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7 Best Free IQ Tests Online (2024)

As the level of competition rises in every profession, it is significant than ever to take stock of one’s strengths and weaknesses. One of the most fundamental measures of a person’s intelligence is their IQ.On the other hand, IQ tests can give you a pretty accurate picture of how smart you are and how well you solve problems. Realizing this will allow you to make significant strides toward optimising your learning and daily routines. The best free IQ tests available online are listed in this article.

7 Best Free IQ Tests Online

So let’s get started with the best free IQ tests for you.

1. Free-IQTest.net


There are only 20 multiple-choice questions, making this a very easy and uncomplicated IQ test. To get started, just enter your date of birth. Your age is requested because it is a factor in determining your intelligence quotient (IQ).

Primarily, modern IQ tests do not use a combination of your mental and chronological ages, so this is an antiquated method of gauging intelligence. However, age is a major factor, and your position on the bell curve will become clear after taking this test.

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2. Personality Test

Personality Test

According to a recent study, exercising one’s working memory can lead to an improvement in IQ. Currently, most problem-solving data resides in working memory, which can be strengthened by mental practise.

To reach one’s full potential, it is not enough to hone one’s memory skills by honing in on one’s IQ alone; rather, one must work on improving themselves in every way. Because of this, this site have incorporated a personality assessment. Lastly, an in-depth knowledge of one’s own character is a great springboard for development.

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3. Brain Metrix

Brain Metrix

It is possible to finish Brain Metrix, another fun IQ exam, in roughly 15 minutes. There are only 20 questions on this rather short and easy test. This IQ test is unique in that there is no time limit attached to it. The test is designed to be finished in one sitting. The fact that no identifying data is needed to take this test is definitely a plus. No personal information, including age and email address, is required for this evaluation. In general, it’s a great option for individuals who’d rather stay out of trouble.

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4. Fun Education

Fun Education

If you want reliable IQ test results, one of the best options is Fun Education. The website’s best feature is the availability of separate IQ tests for users aged 17, under and adults, allowing for more precise results.

The test is wordy and focuses mainly on verbal reasoning, with some spatial reasoning questions thrown in for good measure. You might want to look elsewhere if you’re a serious fan of visually-based quizzes. Getting the results usually involves filling out a short form.

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5. IQ Exam

IQ Exam; best free iq tests

Following this, there will be a 25-question IQ test in this one. Like many previous IQ tests, users are only allotted 60 seconds to answer each question and are not allowed to use any writing implements (including a calculator).

Virginia Tech University is in charge of this exam, and if you happen to be a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the platform can even mail you your score reports. A word of caution, though: these examinations are not mandated anywhere and serve only to satisfy your personal curiosity. You can take this test if you’re serious about the subject.

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6. Genius Tests

Genius Tests; best free iq tests

Genius Tests is among the best choices if you wish to take a wide range of IQ tests, both short and long. The platform includes multiple examinations for different people, and there are some good questions there.

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7. IQ Test Prep

IQ Test Prep; best free iq tests

It’s crucial to know that you should only take an IQ test once in your life. If you want to improve your IQ test result, all you have to do is take the test again. So, go here if you’re looking for a wide range of IQ tests.

There are many IQ tests included, covering the years 2018 through 2022. Users can benefit from the site’s short- and long-form intelligence tests.

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For a long time, people’s intelligence has been measured via IQ tests (to put it simply). But some psychologists believe it’s not true, because they don’t account for things like emotional intelligence and creativity. But testing one’s IQ can be fun as well as educating. So we suggest you to give these a try.

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