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Best Free Games on Steam

The prices of games on Steam seems to be rising daily, but is it necessary to pay when there are so many excellent games available for no cost at all? If you’re looking for some free games to play on Steam, these are the best options.

Steam, with its collection of more than 50,000 games, is, without a question, the most widely used digital game archive. Please think of any potential games you can think of. It’s likely that the game you’re looking for, along with several others in the same genre, can be found on Steam. The platform’s flexibility and ease of use are what draw Steam’s daily user base of millions.

7 Best Free Games on Steam for Gamers Out There

Steam has a huge library of games from every genre, but many of them are rather expensive. But if you want to have a great time on Steam, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Popular games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Dota 2 are just some of the numerous free games available on Steam. The best free Steam games that won’t break the bank are as follows:

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Most newer video games have a “peak,” or point in their lifecycles, when the most people are actively using the product. In certain cases, a game’s popularity peaks soon after its release, and then declines as players move on to other titles.

Just think about how rare it is for a game to last for twenty years or more, much less grow in popularity throughout that time. For the past twenty years or more, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) has been the go-to first-person shooter for millions of players around the world.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a free first-person shooter (FPS) multiplayer game on Steam that features incredible action between terrorists and security forces. You can compete with other players in a wide number of game modes, such as competitive, wingman, casual, and deathmatch. Some of the best-designed maps in CS: GO include Dust, Inferno, Nuke, Train, and many others.

If you’re playing a first-person shooter from the past two decades on a modern gaming system, you can probably count on a frame rate of over 200 frames per second. Some players even utilize it to flaunt their PC’s blistering frame rate (FPS) benchmark results. Whatever your use case, CS: GO can never fail to delight the gamer in you, and you can always jump into a 30-point session whenever the mood strikes.

Specifications for Playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on a Personal Computer

In part, CS: GO’s low system requirements may be traced back to its release date in the early 2000s. In fact, there is a saying in the gaming community that says CS: GO can run on a potato, much less the advanced hardware of today (CS: GO can run smoothly on any device with over 2GB RAM, 256 MB of graphic memory, and 15 GB disk space according to the official system requirements by Valve).

2. PUBG: Battlegrounds

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While the first game on our list has been hugely popular for a long time, the second game, PUBG: Battlegrounds, reached these heights only a few days after its release. The gaming community responded enthusiastically to PUBG’s release in 2017 thanks to the game’s innovative genre and positive word of mouth. There was previously no such thing as a “Battle Royale” game before PUBG came along and created it.

You and 99 other players parachute out of an airplane onto an island stocked with weapons and supplies. You can choose to compete as part of a four-person team, a couple, or solo. As soon as you and your squad arrive on the island, you’ll have to start hunting down the other squads and wiping them out before you can stock up on weapons and medical supplies.

Plus, as the game progresses, the field gets smaller, increasing the tension and tempo. In order to win the chicken supper, your team must constantly move and eliminate the other teams.

Krafton has just changed its revenue plan and made the PC version of PUBG free, despite the fact that the game has traditionally been a paid product. If you have Steam, you can play the original battle royale for free and have a blast with your pals.

System Requirements for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG: Battlegrounds has high system requirements because to its high quality graphics and mechanics. According to the official requirements page, PUBG needs 8 GB of RAM, DirectX 11 and a graphics card capable of running at least 2 GB of video memory (VRAM) and a stable internet connection. Take note that these are the bare minimums needed to run the game; for a more fluid gaming experience, 16GB of RAM and a GTX 1060/Radeon RX 580 with 4GB VRAM or above are suggested.

3. Apex Legends

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Apex Legends comes in third on this list. The free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends can be downloaded from the Steam store, but it’s quite different from PUBG: Battlegrounds. Every player in PUBG arrives on the island with nothing and must quickly find supplies. Apex Legends’ protagonists transcend beyond mere movement, a feature absent from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Apex Legends lets you pick your hero at any point, and each one has special skills that can’t be found with any other player. This game has a long roster of excellent characters of both sexes, and learning more about them is a major part of what keeps players interested.

There will be a total of 19 additional teams of three in the game. Before the match, you can always exchange characters to increase your squad’s offensive and defensive options. After that, you and your team will board a plane and be given the option to land wherever you like. Each group looks around the island for weapons and other items they’ll need to last as long as possible. The only way to win is for your team to be the only one standing after all the other teams have been eliminated.

The number of people playing Apex Legends keeps growing, and it’s still one of the most downloaded free games on Steam. Apex Legends’ skyrocketing popularity has opened the door for the game to become a serious streaming contender.

Specifications for Playing Apex Legends on a Personal Computer

Apex Legends’ recommended system specs are 6 GB RAM, DirectX 11 (or higher), a Radeon HD 7770/ GT 640, or a Radeon HD 7790/ GT 640 for the best experience. For seamless gaming, 8 GB of RAM and a Radeon R9 290/ GTX 970 graphics card are required minimums.

4. Destiny 2

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Sure! Whether you prefer fast-paced shooters like Counter-Strike or battle royale games like Apex Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, online multiplayer games are fun for everyone. Having a game with a great story and interesting characters makes for a memorable gaming experience.

The Destiny games are among the greatest in their genre because of their fantastic story and well-known cast of characters. While games with a compelling plot are a lot of fun, there is a major downside: the story must come to an end at some point, and going back to it is boring unless you really like the game.

Most video games with a plot have a set plot and set of objectives. No matter how massive the story may be, Destiny 2 is the only game in which it does not end when all missions are accomplished. The story of Destiny 2 is dynamic and constantly developing. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter fresh developments in the story that will keep you interested. There is, however, a catch to this rising trend: the learning curve is exceptionally high for newbies.

In terms of the game’s mechanics, you’ll have to create a character after picking out their race and other attributes. In Destiny, each player character has a class and a subclass that reveal additional information about their main character’s access to magic. These abilities will help you progress through the game.

Prerequisites for Playing Destiny 2 on a Personal Computer

The base requirements for playing Destiny 2 are a GTX 660/GTX 1050 with 2 GB of VRAM or greater, 6 GB of RAM, and 105 GB of disk space. However, 8GB or more of RAM and a GTX 970 with 4GB or more of VRAM will yield better results.

5. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

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If you’re looking for a solid gaming experience on a low-end PC with restricted graphical capabilities, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel could be the game for you. Yu-Gi-Oh! was a widely played card game before the widespread adoption of video games and the computerization of gaming; today only gaming purists retain any familiarity with the game. Once upon a time, Yu-Gi-Oh! was more widespread than even recent fads like Pokémon, and uncommon Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. The game’s popularity plummeted as video game consoles became the next big thing.

When you play Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, a free-to-play Steam game, you may relive your nostalgia for classic video games from your youth while also enjoying some of the advantages of modern gaming. You can put your trading card game skills to the test by competing in online duels against other players of a similar skill level.

This game has a challenging learning curve and may leave you feeling weary when first starting to play compared to the other titles on our list. Creators of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Thankfully, has included lessons and hints all over the place, so it seems like they are aware of the game’s steep learning curve. In addition, the game’s Solo Mode can be used to study the history of each Yu-Gi-Oh! people who pop up in your life.

As was mentioned before, the game is not as hardware-demanding as the best free Steam games. You can play Yu-Gi-Oh! games with 8GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics 620.

6. War Thunder

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Warfare has been a major influence on human development, especially the two World Wars. In War Thunder, you’ll be able to relive the events of World War II with all the precision and power of the weapons of the era. You get to pick your country and then have to tactically plan your land, sea, and air attacks to win the game. Your eyes do not deceive you; yes, you read that accurately! War Thunder’s gameplay reflects reality in three distinct ways: naval battles, aerial dogfights, and tank warfare on the land.

In terms of gameplay, you can select from more than 2,000 vehicles utilized during the war, representing nine different countries’ worth of WWII involvement. You can level up by racking up battle victories and silver money. In the long run, you can use these coins to get better vehicles and weapons.

The game’s Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) label means you can face off against an extensive network of other players from across the world. The BR (Battle Ratings) system is used by the developers to evaluate your character’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to those of other players. To further ensure that players constantly encounter opponents with similar equipment, the game limits battles to just those with similar BR.

System Requirements for War Thunder

War Thunder was launched in 2013, therefore a GTX 660 and 4 GB of RAM are sufficient for playing the game on low settings. The game also requires 17 GB of storage space. Maximum performance is achieved with an unprecedented 16 GB of RAM, a GTX 1060, and 95 GB of storage, as recommended by the developers.

7. Dota 2

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The Dota series is among the most widely played video games of all time because of its exciting gameplay and fascinating cast of characters. Like League of Legends, it involves two teams of five players battling it out online to see who can claim the most territory. Dota’s core concept is straightforward: using originality to increase your team’s power and triumph over the other side. And, of course, watch out for attacks from your opponent.

The Dota 2 map is split into two halves, with Radiant on the left and Dire on the right. A river that cuts across the map at an angle can be reached from either bank through one of three roads.

Each hero in Dota 2 has their own special set of superhuman abilities that let them stand out from the competition. When compared to other games, Dota 2 has an unparalleled roster of playable heroes, with over a hundred to choose from.

Specs Your PC Needs to Play Dota 2

Dota 2 is playable on systems with 4 GB of RAM, a graphics card capable of running GeForce 9600/Radeon HD3600, and at least 15 GB of free space on the hard drive.


Steam is the largest video game collection available online, and it features some of gaming’s all-time best titles. Some of the best free games, like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, are also included in the collection. You may find a ranked list of the most played free Steam games on the previous page.

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