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13 Personal Robots You Can Buy In 2022

Anything that can do a set of tasks automatically, without human involvement, at a high rate of speed and accuracy is a robot. Robots are machines created by humans that can perform routine chores automatically and effectively.

Robots have improved several fields, including defense, farming, medicine, and space travel. The television and film industry is one that can benefit from the usage of robots. Robots help maintain steadiness of camera and ensure identical shots from the same vantage point.

Attracting massive crowds, robots have evolved in tandem with the expansion of the technological sphere. If you look at the technology behind it, you may see a future where humans collaborate with robots. It has allowed machines and human intelligence to advance in tandem, making the realm of fantasy a reality.

The fascination that humans have with robots is only natural. As a species, we try to get things done as quickly and effectively as possible. Robots and AI will run the world in the future. It’s become crucial to our day-to-day functioning. As time goes on, robots are refined to perform better and faster.

What Functions Can a Personal Robot Carry Out?

Robots are used outside of the entertainment industry, too. Robots can be used for personal purposes, and they’re in high demand. Having a personal robot can help in the following ways:

  • A personal robot is a machine, thus it will never tire or need a rest. You’ll have access to it so you can deliver things on time with its help.
  • If you do this, you can rest assured that your larger projects will be completed accurately and efficiently.
  • Learning new abilities and adapting to changes in their surroundings are the means by which robots develop.
  • Smart robot tutors won’t get tired of teaching you new things or get frustrated with your questions. It will wait for its turn and follow your every order without question.
  • It can easily prepare meals and clean the house for you.
  • Robots can perform tasks in dim lighting, relieving strain on human eyes.

Intelligent robots are the result of complex computer programming. One of the most notable and distinguishing features of a personal robot is its capacity for interaction with the outside world. It can easily adjust to new situations and is quite sensitive. A driverless car is the most prevalent example of such a robot.

Robots are also used in nearly every space mission. The robotic arms of a spaceship can lift very heavy objects with very little effort. The robots can provide the operator with data on the surface of another planet in a matter of seconds.

13 Personal Robots that could be Helpful for You

Now that we know what to look for in a good personal robot, let’s have a look at some of the top models on the market.

1. Lovot


To create a robot that genuinely brings joy to a person is Lovot’s ultimate goal. It’s made to look like the habitat of some sort of living thing. An environmental sensor horn is mounted on its skull. This robot has over twenty microcontrollers (MCUs) that give it intelligence and life and over ten CPU cores.

The supercomputer used by Lovot Robot to decide on and carry out its many tasks may be found inside the robot.

Moreover, this component, which acts as the robot’s “brain,” is loaded with more than fifty sensors. In extreme situations, it can perform exceptionally well. It’s simple to keep up and weights just over 4 kg. Lovot was created to act in a companionable manner. Lastly, Lovot may pick up on how you’re feeling and wants to help. It’s shown to be a great friend that’ll cheer you up and give you back your strength.

2. Miko


Educators have found Miko, a personal robot, to be an invaluable resource. The ultimate goals are the development of cutting-edge technologies and the cultivation of bright young minds. Miko’s latest creation, the intelligent robot Miko 3, is designed to help kids learn and have fun. Just like a real person, it reads and responds to your emotional state. Miko can brighten your day with his dance moves, quips, and general jovial demeanor.

Moreover, the longer you spend with Miko, the better it will know you, and you’ll learn more about it. To put it another way, it will meet all of your requirements. Plus, Miko is safe and gives you the personal space you need. In addition, it allows for limitless video conversations, so that parents can keep in constant contact with their kids and keep tabs on how they’re doing emotionally.

3. Vector

Vector Robot

Modern artificial intelligence is what makes a Vector Robot possible. This goes beyond just being pals. There is no bias, and you can get any info you need from it. The Vector Robot’s advanced sensors enable it to see what’s around it, navigate around obstacles, report the weather, and take pictures. It has four microphones and can pinpoint the direction from where a sound is coming. If you don’t want to be late to work or eat food that’s been overcooked, you can use it to set a timer.

Moreover, to fulfill customer needs, Vector Robot uses state-of-the-art technology. It needs only a small amount of space in which to rest and recharge. Lastly, this one’s design goal is to allow the robot to roam around its environment at will. Saying “Hey Vector” will prompt an immediate response to your queries and commands.

4. Astro


The Astro Robot sold by Amazon is primarily designed for use in the home. Through Alexa integration, it helps you feel more at home in your own space. The robot is able to get around and learn its surroundings thanks to cutting-edge navigational aids.

When you’re not there, Astro can keep an eye on your house and notify you if it sees an unknown individual or hears an odd noise. With Astro, you can rest assured that your home and mobile devices are always in touch. You may command Astro to do as you say and have it remind you of important job deadlines.

Moreover, it can even warn you of a break-in or other comparable dangers in your house. Astro recognises that it is critically important for any software to respect its users’ right to personal privacy. Lastly, pushing a single button turns off all recording devices and surveillance cameras.

5. Loomo


Segway’s Loomo personal robot is equipped with smart AI that can navigate around obstacles. In this way, Loomo can serve as a form of personal transportation. The user can also use voice and gesture commands to operate it. Easy transportation is provided with a self-balancing scooter.

Additionally, using the Loomo app, you can get a feel for what it’s like to be a Loomo. Loomo’s free Android software development kit (SDK) and regular updates with useful new features are the app’s greatest assets.

Moreover, this machine is capable of moving across a wide variety of surfaces. The Loomo robot is so stable, you can ride it over rough terrain with no problem at all. A gimbal that can sense motion and correct for it keeps the robot steady on Loomo. Lastly, photographs and videos can be taken without any hiccups.

6. EMO


EMO is the first of a new breed of artificially intelligent robots that can think for themselves. Powerful sensors and state-of-the-art technology provide the robot the ability to respond with a wide range of facial expressions.

Whatever it takes to lift your spirits, EMO will provide it. It can play music, show dance moves, and suggest activities to play online. For EMO, friendship isn’t enough of a word to describe their relationship. It’s like having a pet with amazing abilities that will never let you down. In a nutshell, it can see, listen, feel, sense, learn, reason, think, and communicate with you.

Additionally, it’s capable of autonomous decision making and contributes to reaching a final verdict on any topic. In response to its surroundings and your interactions with it, EMO’s personality evolves. EMO is aware of his environment thanks to his implanted computer processors and sensors. Moreover, using cutting-edge AI, the robot can interpret an enormous data set consisting of images and sounds.

7. Misa


Misa, our friendly family robot, is remarkable in her social abilities. It handles everything a human would, from keeping track of appointments and kids while you’re away to keeping up with the housework.

Misa is not only your friend, but also your housekeeper, photographer, artist, and counselor. Saying “Hey Misa” is all it takes to get it to know your voice and react. You can have high-quality voice and video interactions with it. Misa is able to provide elder care by advising them on healthy eating and exercise. Protects your privacy and lets parents keep tabs on what their kids are looking at online.

Additionally, as long as you have a Misa link, you can command the Misa robot fully. With only a few questions, Misa will keep you up to date on world events. Lastly, the list of languages it can communicate in is long and impressive: English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, etc.

8. Aibo


Intelligent Robots (Aibo) Robot is the best option for those in the market for a robotic pet. In Japanese, we call our pals AIBO. It’s a puppy-shaped robot with AI. Aibo is an autonomous and self-driven robot with an insatiable need for knowledge about its human companion.

Aibo is always eager to learn new things. Your robot friend loves to hang out with your family and is particularly interested in all of the toys. There’s also built-in data backup and Wi-Fi network capability. Aibo’s ability to walk, talk, and carry out other tasks is made possible by the AIBOLife program.

Moreover, a camera and facial recognition software allow for interaction with humans. There has been a persistent change in its behavior over the years. Lastly, in time, Aibo will learn to identify its owner, respond to facial expressions like smiles and laughter, and come up with ever-creative new ways to occupy your time.

9. Eilik

Eilik; Robots

Eilik is a tiny robot that can convey its mental and physical health to its human companions. It responds to both touches and vibrations. Instead of exploring every room in your house, Eilik will remain in one spot. It’s a robot with a high EQ and IQ that helps people engage with one another more often. Having Eilik in your corner makes everything seem more manageable and fun.

Additionally, eilik loses its confidence when lifted off the ground. The best way to carry it is in an upright, steady grip in your hands. Lastly, all the things a close friend or family member would do to make you feel better, it does for you automatically.

10. Moxie

Moxie; Robots

With the use of artificial intelligence, Moxie is a personal robot designed with kids in mind. They have the freedom to interact socially and emotionally through play. Moxie’s keen ear can help kids build healthy interpersonal skills by teaching them to improve their emotional and social abilities at home.

Your child will show confidence and bravery when interacting with strangers. When you can’t be there to guide your child, this can fill in the gap. The young student will learn from Moxie’s explanations and problem-solving strategies.

Additionally, kids’ curiosity and interest in learning are piqued as a result. Moxie not only aids in your children’s academic progress, but also in their creation of a play schedule and the promotion of healthy habits. Moreover, the goals of both parties can be attained if Moxie is used in a wide range of everyday contexts by children.

11. Winky

Winky; Robots

Winky is yet another unique kid-sized robot. From the ages of 5 to 12, it is perfect for young readers. The product is aimed at kids, but grownups can benefit from it as well. Its goal is to teach kids while keeping them entertained. Featuring two free game apps, it teaches while keeping kids entertained.

Winky may be a teacher for both you and your child. It can be used to set alarms to remind you and your kids of important commitments. Furthermore, it increases the efficiency of your offspring. There are games out there whose sole purpose is to sharpen your reflexes and brain power.

Winky is a kid-friendly gadget because of its design. A child can further personalize Winky by attaching items to its ears, nose, and torso. This ensures that kids have constant access to the robot and can learn as much as possible from it. The fact that newer versions of Winky with improved functionality are regularly made available is its best feature.

12. Willow

Willow; Robots

Willow, which uses Eeve’s advanced AI, can do a wide variety of tasks. If you want to foster the growth of your skills and personality, Willow is your best bet. Willow has the Toadi harp in her possession. It can be utilised as a standalone robot to mow your overgrown lawn. The heavenly app makes training Willow easy, and you can do the exercises whenever it’s convenient for you.

Moreover, willow is fully under your authority; you can watch its every move and teach it new tricks. Furthermore, other tools to help you get the job done can be added at any time. Lastly, it is predicted that in three years, a user will be able to add as many as sixty unique tools.

13. Misty

Misty; Robots

Personal robot Misty has many potential business applications. Located atop its head is a high-quality camera capable of producing extremely detailed photographs. A camera allows it to quickly and accurately identify individuals by their likeness. Devices with built-in microphones can record audio and gather environmental information. Misty can hear your voice and react to it immediately.

Moreover, to make it ready for commercial use, specific types of sensors must be installed. It is capable of data collection and exchange, but only after careful consideration and with the user’s permission. Lastly, users of Misty can transmit voice and video at their convenience.


Future technologies will likely involve robots or robotics. Roboworkers are gradually replacing humans in routine jobs like lifting heavy objects and cleaning, freeing up human resources for higher-value endeavors. It has the ability to go where people cannot. They can utilise risky machinery and perform hazardous tasks, clean places humans wouldn’t dare go, construct an entire structure in a matter of days, and transmit data over the internet with the click of a mouse.

As a result, robots have the potential to become man’s best friend when put to good use. It boosts productivity and competition at the same time. Therefore, you should think about buying a robot companion to make your life simpler.

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