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8 Best Thermal Imaging Camera Apps for Android / iOS (2024)

Lots of you probably wonder what it’s like out there as the sun goes down. Anyone who is truly interested wishes they had some way to see in the dark while out and about. But unlike regular cameras and binoculars, infrared ones aren’t small enough to fit in your pocket. The use of thermal imaging camera apps is helpful in these kinds of circumstances.

These programs mimic the functionality of expensive professional night vision equipment and are accessible for free to download. The thermal camera app creates convincing thermal photos using your phone’s camera. However, the accuracy of an application may not match that of a dedicated camera. The thermal camera apps, on the other hand, have an impressive ability to spoof.

Top 8 Thermal Imaging Camera Apps in 2024

Eight of the top thermal camera simulation apps for Android and iOS have been compiled by us in this article.

1. Night Vision Thermal Camera

Night Vision Thermal Camera

With this app’s powerful flashlight, you’ll have no trouble seeing even in the dark. Using the Night Vision Thermal Camera also leads to better picture quality. Both regular and infrared filters can be used to enhance heat-detection photos.

Unlike many other programs, the Night Vision Thermal Camera software also features a filming mode. Because of its useful functions, the software has been downloaded almost a million times.

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2. Seek Thermal


Seek Thermal

Seek Thermal is a great option if you’re looking for a thermal camera, a bright flashlight, and night vision all in one convenient app for your smartphone. Multiple filters are available to adjust the colour of your photos. Many filters also have adjustable parameters such as brightness, colour, contrast, etc.

The speed at which Seek Thermal processes images is unrivalled in the industry. Furthermore, it works with both iOS and Android devices.

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The camera sensors are the best in the business, combining night vision and infrared vision. FLIR ONE offers top-notch, seemingly real-world image quality. It makes use of the smartphone’s camera and applies a number of digital filters to the captured image.

The program can take pictures with a honey bee effect and an ultraviolet light as well as with night vision and infrared. FLIR ONE’s photorealistic results will surely blow your mind.

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4. Thermal Camera FX: HD Effects Simulation

Thermal Camera FX: HD Effects Simulation

One of the most popular uses for infrared cameras is with Thermal Camera FX. In addition to being on the list of 500 one-of-a-kind items, it has also won multiple awards. The program allows the user to snap a picture or video at any given moment and also displays the user’s current temperature.

Regular images can be converted to infrared with the use of built-in digital filtering tools. In addition, the application features a robust flashlight for taking photos in low light.

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5. Thermal Camera Illusion And Flashlight

Thermal Camera Illusion And Flashlight

Taking thermal and infrared pictures with your phone’s camera is now easier than ever with this incredible app. Infrared thermal vision is mimicked in Thermal Camera Illusion and Flashlight with the use of shading techniques. Therefore, it will have a variety of filters to choose from, each of which will alter the look of your photos in its own special way.

You may use the volume controls to adjust the zoom on your phone’s camera, thanks to this app. In addition, the program allows you to instantly share the photos you take to your various social media profiles.

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6. VR Thermal & Night Vision FX

VR Thermal & Night Vision FX

Infrared footage can be transmitted directly from your smartphone with the help of Virtual Reality Thermal & Night Vision FX. It contains a feature that processes images in real time, allowing it to capture exciting moments as they are happening. It also has the ability to convert regular pictures into infrared or night vision pictures.

VR Thermal & Night Vision FX can record infrared and night vision footage, and it can also add effects to the footage, such as changing the contrast, colour, saturation, etc. These features combine to make it a top contender among Android thermal camera apps.

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7. Night Vision Flashlight Thermo

Night Vision Flashlight Thermo

This thermal camera application has been downloaded over one million times. In real time, the Night Vision Flashlight Thermo creates the effect of a thermal camera thanks to its specialised filters. Night Vision Flashlight Thermo allows you to trick your friends by showing them ordinary images enhanced with thermal sensing.

The app’s infrared night vision mode allows photography even when it’s dark outside, thanks to its thermal sensors. But remember that this is just a computer program and not the actual thing.

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8. True Night Vision

True Night Vision

True Night Vision is an iOS-exclusive thermal camera. The camera’s infrared (IR) detector is activated, allowing it to see any and all sources of heat in the dark. That’s why the camera on your iPhone can give you a clear look at everything close by.

All iPhone owners can download this app at no cost. To date, Android phones have lacked support for true night vision.

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These were some of the best thermal imaging camera apps. Let us know in the comment section below which one is your favourite.

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