Furthermore, you do not have full command of your email account.

It is the responsibility of a business manager to safeguard not only the company’s assets but also the privacy of their clients’ personal information. In light of this, it’s imperative that you steer clear of potentially dangerous free email services.

Guaranteed Protection from going in Spam Folders in Emails

Emails sent for free are an easy target for malware and spammers. Free email distribution could hurt your bottom line if you rely on email marketing to drive sales. The reason being that the recipients of your emails can consider them to be spam. Therefore, all of your hard work will be in vain if your clients do not check their spam folders. However, professional email hosting will ensure that your mails never bounce or end up in spam folders. So, keep using email to communicate with customers and get the benefits.

Confidentiality and Safety

Free email services frequently experience downtime, abrupt shutdowns, and hacking. This could lead to the irretrievable loss of sensitive company data if backups haven’t been made. The confidential information and critical emails of customers and potential customers wouldn’t be destroyed in case of buisness emails.


Business email can help build brand recognition by spreading the word about your company. Just by looking at the name, consumers will automatically associate your brand with reliability.

12 Reliable Email Hosting Services for Small to Big Business

Now that you know why buisness email is so crucial to running a business, I’ll go through several options for reputable email hosting providers.

1. Google Workspace

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When you sign up for Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), you can use Gmail to set up a reliable and professional business email account. It doesn’t bombard users with ads while yet offering admin controls and a ton of cool features. The email hosting is outfitted with tools to boost your company’s output by making routine tasks easier to complete in less time.

As users can now collaborate in real-time on files and schedule meetings through the calendar, Google Workspace has made email communication not only easy but also innovative. It protects the data, users, and devices of your business and is based on Google’s secure infrastructure. Additionally, it offers cloud storage for your data and full access to your email.

It provides access to Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Currents, Google Chat, Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drive, Google Cloud Search, Google Keep, Google Admin, Google Vault, Google Endpoints, and Google Add-ons.

2. A2 Hosting

There are numerous email marketing resources available to you from A2 Hosting. IMAP and POP3 are both viable options for sending and receiving email. Webmail clients like RoundCube and Horde are also preconfigured and ready to use. To further facilitate communication from an opt-in email list, Mailman is also included.

For consistent functionality, the email hosting solution offers a greater SLA. Many useful email-related tools are provided gratis with every hosted email account. The cPanel control panel facilitates the discovery and administration of such features.

The items listed below are all part of this free collection:

  • You may set up your own POP3 or IMAP server with your email hosting account and handle your own email accounts and passwords.
  • Web-based email with sender authentication using Roundcube and Horde BoxTrapper
  • Filtering spam using SpamAssassin
  • Barracuda, which analyses each incoming email for signs of spam, is an effective spam filter.
  • Email verification and forwarding
  • Ability to send preprogrammed emails using features like autoresponders, mailing lists, encryption, and more.

3. ScalaHosting

Delivery and security are prioritise at ScalaHosting, an email hosting service. ScalaHosting’s separate cloud infrastructure for email boxes has various benefits. ScalaHosting is the best option for evading spam filters and boosting brand awareness.

It is also easy to set up sales and email accounts, so your team can reply quickly to any enquiries. More than that, it uses SShield, the best cybersecurity system ever developed in-house. SShield uses straightforward logic, code verification, and inspection, and the detection of malicious behavior to keep businesses safe from hackers.

Based on over 11 years of research and development, the ScalaHosting team created SPanel and SWordPressManager. Standard features such as professional spam protection, daily backups, and defense against Blocklist, as well as a free email domain and free migration, are included in all plans.

Select a plan with a minimum of one CPU core, two gigabytes of RAM, twenty gigabytes of solid state storage, and a 30-day money-back guarantee for as little as $9.95 per month.

4. Titan

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Titan’s business email package provides email at your domain name in addition to other productivity-boosting tools to help small businesses grow their brands and foster meaningful relationships with their customers. Titan’s comprehensive array of tools includes helpful extras like email, a shared calendar, and plenty of storage space.

Store and reuse your most often sent emails with the help of email templates. For users that need to send a lot of similar emails, such appointment reminders or sales follow-ups, this is a great time-saver. Users can schedule an email to be sent at a convenient time using the Schedule Send function. This question of when to follow up can be easily answered with the help of Read Receipts, a tool that alerts consumers when their sent email has been opened.

Follow-up If a user doesn’t reply, a reminder can be set to contact them again. Titan also makes it easy to manage many email accounts with a single set of controls and import contacts from other services. Their knowledgeable and friendly support staff is available around the clock, every day of the week. With a guaranteed delivery rate of 99.99%, even the smallest businesses can rest easy knowing their emails will be read.

5. DreamHost

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Use DreamHost’s reliable email hosting services to make a good impression on customers and potential new ones. You might use the email address associated with your website to communicate with others.

Starting out, you won’t have to alter hosting plans with DreamHost. Your own domain name can be used with this stable, simple, and powerful platform.

Emails can be moved around using the drag-and-drop interface, given aliases, and even have delivery filters set up mechanically. You may access your email from any of your devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, desktop, etc.) at any time thanks to the innovative IMAP support.

DreamHost’s incoming spam filter is a free feature that keeps your inbox safe from phishing attempts, malware, and other online hazards. Additionally, the hosting plan includes ad-free Webmail access. With DreamHost, you can host your email for just $1.67/mo. per mailbox and get 25 GB of space. You can also sign up for a Google Workspace account.

6. Zoho Mail

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Looking for ad-free, secure, and encrypted hosting? then you’re at the right place. If you have any concerns about your privacy, Zoho has got you covered. This email hosting service offers enhanced and responsive protection against spam and malware. It provides company-related email addresses, which raises your company’s profile. For uninterrupted service, Zoho Mail relies on highly secure data centers with round-the-clock supervision. S/MIME message encryption, end-to-end encryption, and at-rest encryption are all used to keep your email safe.

You may change any and all settings and options with Zoho’s intuitive and powerful control panel. An easy-to-use interface makes it possible to create new users, set up new policies, and organize user names into new groups. You should save your emails for a while in case you have to use them as evidence in a lawsuit. Furthermore, e-Discovery is included for easy access to archived messages. The Zoho Mail app, available for both Android and iOS, simplifies handling of professional correspondence. Tag teams and Streams make it easy to add social media likes to your inbox, make comments, share files, and organize your projects in no time.

7. Rackspace

Among the many options for low-cost business email hosting, Rackspace is among the best. Emails can be professionally designed for small businesses at a low cost. With their premium screening, you can rest assured that your inbox is safe from spam and other dangerous content. And it safeguards your sensitive company information from prying eyes.

Rackspace also offers help switching from an old, unprofessional email service to one that is more suitable for your business, with the help of a team of committed experts. It will take care of everything else if you just remember where you registered your domain name.

Rackspace provides everything necessary for the efficient running of your business emails, at the cheap monthly price of $2.99 per user including:

  • You get an inbox that’s 25 GB in size
  • Mobile, web, and Outlook access
  • Group chats, forwarding, and aliases are all limitless
  • Archiving Emails

8. Microsoft 365

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With Microsoft 365 as your email server, you can send and receive expert-quality emails while staying in sync with all of your devices. Your electronic correspondence, group schedules, and contact information are all accessible from any computer or mobile device.

If you misplace your phone with crucial business emails, don’t freak out. If you absolutely must keep important business information from falling into the wrong hands, you can still delete emails from afar. With Microsoft 365, you can give each and every email a unique look and feel by using different fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc.

If you use this email hosting, you can send attachments up to 150 MB in size. The 100 GB of capacity is great for archiving emails with plenty of attachments. An easy-to-use control panel makes it possible to do things like add or remove users, delete old ones, and write scripts specific to your email system. When it comes to protecting your inbox from possible cybercriminals, Microsoft 365 offers the best anti-spam and anti-malware protection available. eDiscovery and archival functions are also available to you.

9. GoDaddy

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Make a lasting impression on customers by using GoDaddy’s professional-looking email solutions. It has user-friendly contact and calendar management tools, as well as a webmail interface and to-do lists. Your mailbox will always be up to date regardless of what device you use because the emails are cross-platform and sync automatically.

With GoDaddy’s anti-virus filters and 256-bit encryption, they can block more than 300 million malicious emails per day from even reaching your inbox. It provides the highest possible degree of safety with a combination of cutting-edge data analytics, automated threat detection, and highly trained security experts.

Ad-free plans make it simple to create a unique and memorable email address that nevertheless presents in a professional manner. You may control your online presence by adding widgets for sports, weather, news, and more with a webmail gateway, and you can preview the contents of email attachments before sending them.

10. Amazon Workmail

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With Amazon Workmail, you can send and receive work emails with peace of mind, and you can even continue using your favorite mobile and desktop email clients. Your email, calendar, and contacts will all be accessible through any client software that supports the IMAP protocol, such as Outlook or the built-in email app for Android or iOS. In addition, you can go to them using any web browser. Email and the company directory should be linked. Both the data and its storage location can be encrypted. Also, SDK lets you manage your organization’s users, resources, and groups, and enable Microsoft Exchange Server interoperability.

Data stored in Amazon Workmail is protected by AWS Key Management Service at a business-grade level. You can manage your inbox and other data anyway you see fit with full power granted by this. It gives you 50 GB of space for your inbox and other digital possessions.

11. Fastmail

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Using Fastmail, you can make professional-looking emails that match the design of your company’s website in minutes. Having a central location for both receiving and outgoing email allows for more strategic management. Sharing email folders, contacts, and calendars with your team can help speed up communication and make it easier to arrange meetings at a convenient time for everyone.

It gives you a central hub to talk to your whole team from, and it provides a place for, team resource and idea sharing (through Topicbox). This software can also be used to build and administer an internal company archive. Fastmail’s robust security options and permission management make it an ideal platform for managing sensitive information. After trying out the service for free for 30 days, you can pick a plan that best suits your needs.

12. Namecheap

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Namecheap is a business email hosting service that is fast, reliable, and secure. When using this service, keeping track of your inbox, calendar, contacts, and broad email marketing efforts becomes a breeze.

Get a free Namecheap trial for two months to see how the platform works for you, then choose a plan to use the platform throughout your company. It can quickly sync with your Android, Windows, or iOS device. Emails with your own domain, inbox consolidation, spam protection, HTML signatures, POP3/IMAP access, and SSL encryption are all standard features.

With corporate email, you can safely and easily collaborate on things like emails, contacts, documents, appointments, spreadsheets, and to-do lists. Namecheap is in charge of making sure your emails get delivered, so you can count on a high degree of performance from the hosting service overall.

Two-factor authentication strengthens the security of your email account by preventing unauthorised access to your credentials. Maximum security can be attained with the help of Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) and Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) (TOTP).


Modern enhancements to email make it easier to stay in touch with clients and leads. Business emails elevate the quality of your company’s image and spread awareness of your name and products. Email hosting services like those mentioned above make it simple to organize your inbox, secure your data, and win over customers.


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