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6 Best GPS Location Changer Software for iOS Devices

Most people today rely entirely on their GPS location devices to get from one place to another. Whenever you need to know how far apart two places are or how long it will take you to get there, you’ll fire up Maps.

Nowadays, no trip is complete without some sort of mapping or location-based service. GPS’s basic location-finding capability has permeated modern life. Whether or not you’ve installed any given app, you’ve probably noticed that it needs permission to access your location.

The makers of the software take the location setting into account for various reasons. However dire the situation, your lost phone can be tracked down by using its GPS location. If you’ve ever lost your iPhone, you know how helpful GPS location can be. The ‘Find my app’ function is available on all iOS devices and can be accessed by any iPhone user. The Find My App service has many advantages for Apple customers.

Features Offered by Apple’s GPS location Services

The “Find My” feature on a smartphone might help you quickly find it if you misplace it. It can be seen on a map with a few clicks. After that, what options do you have?

  • Get a look at where the gadget is right now.
  • To find the gadget, you’ll need to use a sound.
  • If you’ve misplaced your phone or tablet and want to keep the information secure, you can activate Lost Mode.
  • Remotely wipe your phone clean of all data.

Location spoofing is a function of smartphones that most people have never used. You did hear that right! You can actually fool the location services on your device. By tricking apps into thinking you’re in one area when you’re actually somewhere else, spoofing allows you to hide your true position.

That’s incredible, right? The usage of a GPS location changer makes this a real possibility.

6 Best GPS Location Changer Software for iOS Devices

iPhone and other iOS devices have access to a plethora of GPS location changing apps. Depending on your specific requirements, these programs will provide you the option of a bespoke location for you to use. So, let’s take a look at them…

1. Tenorshare iAnyGo

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Jailbreaking is required for any iOS device customisations. This is not the case, thankfully. An iOS device’s GPS location can be spoofed without requiring jailbreaking. If you want to quickly switch the location of your Apple device, Tenorshare iAnyGo makes it possible to do so with a single click. Let’s check out iAnyGo’s GPS location changing features. After installing Tenorshare iAnyGo, you may quickly and easily change your virtual location in just three simple steps.

  • The first step is to open the Tenorshare app. If you want to alter your starting point on the map, choose that option.
  • The second step is to start the program and link the iOS gadget to the computer.
  • Third, confirm the position on the map after making any necessary changes to it.
  • After you’ve done those three things, your iOS device will appear to be located anywhere you specify.

Tenorshare provides two types of individualized navigational tools. Such a feature works wonderfully in games that take advantage of the player’s physical location. It’s easy to set up both single- and multi-spot routes, so you may enjoy the game without leaving the house.

Additionally, no actual physical movement is required to participate in any location-based game. Using a location spoofing service, you can access the game even if it is restricted in your country. At this time, Pokemon Go has dominated the market for geo-based mobile games. Even if you reside in a really rural area, you can now capture every single Pokémon there is.

Moreover, social networking apps typically provide friend suggestions depending on your current location. Social media location spoofing is now possible with iAnyGo. Tinder and Bumble, among other dating apps, have made it easier than ever to find a compatible partner. By adopting a false identity, you can date anyone from any country. It’s possible to trick your friends by sharing your fabricated location on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

Also, you can avoid being tracked or discovered by using Tenorshare’s location hiding and spoofing features. With iAnyGo installed, ‘Find My App’ will be unable to monitor your whereabouts. There are a number of cutting-edge features available in Tenorshare iAnyGo. Users can perform a search for a certain location by inputting its GPS coordinates. You can record the location and time of your research visits in the historical records.

2. iToolab AnyGo

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With iToolab AnyGo, you can quickly and easily mimic a GPS position anywhere in the world, complete with natural pace and a route of your choosing. It’s useful in augmented reality games and social media that take advantage of its location-based features.

Teleport to any place, Two-Spot, Multi-Spot, GPX Route Mode, and Joystick Control Mode are just few of the modes and features it provides to alter GPS movement. The pace of the action can be modified to better suit your needs. Those who play Pokémon GO will like the convenience of using a joystick to steer their GPS’s movement from one spot to another.

Additionally, popular game GPX route files may be easily imported into AnyGo so that you can follow the path supplied by your pals. Create and store your ideal travel plan under the Favorites tab with whatever name you like. Moreover, with iToolab AnyGo’s unique ability to change the location of many devices at once, you may use other gadgets to play location-based games or access other apps without giving away your true whereabouts.

3. Wondershare

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You can instantly teleport or “bounce” to any location on Earth by using Dr.Fone Wondershare Location Changer. It only takes one click to be taken to a whole different place. If you set a false GPS position, your phone will trick all of its apps into thinking you’re at a particular area. Using this iOS location switcher, playing Pokemon Go appears to be a breeze.

Additionally, certain multi-stop itineraries are available for your selection. Everything from the walking speed to the pause animations may be customized using this program. Because your movements will appear natural, no app will be able to tell that you are actually using a location changer.

Moreover, if you have an iOS device and want to use a service that isn’t available in your country, all you have to do is change your device’s location to somewhere else. The app also includes a virtual joystick for realistic GPS simulation. The effort needed to move while teleporting or in any other mode is reduced by 90% thanks to the joystick controls.

What makes Wondershare stand out is its ability to import a pre-made route. You can now plan every aspect of your upcoming outdoor adventure. You are free to try any and all routes, and can even save your favorites for later use. Also, simply import the GPX file you created to sync with the software and start exploring the area with your custom route.

4. MockGo

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You may simulate natural movement along a predefined path in real time using Foneazy’s MockGo. It’s now much less of a hassle to play Mobile Legends, Pokemon Go, and similar location-based games from the safety and convenience of your own home. Your current GPS location can be changed with only a single click.

You can use the program to plan travel itineraries that take advantage of existing highways between two points. It also allows for the planning of routes that span multiple areas. You can imitate the pace of several modes of transportation, including cars, bicycles, and feet. Among MockGo’s many unique features is a realistic mode. A 30% to 30% speed boost or decrease is available every 5 seconds.

This software will allow you to avoid being monitored while playing location-based games, find more compatible partners on dating apps, fool your friends and family with a phony location, and more. For even more realism, you can load in a GPX file that contains the entire course and run it virtually.

By using MockGo, up to five devices’ GPS coordinates can be manipulated in real time. You can save places you’re interested in visiting in order to easily find them again. The best part is that you can do location spoofing without jailbreaking your iOS device, and other safeguards ensure that MockGO will never be discovered.

5. iMyFone AnyTo

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Easy methods to disguise your location are provided by iMyFone AnyTo. It only takes one click to alter your current location, regardless of whether you’re using an Apple or Google product. You may easily fool your pals by boasting about incredible vacation spots on your social media accounts.

You may stop stressing over the location-based apps, as iMyFone AnyTo has you covered. The program shields you from tracking by showing a fictitious location on the map. The great thing about this position altering tool is that it lets you keep your locations a secret from anyone who might be tracking you.

This software is the perfect solution if you’re playing an AR game that necessitates physical movement, like Pokemon Go. If you want to see how fast you’re moving in an app or game, you can easily do so with the help of iMyFone AnyTo. Simplify your workflow by switching between the single- and multi-target modes.


  • You can pick your desired driving, cycling, or walking speed and the game will simulate that for you while you go.
  • Specify Precise Coordinates – Navigate directly to a certain location by entering its coordinates.
  • In order to make your walks and drives seem more natural, you can halt and continue the movements at any time you like.
  • Reliable documentation; save previously visited locations for later use.

6. EaseUS MobiAnyGo

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An iOS mobile device does not need to be jailbroken in order to be personalized. There are a few situations in which you might want to alter the position of your iOS device: to bypass geo-blocking restrictions, to access geo-blocked content, to watch videos in location-based apps, or to hide from prying eyes. EaseUS MobiAnyGo can help in this regard.

It provides users an easy and low-cost option for masking their real location. The use of this program makes evading surveillance a breeze. Your location can be seen by others in an entirely new area with just one tap, depending on the option you pick.

It’s easy to find a good date, even if they’re in another nation, if you just sit in the right position. It’s a great way to hide your true location on dating apps and websites. If you want to fool your friends into thinking you’re somewhere else when you’re actually at home, you can use a fake virtual location posted across many social media sites.

There are no limits on where you can go because of GPS, and you can set up a multi- or two-point itinerary to follow at will. You need not move from where you now are when playing any augmented reality game.

You may fool location-based apps into thinking your movement is real by setting custom walking speeds in the spoofing program. Another great feature of the EaseUS MobiAnyGo software is that it can track the GPS positions of up to five iOS devices at once.


There are many situations in which you might find it advantageous to conceal your true location. You can do this with a single click using one of the aforementioned applications. They have several useful functions, like the ability to mask your location, avoid being tracked, and use any app regardless of its location. You can use any of these tools for any purpose, even fooling your pals.

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