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9 Website Traffic Checker Tools for Competitor Research

Due to the increasingly competitive and expansive digital landscape, traffic checker software has grown increasingly popular.

You can count on many of the millions of other websites out there to be your rivals. There’s a lot more competition out there, despite your best efforts to ignore it. Compete head-on, conquer your fears, and do everything in your power to come out on top, whether it be in the search engine results or in the thoughts of your customers.

A traffic monitor serves this purpose well.

Finding out how your business stacks up against the competition is as simple as doing a little bit of research and seeing out how much traffic the other guys get. As a result, let’s talk about traffic estimation tools and how you could use them.

What is a traffic estimator?

To analyse the level of interest in a certain website, a web traffic checker is used. Data such as the number of visitors, where they came from (direct or indirect), how long they stayed, what keywords they used to find the page, how well optimised it is for search engines, and more are all shown here. The most common applications of traffic estimators are in the fields of market research and increasing site visits, clicks, and conversion rates.

Benefits of using a Traffic Estimator

A website that doesn’t get enough traffic will fail no matter how great its product or service is. Or, perhaps you are using the right keywords, SEO, etc., but still aren’t getting any traction. There has been no improvement in your standing relative to your rivals. This shows that the strategies used by your rivals are superior. You may improve your approach and get a leg up on the competition with the help of a traffic checker by keeping tabs on the visitors to your competitors’ websites. It serves several functions:

  • Includes statistics on the audience size, demographics, and interests.
  • You’ll see lower bounce rates and more tailored content thanks to the data-driven improvements it makes.
  • Finds the questions people are actually typing into Google and Bing so you can improve your keywords.
  • With better keywords, SEO, and appropriate posting times during the week or day, it strengthens your content strategies and engagement rates.
  • Page metrics are displayed so that you can see which pages are successful and which ones could use some work.
  • Determines the efficacy of your digital marketing methods for boosting site visitors and sales.

9 Best Website Traffic Checker Tools for Competitor Research

Now let’s take a look at the best traffic estimate tools on the market for researching the competition and boosting website visits.

1. Semrush

Do you have an interest in spying on the online activities of your rivals, potential partners, and customers? Any website’s performance can be analysed with the help of Semrush. Track metrics including domain popularity, traffic, pageviews, dwell time, and rankings. In addition, you can see how your website’s traffic stacks up against that of potential business partners or competitors.

The ratio of mobile to desktop traffic can be analysed, along with user interaction. Keep an eye on the tides and spot the next wave of leaders and influencers. Consider your potential partners and competitors’ audiences, evaluate their development, and think about what you, as a website visitor, would like to see.

Examine your current collaborations and media coverage to see where you may improve your reach to potential customers. You may use Semrush to research your competitors’ sites and find out what kinds of content they have, what their most popular services are, and what products they offer. It’s also possible to learn what sorts of digital projects your rivals are currently doing.

Find out what kinds of content and blogs are most well received, and use that information to inspire new ways of cross-promotion with related platforms. Include an evaluation of the company’s budget, a list of the most effective marketing channels, and an explanation of the nature of the partnerships, backlink providers, and affiliates used.

Determine which countries your competitors are active in and where your website’s performance and traffic stack up against theirs. It’s a smart move to assess and monitor channel-specific plans and tactics, examine traffic patterns, locate untapped areas, and learn about customer habits. You may test out the platform with a free plan.

2. Serpstat

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You can learn where your rivals’ website visitors are coming from by using Serpstat, a website analysis tool. Serpstat has made it easy as pie to access any and all data pertaining to any website, keyword, or ad.

Because keyword analysis or keyword distribution is the essential component in expanding traffic, they provide a PPC and SEO competitor analysis report. Use domain analysis tools to research your competitors’ pay-per-click and search engine optimization strategies and identify the most lucrative keyword combinations.

In addition, compare rival businesses’ websites to ensure a similar focus in the market. Discover the ranking gap using a thorough analysis report, and plan accordingly. Serpstat eliminates the need for you to juggle many programs to get the job done; all you need is this one, and you’ll get better results and have more time to devote to expansion.

Find out which content, ads, and keywords perform best in the selected market. With the help of the search engine results page (SERP) competition analyser, you may collect a detailed report on the keywords used by your top competitors. Examine data from other domains to determine which landing pages receive the most traffic, then create a list of these sites, keywords, and ideas for your niche.

Pick a plan with premium benefits starting at $55/month.

3. Sitechecker

It is important to make educated guesses about volume of visitors to competitors’ sites throughout variety of timeframes and mediums. Sitechecker lets you choose leading sites according to their rankings. Also analyze their traffic. And find out what percentage of their online traffic comes from different sources.

You may compile a list of competitors who employ sponsored adverts. And analyse the keywords that brought in the most traffic. And compare the bounce rate and session duration of each competitor. You can also check out the inbound links that led to their audience expansion.

Analysis of data can reveal the dynamics of traffic and the changes it has through over the previous six months, both of which can be used to improve the site’s visibility and attract more visitors. After researching your rivals’ websites extensively, you can then focus on improving your own. Examine the current state of your website to identify the gap. Then create a plan and put it into action to expand at a faster rate than the competition. You can choose the best plan for you, starting at $29 per month, to improve your site’s performance.

4. Similarweb

Learn what’s happening with your website in seconds with Similarweb. You may check how well your app or website is doing, learn more about your target market, find affiliate marketing opportunities, and snoop on the real competition.

You may find out how to generate more leads, engage with sales, spot fraud, and other useful information simply by keeping an eye on popular websites. For more in-depth analysis of your site’s performance, you can install the TrafficMeter plugin from Similarweb.

Get your hands on all the data you can and use that data to improve your site’s bottom line. In addition, Similarweb offers unbiased insights on how well an app or website is doing.

Having complete information allows you to formulate digital strategies based on the current state of your rivals’ online properties, allowing you to move swiftly and decisively. A specialist can tell you more about the enterprise plan, which is more advanced than the free plan, or you can use Similarweb’s free plan to get started right away.

5. Ahrefs

Among the best web traffic checker is Ahrefs, which provides a reliable estimate of visits to any given page or website. You can use Site Explorer to look at the statistics of any website’s paid and organic traffic.

Check out the chart to see whether more people are visiting the site from your region or elsewhere. To boost website traffic, you should try to figure out what your competitors are doing right by analysing their successful websites. If you want to expand your business, you can also track how many people visit each page on your site.

Find out how much traffic each keyword brings in and which keywords are responsible for your competitor’s traffic growth. You can use this information to find additional keywords to use in your SEO strategy. You may also try getting ideas for your own search advertising from their ad wording.

The Batch Analysis Tool allows you to check up to 200 websites at once. You can master the strategy for acquiring large traffic with quick connections and potent keywords even if you are not a marketing expert when you begin your search.Stay bewildered? Get started with $7 for a trial and start studying data in real time. Pick a package that works for your company starting at $99 per month.

6. Alexa

Using the Alexa checker, you may undertake competitive analysis and enhance website traffic. Alexa can help you understand a website’s strengths, weaknesses, and marketing potential. If you know the URL of a website, you can use this tool to find out how to boost its organic traffic in a variety of ways.

Here’s your chance to find out which search terms are actually being used to drive traffic, spark creativity for future content, and form a sound plan of action. Competitive benchmarking involves analysing your website’s traffic acquisition strategies in relation to those of your online competitors.

Alexa Rank, referral sources, engagement metrics, and other analytics will all be tracked and reported to you.

Alexa may give you insight into your audience, letting you know what they want, what they’re searching for, and what they enjoy reading about. Simply by adding the extension to your browser, you’ll have instant access to a free analysis of any of the millions of websites you visit. The $149/month premium plan includes a free trial period of 14 days and more features.

7. SpyFu

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SpyFu gives you unlimited access to PPC and SEO data, exposing your competitors’ hidden strategy. You can run a search for the domain name and see every time it has appeared in a search engine in the previous 15 years, along with every Google Ads keyword, ad version, and organic search ranking.

Find out how to make contact with these domains and track down lead generation strategies using both offline and online methods (email, phone, address, social media, etc.). A website’s entirety can be found, or at least its majority. SpyFu offers guidance that you may use to direct your Google Ads and SEO efforts.

Your SEO rankings on Yahoo, Bing, and Google can also be monitored. Develop solid relationships with reliable people in order to generate leads and make strategic partnerships. You can also do smart PPC competitor research by downloading their complete PPC keyword list, analysing the number of clicks and costs associated with those keywords, and learning from your rivals’ mistakes.

Keep an eye out for new competitors, as well as any shifts in ad spending over time, by keeping tabs on every website that places a bid on Google Ads. In addition, by entering your domain name, you may see which of your major competitors have already acquired the most important Google Ads keywords, while you haven’t. In addition, they recommend negative PPC matches to assist you save money on keywords for which your rivals have already failed to rank.

Additionally, you will be provided with a PPC ad Rank tracker to keep tabs on how well your ads are doing and how many times specific keywords are being displayed to users. Analysing competitors’ SEO keywords, spying on SEO competition, doing a multi-competitor keyword search, viewing ranking history, generating branded client reports, verifying backlinks, and engaging in influencer marketing are just a few of the many SEO research skills available.

Numerous keyword research tools exist, each with its own set of benefits: they may help you generate and organize keywords, learn how to effectively use them, find the most lucrative keyword for your content, analyse SERPs, and much more. You can refine a custom domain list in many ways, such by location, sector, visitors, money spent on ads, platform, or social network platform. There are no contracts or other barriers to using SpyFu, so downloading and searching are both free and unfettered. Membership starts at $33/month.

8. Website IQ

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The data provided by Website IQ is reliable and applicable to any website. You can use the reports’ nine or more years’ worth of data, charts showing growth and comparison, social media activity, and organic keywords to optimize your website and attract more visitors.

Whether you’re an online marketer, business owner, or investor, you can quickly search websites based on your specialty, assess the gap, and make educated decisions. You can find links that bring in more traffic by looking into relevant publishers.

When you learn what search terms bring visitors to your site, you can leverage that information to generate more leads. If you look up the domain name, you’ll find just about all you need to know about expanding your business.

With Website IQ, you can choose between a free plan with limited capabilities or a Pro plan with unlimited features for only $29.95 per month. Group discounts are available, and you can save money by creating your own plan.

9. Worth Of Web

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Learn more about the site’s anticipated earnings, value, number of monthly visitors, Alexa position, and more with the help of Worth Of Web’s website valuation tool. They start with information about the site’s audience’s traffic volume and use Alexa’s traffic rank to continue their investigation. You may learn a lot about a website’s business model by looking at its advertising.

The algorithm’s results could not be perfect because they rely on unreliable public rating systems. However, you can get an appropriate price from them if you want to buy or sell digital property like websites, domains, items, etc.

With only one click, you may find the desired domain, start learning the differences, and direct increasing traffic there to make a sizable profit. Because of this, you’ll be able to choose an effective course of action and progress.

What qualities should a traffic checker have?

It can be difficult to locate a reliable traffic checker method. If you don’t have a firm grasp of digital marketing fundamentals, you shouldn’t even bother with this option. If you’re going to use a traffic lookup tool, you should think about the following things first:

Organic traffic

Optimization for search engines should be a primary priority for any business or website that relies heavily on organic traffic. In this case, it is best to employ a traffic checker tool tailored toward search engine optimization, like SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc.


Choose a traffic lookup tool that places a premium on paid ads if sponsored web traffic is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. Furthermore, it should evaluate the advertising and marketing strategies of rival firms. Helpful tools include SimilarWeb.

Customer demographics

Before deciding on a traffic calculator, it’s important to take into account the typical user. Using analytics services like Alexa, you can learn more about the user profiles of your competitors’ customers and better tailor your marketing efforts to appeal to that group.


The efficiency of your plans can be improved by learning about the advantages and disadvantages of your rivals. In-depth knowledge of the competition, direction for digital marketing initiatives, and an uptick in site visitors are all facilitated by the web traffic checker tools discussed in this article.

You may reach new clients, increase sales, grow company, and stay at forefront of your field by doing so. You should select a traffic checker system that is optimal for your company. Depending on the services you provide and the people who frequent your establishment select it.

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