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8 Tools to Convert Your Webcam Into a Security Camera

Regardless of where you call it home, burglaries and thefts are always in the news. At some point, it may have affected you or a member of your family. And this is where security camera comes in handy.

It is very important to beef up security at your residences and places of business. When thinking about how to improve the security system, installing CCTVs may be the first thing that comes to mind. Because of the tiny light on them, everyone knows they are recording conversations. Perhaps you know of incidents in which criminals deactivated a security camera before carrying out their scheme.

So, tell me, what other choices do you have at your disposal? You may turn your webcam into a fully-functional security camera by using one of the many accessible programs. Using your webcam as a security camera will cost you a lot less than installing closed-circuit televisions, and nobody will even notice that it’s watching them. Interested in learning the ins and outs of how to do this! Don’t stop here; there’s more below.

Webcams: what exactly are they?

Webcams, for the uninitiated, are the built-in cameras found at the top of a computer screen. Its primary use is to record video chats while using other communication tools, such as Zoom or Meet. A webcam that you plug into your computer’s USB port is a good substitute for a built-in camera.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using a Webcam as a Security Camera

A webcam’s pros and cons as a security camera are comparable to any other type of camera. Take a moment to consider the upsides. The cost of implementing the security precaution is little in comparison to that of putting in CCTV cameras. Nonetheless, we also rely on open-source software. Second, nobody needs special training to carry out the entire process. You need need a computer, some software, and a webcam to get started.

A number of drawbacks might be found along with the list of benefits. It’s possible that the webcam’s video is more pixelated than that recorded by security cameras. However, this is very dependent on the quality of your webcam. The webcam loses its usefulness as a security device as darkness falls because it lacks a night vision mode.

Methods for Converting a Webcam into a Surveillance Device

Turning the webcam into a surveillance camera is as easy as a few clicks.

  • You should initially position the computer or laptop equipped with the webcam (or the external webcam) directly in front of the area that needs to be monitored.
  • If you have a separate webcam, you can link it to your computer wirelessly, via Bluetooth, or with a USB cord.
  • A webcam can be a useful security tool, so grab it or some other similar app and install it. We’ll talk about the various possibilities that exist after this.
  • Put in your webcam’s settings, and set up the software. You can also give it a name for quick recall later.
  • Check that the webcam is operational now. The angle of view can be altered to suit your needs.

Yes, that’s it! Your webcam has all the makings of an effective surveillance device. The implication is clear: the webcam-to-security-camera conversion technology is crucial. They also come with extra options that let you personalize your own security camera system.

8 Tools to Convert Your Webcam Into a Security Camera

Are you trying to decide which webcam program will serve you best? Read on to discover out.

1. Yawcam

Yawcam is open source software written in Java that transforms a webcam into a motion-detecting security camera. For Windows laptop owners, it is the greatest option because of its user-friendliness and comprehensive set of advanced tools for surveillance.

Youcam can be used to capture time-lapses, viewed online, and the resulting photographs uploaded to an FTP server at your convenience. It also includes a web server for remote access to your webcam. Also, it has encryption capability, so your recorded videos can be safe from prying eyes. Yawcam, in contrast to more basic software, does an excellent job at detecting motion, which eliminates the possibility of false alarms being triggered. In addition, when motion is detected, an email is sent to the user.

Yawcam supports multiple languages, however it lacks cloud storage options for archiving your videos. The option to shoot in time-lapse, as well as other capabilities like text and image overlays and an online planner, are also included. Since Yawcam is a service, it continues running even when the app is closed.

2. Agent DVR

Agent DVR is a free and open-source video surveillance system that runs on a variety of operating systems. The unique selling point of Agent DVR is that it does not necessitate port forwarding to work. That gets rid of the requirement to configure the router and the associated risk of a security breach in the network during remote access. The recorded video is readily available on your computers and mobile devices. Here are some advantages you’ll reap by using Agent DVR to record your surveillance footage:

  • It works with a wide range of gadgets, from IP cameras and ONVIF devices to local USB cameras and even audio gadgets.
  • Additionally, there is no restriction on the number of devices that can be added simultaneously.
  • The software supports a variety of recording formats, including MP4, VP8/9, GPU, and even RAW, all of which help keep CPU consumption to a minimum.
  • There are several object-tracking motion detectors, tripwires, and object-recognition sensors installed.
  • Furthermore, it has built-in AI capabilities that aid in reducing false alarms.
  • License Plate Recognition (through and a number of other third-party integrations are all supported by Agent DVR. Additionally, your API can be used to connect to IoT systems.

3. Camlytics

YouTube video

Camlytics is high-tech programing that can make any webcam into an insightful analytics device. To provide real-time data on the number of people and cars, occupied areas, queue lengths, heatmaps, and more, it cleverly combines video surveillance, audience intelligence, and space analytics solutions. Here are a few of the highlights of the Camlytics platform:

  • There is no specialized equipment needed to run it. Simply hook up a video recording device, such as an IP camera, webcam, or NVR, and start recording.
  • Camlytics does the video analysis locally, protecting user data and minimizing network impact. That means the recorded video can’t be seen in the cloud.
  • Using Camlytics, you can keep tabs on how many people and vehicles are present in various areas in real time, as well as how many spaces are actually in use, to ensure that everyone is following the rules set down by Covid-19.
  • Camlytics’ cloud service makes it easy to collect data from several sites, organize it, and generate reports and specialized graphics.
  • Through the use of API and webhooks, Camlytics may be easily customized to meet the specific requirements of your organization.

If you only need one camera feed, Camlytics cloud will only cost you $9 per month when paid for an entire year.

4. ContaCam

The Windows PC is compatible with ContaCam, a video surveillance and webcam program. It weighs almost to nothing and wastes no energy. You can trust that ContaCam will meet all of your privacy needs while remaining intuitive and adaptable. It is lightweight enough to run smoothly even on older computers. Here are some of the qualities that make ContaCam so special:

  • The Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 versions of ContaCam work fine on any Windows PC.
  • English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish are all supported.
  • The CCTV system has a motion sensor in the cameras.
  • You may set the software to notify you through email whenever it detects motion, and you can view the alerts as thumbnails in your web browser.
  • Set the program up to deliver a daily video recap via email.
  • Thanks to its number plate recognition function, ContaCam may also use either the DeepQuest AI or the DeepStack to recognize vehicles.
  • Due to the nature of the video service that ContaCam provides, it remains active even when you are not logged in.

For each copy of Contaware installed, a donation of USD 10 is requested.

5. Ivideon

If you need a security camera for your business or home, you can use Ivideon, a cloud-based video surveillance and analytics application, to turn any webcam into a surveillance camera. It has a facial recognition feature that can be used to analyze recorded videos for professional reasons or to keep tabs on your infant while you’re at work.

What sets Ivideon apart from competing software is its emphasis on security, which guarantees that your videos won’t fall into the wrong hands. Ivedion also has the following features to note:

  • Ivideon software has a mobile app that allows for remote access and adjustment of settings.
  • It uses the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol to protect the confidentiality and integrity of online video transmissions.
  • Even on 3G networks, Ivedion still performs admirably.
  • Smart alerts are sent out by the program if the camera detects suspicious activity based on detected objects, motion, or sound.
  • Ivideon’s UI is clean and simple, and the player is lightning fast.

Ivideon provides a three-year guarantee on their extensive library of hardware and software.

6. SecuritySpy

security camera

SecuritySpy is multi-camera CCTV software that works with Macs and deserves note. SecuritySpy’s capabilities as a Network Video Recording program make it a viable tool for establishing a scalable, full-fledged video surveillance system. The system may be scaled to accommodate a single camera or a large number of cameras in a professional setting, making it ideal for use with CCTV cameras in homes and offices.

The intuitive application makes use of the commonplace ONVIF protocol, allowing an IP camera to be integrated in accordance with any regulations. SecuritySpy’s recording options are versatile, allowing for both continuous and motion-activated recording of high quality. The program can be configured to send emails, push alerts, and even set off alarms if motion is detected.

SecuritySpy’s remote monitoring feature lets you view recorded footage from your cameras from afar. Its intelligent motion detection technology is powered by AI and uses deep neural networks to analyze video footage, start recording, and send notifications if it detects anything out of the ordinary. As a result, SecuritySpy provides reliable results by reducing the number of false alarms.

SecuritySpy works flawlessly on Macs, taking full advantage of the platform’s hardware-accelerated video processing, multi-threading, and other characteristics to produce top-notch outcomes.

7. NetCam Studio

security camera

It’s easy to set up security with NetCam Studio, a video recording program that makes use of cutting-edge technologies. Automated video recording can be achieved with NetCam’s recording sync features, which are based on cutting-edge video buffering technology.

NetCam Studio’s user-friendly interface makes it a top contender for any number of security-related tasks, whether at home, in the workplace, in a store, or elsewhere. Do you want to go on a vacation where your private documents will be in jeopardy? Make use of NetCam to install surveillance in your house to deter burglaries. The following are some of NetCam Studio’s standout characteristics:

  • By hooking up the camera to the internet, you will have remote access to the footage it has recorded.
  • NetCam will also send you alerts through email or push notifications whenever it detects something out of the ordinary.
  • As many as 64 video cameras can be connected at once to NetCam. Nonetheless, this is not always the case and might be affected by the hardware’s processing speed.
  • Any of the other actions may be triggered by your own custom rules. In addition, the built-in scheduler can be used to make schedules.
  • NetCam is flexible since it uses the HTML5 and JSON file standards.

To use NetCam Studio without cost for up to two video sources, just download it. The price of the premium packages begins at $49.

8. CameraFTP

security camera

CameraFTP is a market leader in cloud-based surveillance and recording services, with a wide range of flexible options to choose from. Using the Virtual Security System (VSS) software provided by Camera FTP, you can turn any Windows desktop or laptop into a robust closed-circuit television (CCTV) or digital video recorder (DVR).

The live feed is recorded and stored in the cloud by the software as it is displayed on the screen. The recording can be viewed at your convenience from a distance. These are some of the other features:

  • Set up and monitor footage from up to 25 different CCTV cameras simultaneously using Virtual Security System (VSS).
  • Footage captured by CameraFTP can be stored locally or uploaded to the service’s cloud.
  • VSS allows for both on-premises and off-premises playback.
  • In terms of video quality, the tool is flexible.
  • You can choose a plan that fulfills your needs and budget.
  • You can use VSS with a wide variety of cameras, including webcams, IP cameras/DVRs, and more.
  • VSS operates invisibly as a background service that restarts after a computer power cycle.
  • The camera settings and the software can’t be changed or disabled by any other users thanks to the locking mechanism.

Plans for VSS can be had for as little as $2.95 USD monthly.


With the rising incidence of burglaries, robberies, and other forms of property crime, it is crucial to put into practice measures that can protect your loved ones and their possessions. Due to its high price, unfortunately, not everyone can have CCTV installed. However, with the help of one of the aforementioned programs, you may easily convert your webcam into a covert surveillance device. In this method, you may protect your loved ones and belongings at a reasonable expense.

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