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How to Create Application Architecture Diagram Online?

Create a professional-looking software or application architecture design in seconds with the help of these softwares mentioned below.

Creating an application architecture diagram is one of the primary responsibilities of IT project managers and architects. It may be an application flow diagram, an infrastructure diagram, or a software design.

Microsoft Visio is one of the most used diagramming programs. However, it is costly, which may not appeal to small businesses or startups.

13 Apps to Create Application Architecture Diagram Online

Hence, the following Application architecture web tools enable layout creation without the need to install software.

1. Lucidchart

YouTube video

Lucidchart is freemium, and the free plan includes basic capabilities but is sufficient for getting started. More than 100 preset templates are available in the following categories.

  • Network Infrastructure for Network
  • Mindmap Engineering
  • Business evaluation
  • Sitemap Org chart
  • Flowchart, Wireframe, and More…

2. Creately


You can create one project and five diagrams with Creately’s free account. Creately allows you to create flowcharts, organizational charts, wireframes, network diagrams, and infographics, among other things. It is entirely drag-and-drop, making it simple to create an infrastructure diagram or flowchart.


draw-diagram-type facilitates the creation of flowcharts and other diagrams with a variety of forms to accurately represent your infrastructure. There are over 50 predefined templates to help you get started in a variety of categories.

  • Go to
  • Select the location where the schematics will be saved.
  • Click the “New Diagram” button.
  • Enter the name of the file and then click Create.

Begin flow design by dragging and dropping shared from the left navigation. If you are unable to locate the shared, try searching for it.

  • Once you are done, click on File >> Export.

Select the desired file type and you’re done. You can see that it is simple, and the greatest part is that it is FREE!

4. Terrastruct


It is a software architectural diagramming application. Terrastruct, unlike other diagramming tools that generate static graphics, allows you to communicate the complexity of your software designs. You can layer your diagram according to the level of abstraction and define scenarios to describe each edge case.


  • Multidimensional diagrams
  • Autolayout
  • Unique Github integration that transforms README into a graphical presentation.
  • Live cooperation
  • Massive icon collection particular to software diagrams
  • Diagrams protected by a password
  • Team functions such as template sharing and image uploads.

5. Gliffy


Gliffy is a terrific drawing tool, which enables you to make different forms of a diagram including Flow Chart, Org Chart, Venn Diagram, Wireframe, Mindmap, Network design, etc. The UI resembles that of However, I see more colored forms, which is really useful and visually appealing.

  • Go to
  • Click “BEGIN DRAWING.”

After dragging and dropping the necessary shapes from the left menu, you can export the file to your desktop in PNG, JPG, SVG, or Gliffy format.

6. Edraw Max

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Edraw Max, which is utilized by Samsung, Dell, and IBM, may assist you build a graphic presentation in few minutes. Simply select a visualization element and enter your data via spreadsheets or the sidebar. You may then post it on social media or incorporate it into your documents, PowerPoint, or website. They have nearly a thousand templates in many fields, including:

  • Flowchart Timeline
  • Infographic
  • Brochure
  • Network representation
  • Floor plan
  • Engineering plan

It contains every functionality necessary for delivering your message visually.

7. Cacoo

cacoo; Application architecture

Cacoo is excellent if you require real-time collaboration with drag-and-drop, grids, and version history. With the free plan, you can generate up to 25 sheets and export them in PNG format. There are numerous forms for the vast majority of elements required to make a diagram or wireframe.

8. ProcessOn


ProcessOn is yet another adaptable online tool for UI Mockups, Mind Maps, Flowcharts, and UML creation.

9. Coggle

See the source imagel; Application architecture

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

Using Coggle, collaborate with your team to develop a flowchart and mind maps. The features include the following:

  • Include numerous origins in the graphic.
  • Upload specific photographs
  • Comment on a text or image
  • Several forms and design components

When you are satisfied with your diagram, you may save it as a PDF or JPG file. Additionally, export and Visio files.

10. Mindmeister

mindmeister; Application architecture

According to its name, it is essentially a mind mapping tool. Mindmeister has been utilized by over 10 million users for brainstorming, project planning, knowledge management, idea management, and note keeping, among other tasks.

11. yED

yedlive; Application architecture

There are numerous examples accessible to initiate the creation of a diagram. The yED live editing environment is quick and free of distractions.


  • Add your company’s color scheme
  • Add custom data
  • Donate to others
  • Grouping of UML diagram editor graph structure
  • There is also a desktop version of yED.

12. SmartDraw

See the source image; Application architecture

With tens of thousands of templates, tools, and symbols, SmartDraw should be on your shortlist. You can generate a vast quantity of elements, such as:

  • Floorplans Flowcharts
  • Network diagrams
  • Graphs
  • CAD drawings
  • Wireframes
  • Plus much more

It connects smoothly with third-party applications such as Microsoft Office, Google Apps, and Trello. Additionally, it is possible to import, export, and alter Visio files and stencils. Overall, it is powerful and user-friendly. SmartDraw is available for desktop download or online use from any device.

13. Visual Paradigm

visual-paradigm; Application architecture

With a straightforward diagram editor and single workspace, Visual Paradigm makes it much simpler to develop and maintain diagrams. Since it’s great for keeping things organized, you’ll be more productive and complete more work in less time.

You can construct projects with your team members in a single location. Choose from a number of premade templates or build from scratch. You also receive over 2,000 diagram samples, which might be useful when you are stuck and need inspiration.

If you are using this product for non-commercial purposes, you can obtain it for free. Otherwise, it costs only $4 per month per user to begin.


I hope the aforementioned tools assist you in creating and aesthetically representing your process or flow.

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