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9 Best Wifi Texting Apps for Android & iOS (2023)

Avoid using the default Android and iOS WiFi texting apps if you want to experience the full potential of your mobile device. In this article, we’ll go through the best wifi messaging apps that will allow you to communicate with anyone in the world at no cost. These apps allow users to communicate in numerous ways, including the exchange of text, voice notes, MMS, photos, video calls, money transfers, and much more.

Thanks to the adaptability of both Android and iOS, setting up these messaging programmes couldn’t be easier. If you’re thinking about upgrading your messaging capabilities, try this innovative wifi messaging programme that will connect you with anyone, anywhere in the world in a matter of some clicks.

Top 5 Wifi Texting Apps for iPhone & Android

Let’s cut to the chase: here is a rundown of the best cross-platform wifi texting apps. You can pick and select from these apps based on your specific requirements, such as privacy, emojis, free or paid versions, using without a phone etc.

1. Text Me

wifi texting apps

Some of the best wifi messaging apps include Text Me. There’s support for both iOS and Android devices. You can make calls, send texts, and use voicemail for free. The interface of this app is easy to use as well. I have personally analysed the functionality of this application, and it’s amazing.

After installing the app, you’ll be assigned a Real Phone number that may be used for free domestic and international calls to other users of the programme. You can also change the volume, pitch, and other aspects of the text’s sound and tone etc. Anytime you like, you can select a new phone number too. Over ten million people have already downloaded this app. Just like your inbox, Text me is also accessible from any device.

Download: Android & iOS

2. Text Plus

When it comes to the best Wifi text messaging apps, Text Plus is at the top of the list. If you’re in the US or Canada, you can message anyone via SMS or MMS for free.

Text Plus’s base pricing for both local and international calls is just 2 cents per minute, which is far lower than other premium messaging services. Hence, cheap international phone calls are now easily possible.

Additionally, it requires absolutely no hidden fees or membership costs. As a bonus, Text Plus works wonderfully on both 3G and 4G connections, giving it a really versatile utility. A limited number of ads will be included in Text plus’s free edition though. And you must upgrade to premium to disable these ads completely.

Download: Android & iOS

3. Android Messages

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It is the official Google texting (SMS, MMS) and chats (RCS) app. It is one of the most downloaded applications of messaging software ever at over a billion copies. The ad-free experience and simple interface of Android Messages are two of the app’s best features.

Sending and receiving Google Pay purchases is one of my favourite aspects of Android Messages; if you use Google Pay for your everyday transactions, you will love this app.

The ability to have your pals type and read your messages in real time is one of my favourite feature of this app. You may send high-quality films and photos to friends and family without worrying about losing image resolution.

Download: Android 

4. WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is the best instant messaging programme if you want something easy to use, that’s private and fast. It is a totally free texting app that works with any network, be it 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE or Wi-Fi. Over the past decade, I have relied heavily on WhatsApp.

It is ad-free and among the easiest texting apps out there to use. Facebook’s ownership of Whatsapp, a popular tool for sending messages, photos, videos, etc., gives the service added credibility. Chats are encrypted at all times as well.

Many individuals are fans of the programme because of the ease with which Whatsapp has facilitated file sharing. WhatsApp is a godsend for those who spend a lot of time sharing media on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. WhatsApp’s new capabilities make it easy to share your stories instantaneously on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Download: Android & iOS

5. Yaata SMS

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It’s easy to tailor this programme to your needs. You can change the settings and add your own personal touches to this app. The popularity of Yaata SMS can be attributed to its malleability and personalization. This programme merely consumes 5 MB of space despite its extensive capabilities. You should use yaata SMS if you need a reliable and rapid messaging app.

This programme meets the requirements of both beginners and specialists because of its flexible and cutting-edge features. The premium edition, which has many more features than the free one, is definitely worth the investment. While message scheduling, auto-forwarding, blacklisting, and other advanced features are all available in the paid version.

Download: Android 

6. Signal Private Messenger

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In search of a reliable and protected wifi messaging app? Then this software is just for you! Identical to Whatsapp in every way, even in the most limited environment, this tool will allow you to send and receive messages with ease. This app is completely decentralised; no one really owns it.

Signal Private Messenger was made possible by users like you and me. The absence of trackers and commercials from this programme makes it a delight to use. Signal Private Messenger is used by millions of individuals every day to send and receive high-quality messages all around the world.

Download: Android & iOS

7. Telegram

Telegram is the ideal alternative if you need a quick, powerful, reliable, secure, and cloud-based chat app. Strong encryption is included in this programme, and it’s available for no cost whatsoever.

For both private and business use, many people rely on Telegram. The straightforward features of this programme are a major perk. The best feature of this app is the ability to check your messages from any of your devices at once.

About 400 billion billion people use Telegram every day. Sharing media and files of any type and size is my second favourite function of Telegram. Since all of your chat history is kept on the cloud, it won’t take up any room on your phone as well. When it comes to Internet-based messaging programmes, none are as safe as Telegram.

Download: Android & iOS

8. WeChat

WeChat, developed by the Chinese company Tencent, is a popular messaging app. More than a billion people around the world utilise it. Not only can you use it as a chat app, but it has additional features as well. If you have trouble defining your exact location, you will love this programme because it allows you to easily share your location with the touch of a button.

Thousands of animated stickers allow you to have meaningful conversations on chat without ever having to say a word. Without downloading any additional apps, you get access to an unlimited number of third-party services without leaving the app. As mentioned above, WeChat is so much more than simply a messaging app; it also includes games, news, and the ability to send money to friends via WeChat Pay.

Download: Android & iOS

9. Facebook Messenger

I doubt you need an explanation for why this software is great, but I will do it anyway because this messaging service rocks. It’s a top contender for the title of “most utilised messaging app” worldwide.

Top-Quality Voice and Video Calls are available worldwide via Facebook’s Messenger. You may easily stay in touch with your loved ones by syncing your contacts on this messaging app.

Someone’s phone number isn’t necessary to send them a message. Colors, conversations, and other features can all be altered to suit individual tastes. Bright texting, moving stickers, and GIFs make your interaction more entertaining. Tell your friends all about your day and what you did. It is a unified messaging app.

Download: Android & iOS

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These were some of the top and most popular WiFi texting apps. Let us know in the comment section below which one is your favourite!

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