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7 Best Fake iPhone Text Generator Tools Online (2023)

You’ve probably watched a lot of prank videos on YouTube and other sites. Pranks on one’s loved ones, neighbours, and colleagues are a popular past time. Pranking whether in the form of the recent “ice bucket challenge” or either through text messages is perennially cool. It is possible that the thrill of being caught is the reason behind getting excited for doing these pranks. Best fake iPhone text generator tools allow users to simulate text conversations in addition to making false videos and phone calls.

The fact that no one can follow you is a huge plus. Your IP address can be tracked if you commit this crime. But be careful not to use them for something illegal, like making threats against another person etc.

Top 7 iPhone Text-Generator Softwares

Many online resources provide tools to generate fake texts from an iPhone, which can then be used in online conversations. You can pretend to have conversations with your favourite actors and your high school/college sweetheart. The screenshot you make can look just like your iPhone.

It’s also possible to trick and prank friends and family members using these services. Using these platforms, fabricated screenshots are a breeze to create.

1. iOS.foxsash

Fake iPhone Text Generator

Using this website’s text generator, you may send green and blue text messages. Emojis and images can be added to your messages to make them more fun and interesting to read. Additionally, this site gives off a really reliable and expert vibe.

There are a lot of amazing features and adjustable aspects, such as battery life, Wi-Fi/data connection, and phone type, that may be used to give your fake conversation a more realistic appearance. Lastly, once you’ve made these selections, you may put the phoney conversation to rest.

2. iOS8text

Fake iPhone Text Generator

Your fake conversation will pass for real on this site. Showing several networks is an option, and it’s possible to do so for 3G, 5G, and Wi-Fi.

Therefore, if the recipient of the fake chat is familiar with the connection you use, he will easily be able to determine your true identity. Additonally, having an open and trustworthy dialogue is made easier by this network feature.

Grey is one of the colour options for iOS8text, along with green and blue. When you want have this conversation is up to you. For instance, you can use the time of 9:41 AM. Lastly, you can also use a made-up name in your conversation.

3. iOS7textgenerator

Fake iPhone Text Generator

The similarities to iOS8text are striking. Every detail is the same. The one slight difference is that this is only compatible with iOS7. Fake iOS 7 iPhone text messages can be made on this website. Mainly, if you set up a fake conversation, there’s a 90% chance no one will find out.

Additionally, picture from your computer or mobile device can be included to an iMessage when you write one. On top of that, it is redundant to show off each and every function. Lastly, you may take part in your made-up conversation if you so choose.

4. iFake Text Message

Fake iPhone Text Generator

With iFake Text Message, you can send convincing fake text messages. iFake is a tutorial for making bogus iMessages on an iPhone. It won’t take you long at all to finish. Yes, it’s that easy! Primarily, the first step toward becoming a prankster is by this site. Additionally, it has a straightforward interface. Connectivity, settings, battery life, and a device’s moniker are all separate and different attributes.

Moreover, questions like “how to make a fake text message” and “what is the difference between an iMessage and a text message” can be answered in the site’s Frequently Asked Questions section as well.

5. Simitator

Fake iPhone Text Generator

This one’s for all you pranksters out there. It includes every type of fake generator you can think of. It has anything from an iPhone iOS7 text generator to a generator for fake Tinder profiles and matches.

Use this website if you wish to improve your social standing on Facebook. All the characteristics are the same. Moreover, according to the user’s input, it will generate a fake conversation.

Let’s say you want to show off to your friends by telling them that your Facebook status has 5,000 likes. Additionally, they wouldn’t believe you if you told them that, so this site makes it look like you have a lot of phoney Facebook likes to back up your lie. Lastly, it’s possible to create whatsoever kind of text you’d want using this online tool.

6. Fakeimess

It has the most customizable user interface, making it easy to use and providing users with a wide range of options. Additionally, the best part is that it may be accessed without cost. The name of the operator can be supplied as well.

Moreover, we really like that this fake iPhone generator has this special function. The ‘operator’ field can be completed if you are a Vodafone customer. Lastly, you can also change your carrier by swapping sim cards.

7. iPhoneFakeText


Fake iMessages could be created with iPhoneFakeText. The photo can be easily shared on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The extent to which personalization is possible is finite. Additionally, the text can be edited using the buttons on the right side of the screen, and the results are displayed on the left.

You can alter the text of the message delivered by clicking this button. The identity of the contact can be disguised if necessary. Moreover, the drop-down option only offers a limited selection of potential service providers. Lastly, hovering the mouse over a message brings up the delete and edit buttons.

From Editor’s Desk

These were some of the best fake iphone text generator sites for you. Let us know in the comment section below which one seemed most interesting and fun to you.

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