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5 Best Spam Texts Blocker Apps for Android and iOS

Can you recall a time when you received a string of spam texts at once? Then you’ll understand why spam filters are necessary. Businesses using application programming interfaces (APIs) to send automated messages may disrupt your day with unwelcome offers, such as freebies, mortgages, and debt relief. Inadvertently clicking on a malicious link, however, can result in the download of malicious software, the theft of sensitive information, the dialing of an unwanted number, or other problems.

This increased interest in spam filter software can be attributed to the prevalence of spam and Robotexts in the world of unwanted electronic correspondence. These are the most effective ways to prevent receiving unwanted communications that might do more harm than good.

5 Best Spam Texts Blocker Apps for Android and iOS

Listed below are some of the best programs available for preventing spam texts from being sent to your phone.

1. SMS Shield

SMS Shield is a top spam call blocker for iPhone, protecting its users from unwanted marketing and text messages. In offline mode, users can block messages from specific numbers or carriers. Features like Frequent Traveler Mode, a Custom Block List, and Automatic Spam Filtering are all part of the iPhone app’s offline Machine Learning spam filter.

2. Block text

Defend your Android device from spam, A simple Android app called “Block text” can prevent unwanted text messages from unknown numbers. It prevents unwanted texts from reaching users while also safeguarding their privacy. Some of the more notable functions of this app include the blocking of incoming texts and emails, the backup of old texts, the categorisation of SMS messages, and a powerful search engine. Email texts, keywords, group messages, spam removal, and more are all things that can be blocked by using this paid software.

3. TextKiller – Spam Text Blocker

The iPhone app TextKiller – Spam Text Blocker filters out junk SMS messages. This program will automatically label any unwanted text messages as spam, protecting the user from receiving any further unwanted communications. Machine Learning mechanisms are used for the deletion of texts while preserving accuracy. For iPhones, TextKiller eliminates unwanted texts, calls, and privacy intrusions.

4. RoboKiller

spam texts

You can stop robocalls and 99 percent of other spam texts and calls with RoboKiller, a text spam blocker. In order to automatically stop unwanted texts, this spam-blocking app analyses accumulated data and employs predictive blocking technology. Con artists and telemarketers alike can waste their victims’ time with unnecessary calls using this app.

5. Truecaller

spam texts

The Truecaller app verifies the user’s contacts and presents them to the user. The user can stop any unwanted contact, including phone calls, texts, and emails. To help you filter out unwanted calls and texts, Truecaller classifies them as either spam or fraud. It’s simple for people to put up a barrier and stop the contact from bothering them. The automatic blockers in the app make it easier to use.


Without a doubt, spam texts can be incredibly frustrating, but they can also pose a serious threat if they contain hackable or malicious links. Therefore, it is important for users to select the best call blockers for iPhone and Android phones.

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