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13 Best Windows VPS and Cloud Hosting Platform

The fact that Linux is not universally preferred only means that not every software can be hosted there. This article will discuss down some of the best windows VPS and cloud hosting platforms for you.

Windows servers may be favored over UNIX servers for a variety of reasons.


  • Ability to work with other softwares i.e., compatibility.
  • Programs built for Windows, such as .NET and ASP.NET.
  • Jump server.
  • Sole requirement is testing of the application or website.

13 Best Windows VPS and Cloud Hosting Platform

When it comes to hosting programs developed for Windows, the following are some of the best options.

1. Kamatera


Kamatera provides Windows in both its desktop and server forms. There are 13 data centers to select from, each offering a different assortment of operating system options and hosting plans. The following are some of the features of the Intel Platinum 8270 processors used in Kamatera servers:

  • SSD storage at 40Gbit/s for unlimited data transfer rates.
  • Easily expandable up to 64 virtual CPUs and 256 GB of RAM per server.
  • A sleek interface or API may be available for managing servers.
  • Software for accessing google cloud features.

It’s time to put your.NET software, SQL server, or whatever else you need to deploy, in Google Cloud Platform. You may run Windows 2012, 2016, and 2019. There are no minimum or maximum time commitments, and you just pay for the storage and networks that you really use.

2. Google Cloud Platform


You can host applications close to users thanks to the 19 datacenter locations offered by Google Cloud (GCP). Benefits of using Windows servers in GCP include:

  • Network with minimal delays.
  • Limit access with the help of the network’s firewall.
  • Adjust the size as needed.

Hence, google Cloud is a reliable and ready-for-business cloud platform.

3. Scala Hosting


The cloud VPSs from Scala Hosting come with SSD storage, a host of new features, and full administrative access. In case of hardware failure, your cloud hosting server can be automatically migrated to a healthy and secure node thanks to the three copies of your data they save on separate servers.

It’s fully automated, and you may access the client area whenever you like to control your hosting server. You may easily start, stop, restart, upgrade, downgrade, change passwords, access the console, and check how much space and CPU time are being used. As soon as a customer places an order for a server in the cloud, they will have immediate access to it.

The cloud servers are powered by two CPU-E5 Intel Xeons, a minimum of 256 GB RAM, redundant uplinks, and dual power supplies. Availability is prioritised at Scala Hosting, which is why they use 10 Gbps networks with multiple uplinks and premium upstream.

They have data centers in both Europe and the United States, so you may decide where your SSD cloud server will be located. Scalable resources, three backups, high availability, and a 30-day money-back guarantee are standard in all of their cloud hosting plans. Pricing begins at $10/month for 1 CPU core, 50 GB SSD, and 2 GB RAM.

4. Serverspace


Servers running Windows 2019 are on the way to New Jersey, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Almaty. Serverspace uses an innovative hyper-converged vStack platform developed with top-notch Open Source software. The development of cutting-edge virtual machines is facilitated by the lightweight BSD hypervisor and operating system FreeBSD, which features a streamlined codebase.


  • The only thing you need is an email address, as they offer personalized settings for both Windows and Linux.
  • Each cloud server’s processing power, memory size, disk space, and network throughput are all tunable on the go.
  • Utilising cutting-edge 3.1 GHz. 2nd-generation Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs, lightning-fast SSDs, and a high IOPS rate
  • Channel widths of up to 200 Mbps. Instantaneous creation and unlimited bandwidth
  • Human technical support available around the clock.
  • You can change your plan at any time and pay as you go.

5. Cloudzy


Cloudzy’s VPSs are built on a powerful platform with NVMe SSD storage and 1 Gbps network speeds. These Windows VPS hosting plans are among the cheapest you’ll find. You get your choice of Windows Server 2019 or Windows 10 with their cheap Windows VPS plan (starting at $7.95/month) at no extra cost.

You can use your Windows VPS to host robust.NET and SQL stacks, create cutting-edge web apps, or access remotely via RDP. Cloudzy’s hosting options are flexible enough to meet the needs of any project. In spite of their inexpensive prices, they provide first-rate VPS hosting services supported by cutting-edge infrastructure that makes use of SSD drives, NVMe protocols, and clever virtualisation software.

Cloudzy protects their customers from malicious attacks like distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and firewall intrusions at no additional cost. Your Virtual Private Server has access to high bandwidth and blazing fast connections across 15 or more server locations in North America, Europe, and East Asia, with minimal latency at each.

6. TMD Hosting


TMD Hosting’s professionally managed Windows private servers never let you down in terms of performance, security, or dependability. They’ve upgraded its infrastructure using Solid State Drives, which are 20 times faster than conventional hard drives and offer better performance overall.

To keep your website safe from cyberattacks, they regularly update their web-based firewalls (WAF). A Virtual Private Server’s processing, storage, and networking are all designed to be redundant to provide 99.999% availability and high uptime. With a virtual private server (VPS) from TMD Hosting, you get a separate network entirely, increasing your security, bandwidth, and site speed.

SpamExperts offers protection for your inbox from spam and other unwanted messages if you plan to host your emails. They have a cutting-edge anti-spam program installed on all of their servers for continuous security. TMD VPS is hosted in a private cloud powered by OpenStack, which is managed by certified professionals. If something goes wrong with your data, you won’t have to worry because they offer free daily backups.

You can get a cloud VPS from TMD Hosting for as little as $79.95 a month, and that will get you 80 GB of SSD storage, 3 TB of bandwidth, 4 GB of DDR4 RAM, 2 CPUs, the Plesk control panel, and premium support, in addition to a 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. AWS


Enjoy the advantages of the AWS environment. If you need a Windows server in the cloud, look no further than AWS, which provides its customers with the EC2 service. Because of its scalability and wide selection of server types, AWS can accommodate a wide range of hosting requirements. Software developed by Microsoft, including the SQL Server, SharePoint, and Exchange servers. With so many options for data centers, you can host your applications geographically close to your target audience for optimal performance.

Please take into consideration Amazon Workspaces if you need a Windows desktop. You may access your workspace from anywhere thanks to the fact that it is a desktop as a service (DaaS) hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Similar to a remote desktop, I suppose.

8. Vultr


When looking for a cheap Windows server option, Vultr is a great option. Starting costs for a new Windows 2012 R2 or 2016 installation are less than $30 monthly. Vultr’s servers are built using Intel core CPUs and may be found in multiple data centers across the world.

There is no commitment on the horizon. The operating system’s control panel allows you to do maintenance and administration tasks including restarting, reinstalling, and tweaking settings.

9. Liquid Web


If you’re looking for Windows hosting, Liquid Web has you covered with both managed and unmanaged plans. These are some of the managed VPS features provided by a reliable cloud hosting company.

  • System restore from within
  • Countering DDoS attacks with a static IP
  • SLA scalability of network and power resources with a single click
  • Server management interfaces like cPanel, Plesk, and Interworx

Also, professional help for any problems. Host locations for your Windows server could be everywhere from Phoenix to Detroit to Amsterdam.

10. Alibaba Cloud


Alibaba’s reach extends far beyond the realm of e-commerce, into the realm of the cloud. One of the advantages of using Alibaba cloud is access to their data center in China. They provide cloud servers with solid-state drives in 12 different regions, including the following locations in China:

Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing Zhangjiakou, Shenzhen and Qingdao.

Prices for the smaller Windows VM start at at $10 per month.

11. Azure


You may set up Windows on Azure. Microsoft Azure is the world’s second-largest cloud platform, in case you were wondering. Azure makes a lot more sense if your application stack is built on Microsoft products. The monthly fee to operate Windows on Azure starts at just $15. You can host both the server and the desktop client.

That’s a big plus for the area. Therefore, thanks to Azure’s global presence, you have the flexibility to host your application near your users or third-party services. You may get a rough idea of the total cost by using a price calculator.

12. UpCloud

upcloud; windows

An example of a European provider of hourly-billed infrastructure-as-a-service is UpCloud. One of their ten datacenters is Windows VMWare compatible, thus you can host your Windows VM there.

  • Amsterdam
  • Chicago
  • City (Frankfurt) Helsinki City (Helsink
  • San Francisco, Singapur, and Warsaw
  • Urban Center of New York
  • Madrid

All of their systems are built with the N+1 principle in mind. By removing any weak spots, this increases the likelihood that the record of 100% uptime will be broken. Some of its distinguishing features are as follows:

  • Superb efficiency with a negligible price tag.
  • Connecting your app to UpCloud’s platform is a breeze.
  • The result is that one can devote more time to writing code and less time to managing the underlying infrastructure.
  • Offers users a selection of free, usable API client applications.

Bringing your current workload to UpCloud won’t cause any licensing headaches because it can utilise your existing on-premise Windows server license. Snapshots taken at predetermined intervals are a reliable and effective backup solution. Thus, it is possible to make and restore backups rapidly!

13. Hostwinds

hostwindwindowsvps-1; windows

Hostwinds’ Windows VPS hosting is fully managed and has lightning-fast, secure, and robust Windows servers. You can instantly order a server with any combination of processors (1CPU-12CPU), memory (1GB-96GB), storage (30GB-750GB), and network throughput (1TB-9TB) that you desire.

Gain access to 1Gbps ports, SSDs, snapshots, 99.9999% uptime, website transfer at no cost, private ISO creation, several data center locations for increased speed, an enterprise firewall, and much more.

Hostwinds also eliminates the potential for a network’s stability being compromised by a single point of failure. Therefore, it may be quickly retrieved whenever it is needed. You can rest certain that your data is safe thanks to features like automatic nightly backups and unlimited storage and retrieval of past backups.

In order to guarantee that a consistent snapshot is made whenever files are backed up, Hostwinds uses Windows shadow copy. A monitoring service is included with each Virtual Private Server hosting package. Switching to the next Windows VPS plan tier will greatly improve your server’s capacity very quickly.

Due to Windows’ affinity for Intel hardware, Hostwinds equips its Windows VPS servers with the latest and greatest Intel processors. You can get a Windows VPS right now for just $12.74/month and enjoy the benefits of dedicated resources.


I’m hoping that you’ll find the aforementioned details helpful as you look for a Windows hosting service that meets your requirements. Test out the services that don’t require a long-term commitment or that offer refunds if you’re not satisfied.

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