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8 Best Free Envelope Printing Softwares in 2023

Envelope Printing software is useful if you need to print addresses on envelopes frequently. To send mail of any kind, be it letters or postcards, is a hassle without having any known about envelope printing softwares.

Each envelope must have a handwritten address and return address. Envelope printing programs, on the other hand, are impressive pieces of software that could significantly improve your efficiency and productivity while also saving you time, effort, and money.

There is no need to retype the address because the Envelope Printing program will remember it along with other settings. Plus, it has a tonne of text editing features that can be used to make even the plainest envelope look fancy.

Top 8 Envelope Printing Softwares for Windows & Mac (2023)

We have collected a list of the finest free software for printing envelopes that you may find handy if you still occasionally send letters the old fashioned way.

1. Dataware Envelope Printer (Free | Paid)

envelope printing softwares

Whether you need them for work or play, the custom envelopes you create with Dataware Envelope printer will be printed off in a flash. Envelope templates, in a variety of formats, will be sent to you. The columns for the address, names, etc. are already set up; all you need to do is fill in the blanks and print the envelope.

The ability to import pictures from the Dataware Envelope Printer’s enormous gallery is a standout function of the program. In addition, you can pick from six different sizes to find the perfect fit.

2. Tweaking Envelope Printer (Free)

envelope printing softwares

It’s a fantastic envelope printer that comes with a tonne of helpful extras. Tweaking provides a free online tool for making, editing, and printing your own personalised Envelope. The numerous parts needed to build an attractive envelope are separated at their interfaces and must be stuffed in.

The software also provides the choice to print many business cards or envelopes concurrently. In addition, a preview feature is available for checking the output before actually printing it.

3. Print Envelopes-R K Computer (Free)

envelope printing softwares

As an alternative to Microsoft Word, this tool can print letterheads and envelopes for you. One of the unique aspects of the program is that you may alter the envelope’s dimensions, pattern, colour, and other details to your liking. Print Envelopes also has an image insertion feature.

R K Computer’s envelope printing software is available at no cost for simple tasks. But subscriptions are needed for access to the more advanced features.

4. Envelope Printer (Free | Paid)

When it comes to printing out official envelopes on your Chromebook, you won’t find an easier-to-use or more convenient app than envelope printer. The capacity to print a large number of envelopes with a single command is its main selling point. It also has an integrated address book that can be searched via ZIP code lookup.

There are both free and commercial variations of software needed to print envelopes. The premium version adds features like the ability to submit images and change the font size.

5. goEnvelope (Free)

envelope printing softwares

If you need an online envelope printer that doesn’t need to be downloaded and installed, goEnvelope is a great option. It has a neatly organised user interface and provides access to various crucial envelope fields. In order to have an envelope printed with the user’s name and address, they need to provide these details.

The PDF format is supported for goEnvelope’s output. This allows for immediate printing of anything else. However, neither third-party nor user-modified templates can be imported into.

6. LibreOffice Writer (Free)

Then, we have added a powerful envelope printing program on the list with a variety of built-in templates. Using LibreOffice, you can create your own custom envelope template for repeated use. An auto-correct function in the program safeguards your privacy by preventing you from accidentally entering the same information more than once, such as an address.

LibreOffice’s auto-correct function is one of its most distinctive features, automatically fixing any spelling or grammar mistakes you make. Furthermore, the program can be downloaded and used without cost.

7. OpenOffice Writer (Free)

OpenOffice Writer is a free and open-source word processor that may be used to design and print envelopes. Since its release, it has been one of the most often used applications for producing envelopes, thanks to its intuitive design. Changing the text style, font colour, etc., and imprinting on the envelope are all possible with this program.

You can also use one of OpenOffice’s pre-designed envelope templates if you don’t have much time to design your own.


8. MS Office (Free | Paid)

We looked high and low for a better option than Microsoft Office while developing the Best Software for Printing Envelopes list, but ultimately came up empty. It’s a program package that comes with thousands of premade envelope layouts. You will also have more options for modifying and personalising the text printed upon the envelope. Subscriptions to the full version of the Microsoft programme are available once the trial period ends.


These were some of the best free envelope printing softwares for you. Let us know in the comment section below which one suits you best.

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