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12 Best Voice Changer for Discord, Games, PC, Mobile, and More…

If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably used Discord to talk to your buddies while you play online. In this article, we’ll go over soem of the top voice changer programs for your amazing gaming experience. But for the benefit of those who aren’t familiar with Discord, let’s give a quick overview.

What is Discord?

If you’re looking for a free, cross-platform app that lets you talk to people, go no further than Discord. For this reason, helping gamers is Discord’s top priority as a project. Users are given a great deal of agency when deciding with whom to communicate in a group setting.

Discord users can choose from a wide variety of chat servers. While the vast majority of Discord servers are dedicated to gaming in some capacity, it is far from being the platform’s only usage.

If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably seen that many streams and pro players use voice changers in addition to their other gaming gear. You might be wondering why this is the situation right now. So let’s investigate this further.

Why do Gamers use Voice-Changing Programs?

Adding speech effects or playing pre-recorded sounds is the main reason gamers and streamers utilise voice changer softwares. But this is not the only reason why people like using voice changers.

Some people use a voice changer because they want to remain anonymous while interacting with others online. It’s used by some people as a means of passing as another gender.

12 Best Voice Changer Programs for Discord Users

Some of the best voice changers for use on Discord and other services are mentioned below.

1. Murf

Taking your narration from a home recording to a professional studio recording will require some major adjustments. With Murf’s help, you won’t have to worry about distractions or ambient noise. You don’t need expensive recording gear to sound like a pro.

Murf uses sophisticated AI technologies to produce excellent voiceovers. In just a few easy steps, you can record professional-sounding voiceovers and presentations even if you don’t have access to fancy recording gear.

Murf’s best feature is the ability to edit and transcribe a recorded voice. Also, don’t fret if you stumble over a word or two in the recording process.

In order to make updates to your script, you can transcribe it and then make the changes in the transcription itself. The changes you made to the recording will now be audible when you play it again.

You can also emulate any of the more than a hundred different AI voices with Murf Studio. As soon as the script is added, you can choose a pre-recorded voiceover performed by a computer. Moreover, if your script calls for more than one voice but no actors are available, you can add as many as necessary.


  • Correct any grammatical errors in your script
  • Get rid of filler words to make a more conversational recording
  • Perfectly align your video and audio
  • Remove or muffle any distracting sounds from the recording
  • Slow down, speed up, or change your voice’s pitch and volume
  • Enables you to make the best possible voiceover under any circumstance

2. Voicemod

Voicemod Voicelab

When it comes to voice changers, Voicemod is among the best. There are many different apps and games that support real-time voice effects, such as Discord, Skype, TeamSpeak, and many more; and there are even more games, such as Fortnite, Among Us, Minecraft, CS: GO, Valorant, League of Legends, etc.

With Voicemod, you may modify your voice to that of a man, a woman, a robot, or anyone else you can think of in seconds. It’s also noteworthy that Voicemod works with a wide variety of other applications, including Audacity, Twitch, Elgato Stream Deck, Omegle, and Streamlabs OBS.

Changes to the voice can be made to suit personal preferences. If you’re a fan of a certain celebrity or performer, you can imitate their voice with auto-tune. The program offers a wide variety of SFX to spice up your gaming and communication.

The Soundboard allows you to create and save your own unique sound effects, allowing you to play the perfect sound at the perfect time. Both pre-loaded and user-uploaded files are available for your perusal. Whether you’re playing Valorant, Apex Legends, Rocket League, or any other game, this will improve it immensely.

After exploring everything that Voicemod has to offer, creating your own speech filters is all that is left to accomplish. You can trust Voicemod entirely because it provides a wide variety of high-quality voice-altering effects. When you use Voicemod, you can create a new voice for yourself.


  • Voicemod’s impressive features can be put to use in a wide variety of contexts. The following are examples of some of them:
  • Improved video streaming software that can add special effects and edit the content
  • Audio communications sent via instant messaging apps will feature shocking effects
  • Real-time augmented reality (AR) and face filter software that uses a different voice for the same face
  • Enhance your next Zoom meeting with these useful meeting and call applications
  • Allows you to have fun with your pals over video chat by using the appropriate sound effect at the appropriate time

3. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition

Users’ awe at Adobe’s innovations is endless. Find your voice and tweak it with Adobe Audition’s voice effects. You can completely transform the sound using this voice-changing program, or use it to impersonate a different persona. It has a wide range of applications, from video games to radio commercials to podcasts.

An animated voice may liven up a podcast, while a deeper voice effect can provide depth. All of the stackable effects are listed under the Effects tab. Up to sixteen perfectly tuned voices can be added to a single audio clip.


  • Reducing or increasing the volume of the original audio
  • Esses frequency can be adjusted with the Vocal Enhancer effect
  • Use of an echo
  • Make your voice sound like it is coming from a dark and smoky bar or the judge’s chamber by using the Reverb effect
  • Change the note pitches by using the Automatic Pitch Correction effect

4. Voice Changer


If you want to add effects to your voice or change how it sounds, give Voice Changer a try. How you use your voice is entirely up to you. Many other modifications to one’s voice are available as well.

To do this, all you need is a microphone and a computer with microphone recording capabilities. To upload pre-recorded audio to the online tool, you need to find the file on your computer. The next thing to do after uploading audio is to choose the voice effect you want to use.

A number of different voices and voices effects are available for your selection. One of the features that sets this web software distinctive is its ability to convert the text you enter into spoken language. As a result, you may tailor the output to your preferences by choosing from three different voices and settings.


  • You have the option of adopting either an alien or robotic voice

5. Clownfish Voice Changer


When it comes to voice-changing software for Windows, Clownfish Voice Changer is without peer. This program will be set up on every computer in the network. Every single app using a microphone or similar audio-gathering tool will be impacted. Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak, Viber, Steam, and so on will all modify your voice accordingly. To that end, Clownfish offers a wide variety of foley features. Some of the most widely enjoyed voice effects include the following:

  • Alien
  • Robot
  • Mutation
  • Male Pitch
  • Clone
  • Female Pitch
  • Baby Pitch

Your preferences will guide your decision. In addition to this feature, Clownfish Voice Changer offers a wide variety of others. With Voice assistant, you may have your content read aloud to you in a variety of voices by selecting them from a menu. Any one of several stored sounds can be triggered by pressing a shortcut key in the Sound Player.

6. Voice Changer with Effects

This android platform supports a free app called Voice Changer with Effects. It’s nice to use, and it works well. Using your smartphone, you can make yourself sound like an alien or as if you’ve accidentally ingested helium or something.

Either new audio can be recorded within the app itself, or existing audio can be uploaded. This is where you’ll be able to adjust the sound settings and add any special touches. The modified version is now transferable to any platform, so you may use it on Discord, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. You’ll learn its ins and outs after putting it to use.

7. Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer Plus

When it comes to mobile devices, Voice Changer Plus is cross-platform, working with Apple’s iOS and macOS. The ability to hear one’s own voice backwards is a unique function of this software.

Additionally, it has the ability to record whatever you want with the tap of a finger. There are 55 distinct voices to choose from when playing back the same audio. The software provides tools for altering one’s voice, and it also lets users shorten recordings.

The program accepts prerecorded audio files, which can then be modified with a number of filters. As a result, if the sound has already been recorded, there’s no pressing need to capture it again.

8. MorphVOX Pro

Now that you have MorphVOX Pro, changing your voice is as easy as pressing a button. Its cutting-edge hardware allows for a wide range of configurations, such as suppression of background noise, enhanced audio quality, and powerful voice-learning features.

Explore MorphVOX Pro’s core capabilities given below by trying them out:

  • Compilation of original and uncensored opinions
  • Custom voice can be made by combining existing voices in different ways
  • Multiple free sound collections
  • Make a variety of ambiences by pressing the appropriate shortcut keys on the soundboard
  • Complement the scene with some background music and sound effects
  • Methods for Improving the Quality of Play in Online Games
  • An Enhanced Algorithm for Voice Modification

The voice changer features advanced noise reduction technology, so that even ambient noise is eliminated. You can simply fool your friends into thinking you are stuck in traffic by including some car horns in the background as well. You are able to perfectly imitate the accent of the person you are playing. Now you may decide whether you’d rather be a mighty giant or a grumpy dwarf. If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of voice manipulation, Advanced MorphVOX Pro has a tonne of resources to help you do it.

9. Accusonus Voice Changer

It’s possible to sound like anyone you want with the help of the Accusonus Voice Changer. Using soundscapes created with voice effects is a great way to unleash your creativity. Accusonus has made a voice changer for Mac and Windows computers that is quick, reliable, and simple to use. The voices of your characters, if there are more than one, should all be different. This software has the potential to yield a wide range of sounds, including those of babies and monsters as well as artificial intelligence and aliens. Use the program’s stock voices or create custom voice samples for your characters with minimal effort.

It only takes a few clicks to apply effects in Accusonus. This program can add the sound of a car radio or a walkie-talkie conversation. To discover the best setting for your content, simply select the appropriate effect and tweak it using the on-screen slider.

Accusonus Voice Changer can let you imitate the echoes of a cave or the roar of a stadium. You can adjust the environmental settings to improve the mountain echo effects. The ambient, effect, and character voice modifiers allow you to create your own own preset voice effect. An infinite number of tones can be produced with just three different tunings.

10. AV Voice Changer

AV Voice ChangerModify your voice completely with the help of the AV Voice Changer. You have the option of changing the pitch to make the voice sound more feminine, younger, older, deeper, or higher. A ideal voice combination can be created by you and is always available for use and adjustment.

The AV Voice Changer’s cutting-edge technology allows for seamless integration with the vast majority of VoIP applications like Skype, Discord, Twitch, and Steam, as well as a wide variety of video games like Valorant, CS:GO, Apex Legends, and more.

Among the many features this program offers are a Voice Editor, Voice Morpher, Voice Recorder, File Morpher, Voice Analyzer, Parody Mixer, Hotkey, and Voice Comparator.


  • Consider a handful of the most salient features given below:
  • Alter Your Voice
  • Different vocal characteristics, voice-enhancement tools, and other advanced controls allow you to completely alter your voice
  • Easily navigate between your many nickvoices with just a few keystrokes by assigning them to dedicated hotkeys

Over a hundred nickvoices are at your disposal, and you can add your own. Shortcut keys allow you to quickly cycle through the various settings presets. Create your own parody with the aid of Parody mixer. It’s possible to make up your own parody voice by imitating existing ones and combining them with others.

11. Voice Changer for Android


You need access to the voice-changing feature even if you’re using a smartphone. With the help of Voice Changer for Android, you can modify the voice of any recorded audio file, and the app also features a voice recorder, voice editor, and auto-tune.

When applying an effect, you can choose from more than fifteen different voice-altering options. You can use this app on your mobile device to make your voice seem more professional with auto-tune or to incorporate animal sounds into your recordings. The audio recording tool allows for the recording of audio files with bit rates between 32 and 320 kbps.

Those who value singing and recording above all else will be particularly taken with the auto-tune and voice-changing features. You can use the voice synthesiser to record your voice and hear how it sounds in the presentation before you give it.

The ability to convert text to speech is a very useful feature of this user-friendly voice changer. Presets for the voice effects can be chosen based on individual taste.

This music composition software has several features that help your voice seem clearer and more professional, so you can expect to have a good time using it to create new songs. As a result, you may want to consider letting your friends listen to the recorded sounds.

12. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer

If basic voice customization is of interest, then Voxal Voice Changer is the app for you. There are a wide variety of voice-editing features available in the free edition. The tool has a wide variety of outstanding default voice settings for male and female voices, robots, aliens, and more.

You can start recording new audio files right away, or you can use the program to modify existing audio recordings. The program is easy to use despite the fact that there are many sophisticated choices for changing your voice in Discord, Skype, Valorant, and other apps.

People use this simple voice-changing program so they may play games in secret. People use this voice changer even while streaming on numerous platforms.


Voice changers are fantastic fun if you enjoy audio recording or livestreaming. You can maintain your identity while using the voice-changing methods discussed above. Then why are you hesitating? Locate the one that caters to your needs and get it for your system.

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